Review: Deadpool (2016)

I have to be honest, I have never given the Deadpool series a second thought. I was aware there was a comic book but I have never read it. I was aware that there was a video game but I have never played it. I was also aware that there was a film but until Boxing Day of this year, I had not seen it. If I look into the dark and unpleasant pit that is my soul, I suppose I didn’t see the film because I thought that it would be like every other superhero film. A dark and moody super-tit wanders around in the shadows and beats up street toughs who are trying to steal an old lady’s bag. But upon seeing Deadpool, I was pleasantly surprised. The opening credits were my first clue that this was not going
to be an ordinary superhero flick. When Ryan Reynolds’ character is credited as ‘God’s Perfect Idiot’ and the director is described as an ‘Overpaid Tool’, I knew I was in for something different.

The opening sequence lays out the tone very well as Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) sits in the back of a taxi and amuses himself. He reaches his destination which is an overpass to a motorway and draws a crude comic of his target. When he sees his target, a convoy of cars, Deadpool employs ‘maximum effort’ and leaps from the overpass and directly through the sunroof. At this point, I was wondering exactly what kind of superhero Deadpool was supposed to be and in the next few scenes, my question would be answered. To cut a long story short, he is the best superhero ever and every other superhero should start taking notes. Are you listening, Batman?

I found out very early on that Deadpool does a great job of making extreme violence really funny. For example, Deadpool has forgotten his ammo bag and his duel pistols only have 12 rounds in which to dispatch a number of bad guys. So he counts the bullets down whilst achieving both a number of impressive head-shots and a lot of acrobatic manoeuvres. He chastises a bad guy for not counting his bullets and I can’t even process how funny it is to watch a man with a  totally straight face hold up a child like crayon drawing and ask ‘Have you seen this man?’.

Anyway, Deadpool (We later learn that his name is Wade Wilson) is looking for a bloke named Francis who I thought was played by Tom Hardy but is actually played by Ed Skrein. He is where we learn a little bit about the character of Wade Wilson. Wade Wilson is portrayed as a snarky, smart-arse, shithead who is basically annoyance for hire. In his first scene out of costume, Wade is seen harassing a kid who as been stalking a pretty girl. When he returns to his bar to celebrate, he meets a pretty girl and falls in love. All of this sounds very lovely and funny but prepare for a more jarring shift of tone that is along the same lines as breaking someones neck. On the night that Wade proposes to his beloved, he collapses and his taken to the hospital. It is there where the doctor tells him that he has liver, lung, prostate and brain cancer, otherwise known as terminal cancer. A shifty man approaches Wade and tells him that he can cure Wade’s cancer along with giving him extraordinary abilities. Wade declines the offer in a humorous manner but later accepts after deciding that he doesn’t want his fiancee to watch him slowly die.

In a creepy and leaky underground lab, Wade is introduced to AJAX and his side-kick, Angel Dust. They both have gone through the same procedure and have developed amazing abilities. Angel Dust has super-human strength whilst AJAX had all of his nerves destroyed and on top of having advanced reflexes, he can no longer feel any pain. I didn’t quite understand the scientific aspects but the theory is that if someones body is stressed to it’s absolute limit through non-stop torture, then the body will mutate in a quite unique way. In Wade’s case, when he is put into a machine that starves his body of oxygen, his skin begins to deform and he gains the ability to regenerate injuries. He can also
regenerate lost limbs which comes in handy when he is handcuffed to Colossus from the X-Men universe. This massive guy made of chrome has tracked down Deadpool and has condemned him for his reckless use of violence and wants him to be more ‘superhero’ like, crime fighting and such. When Deadpool refuses he ends up with two broken wrists and two broken legs. Deadpool cracks one of his wrists into place and uses his knife to cut his hand off.

Wade resides with an elderly blind lady as part of his cover. He met her in a launderette when she advised him on how to get blood out of one of his early costumes. By now, AJAX or Francis is out for vengance after he was nearly killed by Deadpool and so kidnaps Wade’s fiancee in order to entice him out. Deadpool shows up, rescues his fiancee and fights Francis. Just when Deadpool has a gun to Francis’ head, he tells Deadpool that there is no cure to his condition which angers him even more. Colossus steps in and tries to stop Deadpool from killing Francis by spouting some bollocks about morality. Who cares? Unsuprisingly, Deadpool pulls the trigger. Deadpool is reunited with his fiancee who
can accept his broken and flaky face. The End

Deadpool the Movie started with a budget of $58 Million and upon release in February 2016, the film made a spectacular $783.1 Million. I very much enjoyed Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Wade Wilson and Deadpool, he is certainly no stranger to playing superheroes having also starred in the Green Lantern film which I haven’t seen so I won’t compare the two but I know it won’t be as fun as Deadpool. Now that I look back, I only ever found Reynolds funny when he was in costume. It seems that Deadpool has comedic flare when he is in the height of combat. When Wade Wilson is onscreen, the audience is reminded of the fact that he either has terminal cancer or that he is disfigured. There is a tiny
plot hole where Wade is supposed to have accelerated healing powers but is left with horrible, melting skin. Wouldn’t the healing powers heal that aswell? Whatever, I’m not a scientist.

I said earlier that I think that Deadpool is the best superhero and now I will clarify my position. Deadpool is the best because he doesn’t want to be a superhero. He only became a superhero because he wanted a cure for his condition. The healing power was just a plus. When Colossus offers Deadpool a position with the X-Men, Deadpool refuses, harshly and hilariously putting his point across. He doesn’t fight crime because its morally the right thing to do, he does it because he can and because those guys started it. I would much rather watch the next Deadpool film than the next Avengers. Sorry, Robert Downey Jr.deadpool-2016

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