Midnight, Texas S01E07 Review – Angel Heart

Finally, a Joe episode. One of the most interesting characters can finally get some screen time.

The episode starts a millenium ago with Joe and his mate, Bowie (Breeda Wool) slaying some demons. Time then jumps to present day as Bowie is walking to Midnight with a bloke in tow. She then kills him because he’s a demon. OK.

Our boy, Manfred is still having trouble with seeing loads of dead people. He must be running out of pills by now? Anyway, Creek is going back to work despite the fact that it’s only been a few days since she found out that her brother was a serial murderer and was murdered himself. Manfred advises against this but she’s doing it anyway. Whatever.

Guess who’s back in town? Chuy. He’s back from wherever he was (I can’t remember) and despite Joe asking him to stay away, he’s back anyway. Good for him.

Manfred decides to sneakily check up on Creek by taking his laptop to do some work at Home Cookin’ but Creek has a go at him because she’s a strong, independent woman and don’t need no man to look after her. Whatever.

Apart from all that drama, Bowie’s in town and she want’s answers. She goes to see the Rev and reads his mind… because angels can do that… then knocks him out. Rude. Manfred spots her and gives Joe some warning so he and Chuy can escape to the safety of Olivia’s panic room. By the way Lemuel, those are some lovely red, silk pyjamas. Very nice. A meeting is called to discuss the problem. Manfred is advised to avoid Bowie at all costs because she can read minds and can easily find out where Joe is hiding.

Of course, as soon as Manfred leaves his house, he sees Bowie and it seems that Manfred also hasn’t learned the art of being inconspicuous. Bowie follows him to his RV and bangs on the door. I have to say, I very much enjoyed this scene as it’s a cunning deception. To avoid Bowie getting a lock on Joe’s whereabouts via Manfred’s mind, he lets his grandmother’s spirit enter his body therefore it’s too crowded inside his head for Bowie to make any sense of it. Despite a little awkwardness between Manfred and Granny, it’s mission accomplished.

It’s now revealed why Bowie is a little bit pissed. It’s because Joe fell in love with Chuy. And it’s not because he’s a man, it’s because Chuy is a demon. An angel falling in love with a demon is a big no no since demons can be right bastards but as far as this episode goes, angels aren’t that great either.

Whilst they’re all chatting, Bowie takes Home Cookin’ hostage with Madonna, Creek and the Rev all inside. She tells Manfred that if he doesn’t find Joe in 30 mins, then she will kill Creek. So they come up with a plan. They want to open a portal to hell and toss Bowie inside. Sounds reasonable enough.

Just for shits and giggles, Bowie starts mentally torturing Creek by mentioning what happened in the previous episode all up until Joe shows up outside. Their master plan doesn’t work and Bowie starts revealing some home truths about Manfred and Creek. She tells Manfred that Creek is angry with him for not sensing that her brother is pure evil and that’s when angel Joe steps in with his glorious wings. They have a big angel punch up in which Bowie gets the upper hand but jut before she can kill Joe, demon Chuy steps in and kills her even though we were told that angels were immortal and Chuy killed her with next to no effort. When Lemuel and Manfred can’t stop Chuy from freaking out, Joe steps in and manages to bring him around.

I’m speeding through this recap just so I can get to the massive annoyance that is the ending to this episode. Just by reading my reviews of these episodes, you can gather that I am not a fan of Creek. I don’t understand why she and Manfred got together so quickly or even what he sees in her but I like Manfred and she makes him happy. And I thought she was happy with him even though I think she was just doing it to annoy her father, 2% be damned. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. She has suffered a shock because the events last week but here, she has a man who is insanely gorgeous, he’s kind and courteous and he fucking adores her. She has all of this and yet, right at the end,
SHE FUCKING DUMPS HIM! WHAT THE FUCK?! She tries to give a lot of bullshit excuses like ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ and ‘I need some space to find out’ and ‘my family’s gone’. Let me tell you something, sweetheart, you chose that last one. Sure, your brother was killed and that was beyond your control but YOU chose not to speak to your father again. That was all on YOU! Now, because you’re a strong, independent woman, you’re going to break up with the one person who actually cares about you. Congratulations, dipshit. Now you really are alone. Just have a look at Manfred’s face, he’s fucking heartbroken. I can think of no legitimate reason why she should break up with him and yet she does it anyway. But what really annoys me is that even though this woman has smashed his heart to pieces with a fucking sledgehammer, he lets her sleep in his bed! Piss off. She broke up with you and this is your house! Make her sleep on the porch.

It doesn’t matter anyway because since Creek was the only reason for him staying in Midnight, that last shot of the episode is Manfred leaving Midnight. I can already see what’s going to happen. Shits going to go down with the veil and Manfred will come back to save the day. He’ll save the day because that’s how the story goes and Creek will come running back to him. I hope he tells her to piss off. Too little, too late, darling. You had your chance and you fucked it up. There was no real relationship between them anyway. No, genuine chemistry, at least not coming from her anyway. This show doesn’t tell a story. It just a sequence of plot devices that leads to either a fuck up or some embarassing
dialogue and you can bet your arse I’m tuning in next week.

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