Midnight, Texas S01E05 Review – Unearthed

Now we’re getting into it. It’s what we’ve been waiting for or at least what I’ve been waiting for, the very reason that Manfred fled to Midnight. Well… make up your own
minds as to how interesting it actually is.

Manfred and Creek.

Mercifully, this episode doesn’t start with the pair of them half naked. We already know that their shagging, we don’t need anymore confirmation. Instead, Manfred is
being harassed by Hightower. He finds a small jack in the box on his front door step which looks eerily like Manfred with both of it’s eyes scratched out. He knows
that Hightower has found him and scraped together some quick cash by pawning some of his families possessions. With $15,000 in his pocket, he tries to get Creek to go
with him. Of course, Creek doesn’t go as her whole family and all of her friends are in Midnight but Manfred won’t go without her. Stand off. But not really. With the
money that he has, he decides to give it to Hightower in the hopes that he will back off. But when he gets to the meeting place, he discovers that he is not alone.
Creek has enlisted the help of Olivia without Manfred’s knowledge. The deal goes south and they discover that Hightower has this weird ability to move shards of glass
with his mind. Manfred and Olivia escape unharmed. When they get back, Manfred reveals all. When Xylda was alive, Manfred and his granny conned a lot of money out of
Hightower and as payment, Xylda made him an offer. Hightower wanted a powerful and magical family but he himself is only a gypsy with no magical abilities except for the
glass thing which he sacrificed an eye for. Since apparently the whole ‘psychic’ thing is genetic, Xylda offered Manfred up to marry Hightower’s daughter, Violet so they
would have a baby that could bend spoons. Manfred squashed the deal and left Violet at the alter, causing her to take her own life. With a very salty Hightower on his tail,
Manfred fled town. After telling this story, Creek considers doing very much the same. She’s really angry with Manfred for not marrying someone he didn’t love for morally
questionable reasons and that someone who she’s never met and probably doesn’t care about killed herself because someone who she probably didn’t love and daddy was making her marry left her at the alter. Is it just me or is everyone in this show completely arse backwards? Anyway, back to this flimsy plot. Olivia and Manfred capture Hightower and Manfred offer Hightower something other than a suitcase full of juicy dollar bills, closure. He offers to use his abilities to connect with Violet and let Hightower talk to his daughter so hopefully they can both find some peace. Luckily, Hightower has been hulking around the body of his daughter (which is still in her wedding gown in case we missed the poigniancy) and Manfred makes the connection. Are you ready for a twist? Violet didn’t kill herself because Manfred left her at the alter but because she was trying to get away from her father who was massively controlling… no fucking shit. After Manfred expels the spirit for trying to kill Hightower, Daddy finishes the job by impaling himself with hundreds of of tiny shards of glass.

So that’s that. The whole ‘Hightower’ thing is wrapped up in one episode. Hightower is dead and Manfred has some closure of his own because he now knows that he was not solely responsible for Violet’s death. Is that it? Personally, I was expecting Manfred’s big boo boo to be worse that that. Maybe someone killing themselves because of something that Manfred did is the worse thing that could happen without Manfred looking like an arsehole. To me, this story-line just isn’t satisfying enough. With a little bit more communication, this whole thing could have been avoided. My point is, there’s no consequences for Manfred’s actions and the events of this episode has drawn back the interest of his character somewhat. There’s still the whole ‘defender from the
apocalypse’ thing to cling onto but there’s a few more episodes to go until that get’s explored a bit more. Before you start thinking that I’ve given up on Manfred, know this… a hunky man will always have my full attention.

Bobo and Figi.

Early on in the episode, some Sons of Lucifer ride into town and set fire to the pawn shop. I just love that those guys wear scarves over their faces to hide their identities whilst they are committing a  a crime and yet are still wearing the ‘SOL’ jackets. That is a new kind of stupid. Anyway, the fire was just a ruse. As Manfred and Bobo put it out, the SOL kidnap Figi and hold he hostage. In exchange for Figi, the SOL want the entire armoury that Bobo has been hoarding. Bobo rallys up with the guns, grenades, rocket launchers and secretly, Lemuel. Bobo rescues Figi she goes home with some knowledge about her new beau. Bobo’s grandfather was a white supremacist and raised Bobo to be such. Bobo was taken to a church burning and it is strongly suggested that Bobo took part in it but Bobo tries to tell Figi that he only stood and watched. Good job. Figi and Bobo are left together in a storage container to suffocate to death whilst the SOL go outside to play with their new toys. Lemuel jumps in, dispacthes some racists
and saves his friends. On their way out, Bobo kills Aubrey’s husband and destroys the weapons. Afterwards, Bobo tells all and Figi is still looking at him with concern. She has no reason to believe that a) he has anything to do with Aubrey’s murder (maybe) and b) he follows his father’s and his grandfather’s beliefs. He has proven that he cares for her and may even have deep feelings for her. But she doesn’t trust him. Or does she? I don’t know, it’s hard to tell.

So this episode’s over and what has changed? Pretty much piss all. Bobo’s history is a little more fleshed out but his back ground wasn’t a difficult leap to begin with.
We now know Manfred’s history and it hasn’t changed shit because Creek has taken all of half an hour to forgive him for something that wasn’t entirely his fault in the first place. She has told her dad that she is more than friendly with the new neighbour so there’s no need to sneak around when they want a booty call. How long before they get sick of each other? I’m counting down the minutes.

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