Midnight, Texas S01E03 Review – Lemuel Unchained

If anyone remembers, Lemuel was a character that I listed as an ‘interesting’ character and I would like to know more about him. Well this episode has pretty much answered all off my questions.

So unsurprisingly, Creek and Manfred are shagging now and she seems kind of resentful about starting this whole thing in the first place. Probably because her dad disapproves
so she can’t hang around for a bit of spooning. Sad for her. She gets up and leaves, then is cornered by a vampire, Zachariah (Zahn McClarnon). Lemuel recognises the vamp
when he comes to Creek’s rescue.

Throughout the episode, we get a decent look into Lemuels backstory and it goes, thus.

In the times of slavery, Lemuel is shown be whipped senseless and decides to run away because he’s heard of a man that can set him free. He tries to convince his friend, Abraham (Andre Burch) into running away with him but Abraham stays out of fear. Lemuel runs away and encounters Zachariah. He asks Zach to turn him into a vampire which he does so. I’m putting this into very basic terms but Lemuel’s reasoning for wanting to be a vampire come across very well and are completely understandable. When Lemuel goes back to his former employer, he sees Abraham’s body hanging from a tree, clearly a monstrous warning and a repercussion of Lemuel running away. Lemuel faces the man who killed his friend who is throwing a dinner party for all of his racist friends. Lemuel proceeds to kill all of them and looks glad for having done so. The years go by and Lemuel, Zachariah and their building entourage end up in Midnight. Lemuel is unhappy as he’s tired of killing people. You’d think that he would consider the possibility of this happening before asking to become a vampire? I guess not. Zachariah offers a young girl up to Lemuel to help him feel better. Lemuel takes her to the bedroom but before this can take a dark and perverted turn, this little girl knows exactly what Lemuel is and why he is sad. She offers to change him. Turns out, this is child Xylda, Manfred’s Grandmother. She performs a little ‘hocus-pocus’ and in an instant, Lemuel has his trademark blue eyes and is an energy sucking vampire. He forces Zachariah and his crew to leave town and never return.

Despite the way they left things, Lemuel lets bygones be bygones and all is forgiven, even murder. However, both Manfred and Olivia are skeptical about the vampire’s good
intentions. They claim to have turned a corner but that turns out to be bullshit. Manfred offers his skills as a psychic to detect any spirits on their tour bus so he can see
if they have killed anyone. What they is not dead but alive. They find a young girl with tubes coming out of every orifice. They ‘good’ vamps are bleeding her dry. That should
have been obvious that these vamps are dicks as Zacariah tried to kill Creek at the beginning. So something that all the residents of Midnight have is a terrible short-term
memory. But they are good at other things.

Bobo and Figi for example have some kind of ‘Blue Peter’ quality which allows them to cobble together a weapon to defeat the vampires with any old shit that happens to be
lying around. One other aspect that is much improved is their powers of observation. Creek’s dad catches on quick that his daughter is being stuffed my Manfred and Manny
doesn’t help matters. After performing a superior vampire kill in the hardware store, he shows up at Creek’s house after the vampires go psycho and punches her dad in the
face so he can take them to a safe place, being his own house.

This episode fucks about with the overall mythology of vampires. Sunlight and a stake through the heart will still kill them but garlic, holy water and vampires requiring an
invitation to enter the home is complete bollocks. One suspects that this is in order to be different from Buffy The Vampire Slayer but fails miserably when it comes to
the way in which vampires die. An explosion into a cloud of dust? That’s not Buffy at all. Yes it is. One thing that I think they stole from Vampire Diaries but it’s never
confirmed is the art of ‘Compelling’ or ‘Mind Compulsion’ which was how the vamps in that series made girls offer up their necks. I suspect that this is how they got the girl
on the tour bus to voluntary become a packed lunch. Lemuel seems very aware of this trend but like I say, Mind Compulsion is not confirmed.

Like everyone guessed, the vampires are dicks and attack the citizens of Midnight. Manfred comes up with a distraction plan to get all the vamps together, giving Joe enough time to fly to a high spot and use this thing that Bobo and Figi made that is like a natural UV light which kills all the vampires. Meanwhile, Lemuel is poisoned with silver
by Zach and chained to the floor in front of an open window. When the sun rises, he will die. Lemuel should have known that the blood he was given was poisoned. It’s a big
giveaway when the guy pours from the same bag and just holds the glass in front of his lips as you down some death juice.

Overall, the relationships between the characters are gradually improving apart from Figi getting ‘friend-zoned’ by Bobo. She can do better than him anyway. I now get the
feeling that Creek’s dad is a supernatural being of some description and doesn’t want his daughter getting in too deep with Manfred. I know this is different from my previous theory but both are equally viable. I don’t care, there’s something odd about Manfred and Creek’s quick relationship development. I’m looking forward to next weeks episode where I will come up with a new theory.

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