Midnight, Texas S01E06 Review – Blinded By The Light

Sorry for the lateness of this review but I’ve been a little pre-occupied with work being busy during the summer holidays and 7 seasons of M*A*S*H. But I have caught up with Midnight, Texas and here we go.

It seems that Midnight has an almost ‘haunted house at the end of the street’ type of myth floating around it when it comes to the local teenagers. A couple of the little bastards show up at Midnight in Midnight and have a go at Figi’s place. They seem to know about her little hobby because they call her ‘Sabrina the Middle Aged Bitch’. Credit where credit is due, that’s funny. The gang end up vandalising the cemetery before they are scared off by Lemuel. Before they can become meals, they drive off but leave the girl behind. She tries to walk home but is chased by an unknown assailant and dragged away.

You know, I’d like to start an episode of this fucking program without having to look at Manfred and Creek either naked or spooning. In this case, it’s naked and spooning as they lie in bed. Here we learn more about the effects of seeing spirits on Manfred. He compares the after effects to a bad hangover so Creek takes him for a greasy breakfast which is bound to settle his stomach… but not in this reality. Whilst conversing with the Rev, Manfred says that he has been seeing more and more ghosts and the Rev explains that his tiger half is getting hungry.

Creek meanwhile has problems of her own, mostly Connor. He’s being a little shit. If only she knew.

One of the little bastards from the start of the episode shows that he is more stupid than he lets on because he returned to the scene of the crime to find his missing friend. He clearly doesn’t care about her that much because he left her behind in the dust.

Figi’s got problems also. She’s doesn’t know whether or not to trust Bobo because of the whole ‘former white supremacist’ thing and she’s being haunted by the demon from Manfred’s house that seems to have an obscene fascination with her legs.

Whilst Manfred and Creek are looking for the missing girl on the outskirts of Midnight, they find a body but it’s not the one they’re looking for. Do you remember Tiffany? The girl from the vampire tour bus who was willingly giving up her blood for the vamps? The girl who was assaulted at the end of the episode? It’s her. Manfred tries to contact her spirit and uses the most bullshit ‘psychic’ line ever. ‘If you are here, please make yourself known’. Oh, that’s real original, Manfred. Good Job. Manfred gets nothing, her spirit has moved on which he says is a good thing as her spirit is now at rest. They choose not to call police or to do anything with Tiffany’s body, they just leave her there. The one fact that they come away with is that they are certain that Tiffany was killed by the same person that killed Aubrey.

In the meantime, The Rev is visited by the coppers who are looking for the missing girl. Police in Midnight are a problem as they risk being ‘exposed’, even though the kids know about the Midnighters. Rev chats with Joey who doesn’t want to tell his friends about him being a fallen angel or about the coming problem with the veil. He just wants to find the girl.

Bobo confides in Olivia that Figi has been avoiding him since she found out about his past. Olivia herself has a peculiar view on ethics as she says that Figi knows about her ‘job’ and they’re still friends. It’s strange to me that she’s comparing being an assassin to being a former white supremacist. However, she does have a point. Olivia kills people for a living whilst Bobo was born into a bullshit ideology and got away only to meet Figi and treat her with nothing but kindness and respect. Since the show started, he’s shown no such ‘nazi-like’ tendencies and even rescued her from white supremacists. If that is not proof that he cares about her, I don’t know what is.

Creek takes Manfred home to find Connor but all they find is Shaun Lovell who punches out Manfred because he’s pissed, both in the sense of being angry and being drunk. Eventually, they find Connor who is wandering around in the middle of nowhere with a head wound that came from behind. Figi suspects it’s the demon that’s being haunting her but Lemuel thinks it was done by human hands.

What happens next is very interesting. You see, the Rev is a Reverand (in case you didn’t know) and therefore, anything told to him in confidence must remain in confidence. So imagine my surprise when the Rev turns up to a meeting of the Midnighters in civilian clothes and claims that he is coming to them not as a Reverend but as Emilio. He then spills his guts about the veil, that Joe told him in confidence. Somebody should tell the Rev that simply changing clothes is not how the whole ‘faith’ thing works. What the hell, I’ll give it a go. Rev, you’re an idiot.

Anyway, Manfred and Lemuel go hunting for the missing girl at night time. What with Manfred’s ESP and Lemuel’s nose for blood, they find her and she is not alone. Daddy Lovell is caught up in the fray. He is therefore taken by Lemuel and strapped to a chair in the pawn shop. Olivia is all up for torturing so he’ll confess to being the killer. Well, what works for Guantanamo Bay will work in Midnight.

Manfred goes back to tell Creek about her daddy being a serial murderer and she goes to be with Connor, who is all up for leaving.

Here’s the twist, boys and girls. The Midnighters need proof that Shaun is the killer, so Manfred sets off to speak to some of the victims as he felt a strong presence in the Lovell household. The presence guides him into Connor’s bedroom where he finds a shoe-box underneath the floorboards that contains a skull mask. The very same skull mask that Manfred saw when he let Aubrey’s ghost take him over. So Connor is the killer.

Not only is Connor a murderer, but Creek is with him which everyone makes a big deal out of but honestly, I don’t give a shit.

Another big revelation comes forward. They don’t know which direction Connor went in so Manfred and Bobo decide to split up and cover more ground even though the chances of finding them are slim. Joe then strips off and shows everyone his pretty angel wings. It’s what happens next that I’d like to call bullshit on. After Joe takes flight; Manfred, Lemuel, Olivia, Figi, Bobo and the Rev all give the impression that they had no idea that Joe was an angel. Bull-fucking-shit. A prime example is in the third episode where Joe uses his wings to fly up to a high position to use that home-made gizmo to kill the vampires. Manfred was right there and he didn’t see anything? What absolute horseshit!

Back to the plot. Joe catches up with Connor and Creek and she figures out that he’s the big, fat killer and Joe saves her life. Connor runs off but Lemuel catches up with him, immediately snaps his neck and they all go home. It’s not up to me to decide upon the ethics of whether or not Connor should have been killed for doing what he did. I didn’t write this show. But, as a person who doesn’t believe in the death penalty, I say he shouldn’t have. It just seems really stupid that if someone takes a life then it’s up to the courts to say ‘You’ve killed someone therefore, we are going to kill you’. No one has the right to decide who lives or dies. That’s why we abolished this stupid law in this country. It would not have been completely out of the Midnighter’s power to hand Connor over to the authorities and let the justice system take it’s course. Even if Connor told the coppers that Midnight is full of supernatural people, who’s going to believe him. They have the box of keepsakes and the skull mask, no doubt with Connor’s DNA all over them and the missing girl who told the Midnighters that Connor attacked her. So, why kill him?

What’s that?

Oh, it’s a plot device… silly me.

Are you ready for some more stupidity? Creek goes to her father and tells him that Connor is dead. It has already been revealed that Shaun knew about his son’s extra-curricular activities and have been hiding them from Creek. That’s why he didn’t want her to start dating Manfred because he is a psychic and if he hung around Connor, then he would know that Connor has been killing people. Also, the doctors wanted to lock Connor up in a mad-house because he’s so crazy but after the death of his wife, he didn’t want to lose his son also. The ethics of his decision were over-shadowed by his feelings there but I suppose it was understandable. I did laugh when he said that he thought he could control the situation by ‘keeping an eye’ on Connor. Again, that’s not how it works. That’s the thing about serial killers, they’re crafty. Anyway, Creek hates her father from keeping all this from her (even though that would have made her an accessory to Connor’s crimes, but this isn’t the time to be logical) and disowns her father. So… she’s lost her mother, her brother and now she’s willingly getting rid of her father too. That’s using your head there, Creek. Bravo.

One final bit of intrigue before we finish. Joe is concerned that since he used an ‘angel light’ to stop Connor, then something will come looking for him. So he rings Chuy and tells him not to come back to Midnight whilst strongly hinting that Chuy is another supernatural. So what is Chuy? We’ll have to wait to find out. Not me though because I’ve already seen it.

All in all, this episode is baffling as to the whole ‘ethics’ behind some of the decisions of the characters and if they don’t want to be looked at like monsters then they might have to stop acting like monsters. Is a little civility too much to ask for?

In Midnight?

Yes it is.

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