Midnight, Texas S01E02 Review – Bad Moon Rising

OK, things are opening up a bit now. The episode opens up with Manfred and Creek running away from an unspecified threat. They hide in his RV and Creek tends to a massive scratch mark on Manfred’s mid-rift. They try and have a snog but whatever it is starts trying to break in. Granny has the right idea who tells Manfred to ‘shut up and run’.

Cut to 24 hours earlier and Manfred gets into his RV, not wanting to get involved with the big ghost party in his house. Granny reminds him that he lives in a supernatural
town full of people who could perform an exorcism. He asks for help and only Figi and Joe raise a hand. In return, Manfred offers to speak to Aubrey’s ghost.

Manfred’s psychic ability has unravelled a bit more as the ‘hijackings’ seem to have more of a physical effect on him other than a headache afterwards. Manfred sees Aubrey in his house and offers his body to her so she can show him how she died. When she does, Manfred sees that she was shot and then tossed in the river by a man in a Son’s of Lucifer biker jacket and skull mask. When she is tossed in the river and starts to go under, Manfred starts gagging and choking on what looks like floury water. Joe and Figi help him out of the house and Manfred wakes up on Figi’s couch later on. It is not revealed how Aubrey left his body or why he is on her couch. Figi wants Manfred to go to the police with the information that he has learned and help exonerate Bobo, clearly not thinking that telling the police the exact details of how Aubrey died might implicate Manfred in her murder. Explaining that Aubrey’s ghost told him how she died is a one way ticket to the nut-house. Nevertheless, Joe goes with Manfred to the police and against all odds, the police believe him (probably because the Sheriff watched Figi try and crush his cop car with her mind at the end of the last episode). The coppers do another scout of the area and find a Sons of Lucifer biker jacket with one of Aubrey’s hairs in the zip. Bobo is released. That’s not exactly concrete evidence that Bobo didn’t do it. Since she was shot with a gun that was registered to Bobo, what’s to stop him getting one of those jackets and doing the deed. Bobo is shown to be a bad-ass aswell. The corrupt deputy locks up Bobo in a cell with a load of Son’s of Lucifer members in the hopes that he will get the shit kicked out of him but her plan backfires because it is the gang members that end up in the hospital, leading to her suspension.

Since this episode is called ‘Bad Moon Rising’, this is clearly a ‘Reverend Were-wolf’ episode or should I say ‘Were-TIGER’. That’s a new one, never seen that one before.
Well done, ‘Midnight, Texas’. Olivia is the one that is tasked with looking after the Reverend when he was in tiger form and he gives very specific instructions for her to kill
him should he ever get loose. He then goes down into his basement under the church which is blocked by a wooden door that is chained shut. That is literally all the protection
there is against tiger-boy and the outside world, a sheet of wood. That’s just asking for trouble. Of course stupidity reigns supreme when the suspended deputy who has a cop
car, investigates a stranges growling noise in the basement and despite knowing that the town is strange, thinks that it’s a good idea to break the chain and have a look
around. Of course Tiger-Rev gets free, kills the deputy and goes on a rampage in Midnight.

All of this coincides with Figi performing an exorcism on Manfreds house and since Manfred can get highjacked, he waits outside. He finds the deputy’s body up in a tree and
goes to find Creek. When he finds her, the Tiger-Rev side-swipes Manfred, wounding him. Together, Manfred and Creek run to the safety of his RV and thus we are back at the
beginning. Manfred is really lucky, he could have had the shit mauled out of him. And his luck holds out as Lemuel has smelled his blood and both he and Olivia come to the
rescue. Creek takes Manfred to the restaurant where he can be stitched up. Manfred also has a high pain threshold as all he has for a painkiller is a shot of liquor. Manfred notices that things are going wrong in his house and comes back to find that Figi has exorcised the ghosts but not the demon. The demon pins Figi against the wall and tries to lift up her skirt. Manfred grabs a skull of one of his ancestors and the magic inside banishes the demon.

Manfred, Figi, Olivia and Lemuel go off in search of Tiger-Rev and find him in the woods. Armed with silver bullets, Olivia aims at the Rev but can’t fire so it’s up to Lemuel
to wrestle the tiger into submission which by the way is fucking funny to watch. I would recommend the show on this sequence alone. I mean, in what program on TV can you watch a man wrestling with a tiger. It’s ace. As the sun comes up, the Rev changes back into boring old human form and remembers killing the deputy.

Now in the second episode do we have some kind of actual under-lying plot. Towards the end, Joe finishes painting a picture of the end of days. The sky is red and people are
being attacked by demons. Joe tells of a prophecy where when the demons come to Earth, an army will rise to fight them back and they will led by ‘a man with vision’,
presumably meaning Manfred. This scene is laced with shots of Manfred and Creek having their first kiss which isn’t so much cute more, sickening. This sequences leads me
to a theory. You’ll remember in my review of the first episode, I mentioned that Creek clings to Manfred straight away and he gains an instant attraction to her. She also has
a very generic backstory with little reference to where she came from. I think that she is a demon of some kind who was sent to lead Manfred away from his destiny of being
the man who saves the world. It is no coincidence that the demon in the painting bears a striking resemblance to the demon that was trying to come up through the floorboards.
I bet Manfred’s house is the gate to hell and his granny is involved. She’s the one who told him to go to Midnight. Also, not only is Figi burning pots of hair, she got a cabinet
filled with pots of hair. The second episode is much better than the first and I’m a little bit more interested. Good job Midnight, Texas. Keep it up.

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