Midnight, Texas S01E04 Review – Sexy Beast

It would seem that Midnight, Texas is really embracing the ‘monster of the week’ format and besides from that this week, there has been a little more character development.

Manfred and Creek

These two are continuing their sordid relationship by having a naked shower together. Creek points out a healed up bullet hole in Manfred’s left shoulder and he tells her that it was a gift from Hightower. Hightower has been stalking Manfred because he’s leaving dozens of messages on Manfred’s phone. One of the voicemail’s is an ominous tune which is followed by a threat. Manfred is starting to get freaked out by all this and seems to be turning to pills for comfort. Meanwhile, Connor follows Manfred because he doesn’t trust him and tells Creek that Manfred visited a strip club but Creek is fine with it because Manfred was searching for the monster of the week. Manfred seems to earn Connor’s trust when he saves the young boy from being mauled by the monster of the week.

Bobo and Figi

Bobo is frustrated by the death of the Sheriff which is the first mention of the ill-fated lawman since his demise in episode 2. Bobo knows that the Son’s of Lucifer are involved but Figi demands that he stay out of it. What is he more angry about? The Son’s of Lucifer killing his girlfriend or the Sheriff? Figi invites Bobo over for dinner to take his mind of it but also because she totally fancies him but is severely pissed off when Bobo’s house is broke into and he has to cancel. Bobo joins Figi in the search for the monster of the week and stumbles across the back room where a load of Son’s of Lucifer are hanging out. He is about to kill one when he is stopped by Figi. Later on, Bobo confesses his attraction to Figi and gives her a big, sloppy kiss.


Lemuel and Olivia

This one is more about Olivia. Olivia is has an assassination mission and doesn’t seem to realise the art of being inconspicuous. On her way to the target, she couldn’t look more like an assassin. Wearing sunglasses indoors, a massive dark coat and a crap wig is a massive giveaway. She looks much better during her getaway but on the way out, she kidnaps a man in the car park who has been following her. After the most pathetic attempt at ‘enhanced interrogation’, she gets the information that she was after. The man is a private detective who was sent by Olivia’s father to make sure she was OK. After capturing the monster of the week, Olivia decides to let him go and tells him a little of her backstory. Olivia’s father left her mother when Olivia was young and they were desperate for money. It is strongly hinted at that Olivia’s mother pushed her into prostitution and she blames her father for it all. After a subtle threat that only Olivia is capable of, she lets the private detective go. Now there is a little more context to Olivia’s personality and she has become a little bit more sympathetic. Slowly but surely, these characters are gaining some depth. Like I said, this is mostly about Olivia but there is some nice bonding moments between her and Lemuel. Also Lemuel’s abilities have another level. It seems that he doesn’t just leech energy but emotions too. When Olivia gets upset after she learns of the private detectives trues intentions, Lemuel begins to leech off her and she immediately calms down.

Sadly, Joey and Chuy don’t have much to do in this episode except to help catch the monster of the week which is a shame because I’d have thought that a fallen angel that can sprout wings out of his back would get more screen time. Maybe next week.

Monster of the Week

We’ve had were-tigers and vampires so far but this is a little but more mythical. A smoking hot blonde picks up a guy and chews his face off. The victim’s sister visits the pawn shop and discovers that he has pawned his expensive watch. Bobo sends her to Manfred so he can get a psychic link as to her brother’s whereabouts. After talking with the man’s ghost, Manfred goes on a search for his killer. He finds her in a men’s bathroom after chewing on some more blokes. Manfred gets away and informs the others of his discovery. Lemuel reveals that it is a succubus, a creature that uses a glamour to look young and hot to poach young men who have caused pain. Questions are then asked as to why the succubus went after Manfred? The gang all go to the Cartoon Saloon and corner the succubus. The succubus is taken to a safe place in the wood where Lemuel offers the creature a place in Midnight as long as it doesn’t kill humans anymore. The thing isn’t interested and takes Conner hostage. Manfred jumps in at the last minute and burns the thing to death with propane tank.

Overall, this episode did a little bit to move the plot and the character development forward a little bit but next weeks episode looks interesting as we could finally find out what it is that Manfred did that got Hightower so pissed off. Because I don’t think it was all to do with dear, old granny.

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