‘Reviewing’ The Fourth Film Of a Kick Ass Franchise That Came From a Cult Film – Terminator Salvation (2009)

By now, I should explain how movie franchises work. The first film drums up the interest, the second film gets a bigger budget and can expand, the third film gets a bit cocky and balls everything up whilst the fourth film (if it’s not a remake) tries to bring back the lost audience from the third film cock up. So far, this is all going to plan. All up until now because the only thing the thought of Terminator Salvation gives to me is heart-burn.

This is going to be a short one as like I’ve said, I’ve not seen Salvation and I don’t intend to watch the full thing. I’m boycotting it. This is my form of protest. But I have read a lot about it.

One of the things that put me off is the fact that (apart from lending his appearance to the film) Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t in it. The section of which I speak is where John Connor (now played by Christian Bale) meets the first T-800, fresh off the assembly line. The T-800 is played by Roland Kickinger and Arnold’s face was superimposed onto his body using CGI. This was the one section that I watched on Youtube. Well. That and the scene in which the tapes that Sarah recorded for and unborn John at the end of the first film. This is Linda Hamilton’s contribution to the film. I get the impression that the ‘tapes’ in question were re-recorded by Linda Hamilton as there were a couple of extra lines thrown in.

Do you remember when I said that Nick Stahl was not right to play John Connor? Well that’s nothing compared to Christian Bale. I have a huge problem with a couple of bozos wandering in to a beloved and respected franchise, not knowing what they’re doing, and turning it into a generic action film starring Christian Bale. This film came right around the time of ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ and I haven’t that it either but I have it on good authority that it’s shit. But coming back to Salvation, do you remember when action heroes were little, stick thin guys with nothing to them. Well, when the cast of Salvation wandered in it proved that the only form of nutrition that survived the
nuclear holocaust was PROTEIN POWDER! What is it with these guys? Remember the original Kyle Reese? He was emaciated, like he was starving. His physique was realistic of his character’s situation. He was buff, but thin. Not thick and muscly.

There is another reason why I haven’t seen it and I can guarantee that most of you will find this petty. Before I watched the film, I listened to a tape. You all know what I’m talking about. It is the leaked recording of Chistian Bale throwing a barrage of bullshit at the director of photography, just for making a little mistake. Between all the cursing is the tone of an inflated ego. I want everyone to know that I don’t care who anyone is, nobody speaks to someone like that. What Mr Bale didn’t seem to realise is he was an employee of that movie, nothing more. What infuriates me when I listen to that tape is how everyone tip toes around this child that’s having a tantrum. Not even the director
is willing to take the reigns and tell him to wind his neck and to learn his place. I’ll tell you why, because they’re afraid that he will leave the production. So what? What’s so great about Christian Bale? American Psycho was a good movie but that doesn’t give him the right to shout at someone like he’s the greatest thing since dogs bollocks, or however that phrase goes. What also infuriates me is listening to his ‘celebo’ mates providing several thousand excuses for his inexcusable behaviour. I think I know why this tape has made me so angry towards both Mr Bale and this film. Whenever I listen to that tape, certain repressed memories that I’ve tried so hard to bury bubble up to the
surface and boil my blood. I need to move on to the next film and quickly.

Continuing the tradition from T3, Salvation had a bigger budget than its predecessor with $200 Million and also took in less money with $371.4 Million. On top of being met with mostly negative reviews, Salvation is continuing a downward trajectory. Whatever can come next? It’s reboot time, sort of.

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