Midnight, Texas S01E08 Review – Last Temptation of Midnight

There is a running theme with this show. Everytime it starts to lose me, the very next episode pulls me right back in again. You will remember that I didn’t so much like the last episode because of the absolutely ridiculous decisions that were made by a certain character. This episode also feels like it’s split the characters up with their storylines so lets get going.

The last shot of the last episode was of a heartbroken Manfred fleeing Midnight after Creek dumped him. This episode picks up straight after. Manfred is driving away from Midnight as Xylda tries to convince him to go back. As they argue, Manfred pops his last pill and that concerns his grandma.

So for one, this episode is doing something that I didn’t think it would do as it’s addressing Manfred’s addiction to prescription medication. I thought it would just be a character trait and it would never be mentioned but after episode 6 where Manfred was constantly taking his pills and the other characters were noticing, the possibility of an intervention via a script became very real. But to understand what will happen to Manfred, we need to understand the medication that he’s taking.

There is a brief shot of the pill bottle and the most prominent name of the medication is ‘Acetaminophen’ which is a prescribed painkiller. There is another name on the bottle but it’s obscured. I could see the last few letters and after a quick Google search, I narrowed the possibilities down to ‘Hydrocodone’ which is commonly combined with ‘Acetaminophen’. The next question is whether or not the medications can be addictive. Acetaminophen is one of the most common medicines what with it showing up in products such as Tylenol, Nyquil and Sudafed, the Hydrocodone that it’s mixed with is mostly the addictive element, although Acetaminophen can also play a part. Since the start of the series, the viewer has watched Manfred take pill after pill so it’s not entirely impossible that he has developed a dependency to this medication. I’m just wondering where he got it from. The name on the bottle says that it came from a Dr Marshall, if I remember rightly but I’m not sure if he’s based in Midnight. Manfred must have taken more than one bottle since he got to Midnight. So where’s he getting them from? Who knows. TV logic.

Anyway, when we revisit Manfred, the effects of going without his pills have already started. According to certain websites, withdrawal effects from Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen can start from 6-12 hours after the last dose. Initial symptoms include, sweating, a runny nose, trouble focusing and restlessness. Manfred has all of these.

As Xylda tries to convince Manfred to go back to Midnight, Manfred is dead set on drowning his sorrows in Vegas. She tries to tell Manfred that she got a vision the day she died but he’s not listening.

Ever wondered about Manfred’s childhood? Well, we get a sneak peek. When Xylda was alive, she told off some kids who were making fun of Manfred because he was playing with a ghost. Xylda takes him to one side and tells him not to play with ghosts in front of other kids. But even if they freak out the locals, they can always drive to somewhere else.

Just then in the real world, I’m guessing the RV’s radiator must have burst and the RV breaks down.

Now is when the ‘irritability’ comes into play as Manfred cannot get a signal on his phone because he’s out in the middle of nowhere so he chucks his phone across the RV. With no food, no water and no pills, he hasn’t got a lot of options. He recalls passing a service station but it was four hours of driving ago. So Manfred thinks it’s the best thing to walk.

As he gets further into the desert, his condition worsens. He’s obviously not got his best thinking cap on because walking through the desert in the middle of the day with no water and having an elevated temperature is not the best plan. Also one of the symptoms about to come Manfred’s way is muscle aches so walking is going to become painful. He makes another dumb decision by taking a short cut through the middle of nowhere. At least if he sticks to the road then he has a clear idea of where he’s going and if he passes out, then any passing vehicles will find him but nooooooo. TV logic.

The next time we come to Manfred, he’s in a quarry of some description and night has fallen so he’s been walking for a good few hours. By now, the withdrawal has taken hold and he’s now in the grips of the most unpleasant of all the symptoms. Enter, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. After throwing up in the dirt, Manfred falls unconscious and we get another glimpse into his past. More specifically, the day his grandmother died.

It was always assumed that Xylda died as a direct result of her cancer but that is not quite true. Whilst she did have cancer, she reveals that the cancer had spread and was beyond any treatment that she could receive so she decided to take her own life via the vast amount of medications that she was given to manage her symptoms.

Back to reality and Xylda’s ghost takes a wander from the RV (where she is tethered) to tell a barely conscious Manfred that her vision saw Midnight in flames and Manfred in the centre as it’s saviour. It’s a prophecy and it’s destined. Manfred decides to go back to Midnight but he has to do it alone. Xylda’s mission is complete and she has no reason to stay tethered to this world. Manfred is upset but Xylda will be at peace. She tells him that all spirits are meant to move on. Manfred flags down a truck and gets back on track.

But there’s a problem.

At the start of the episode, a faceless demon takes the skin of a priest and is on it’s way to Midnight. Along the way, he kills a few more people and kills a truck driver because he needs a bigger truck for all of his bodies. And unfortunately for Manfred, that is the truck that he flags down.

Inside the truck, Manfred gets a headache and sees the faceless ghosts of the demon’s victims. He realises just how much shit he is in (waist deep) and fights off the demon as best he can before jumping out of the truck.

Realising that there is nothing around him but a wide open space and he’s get spotted in a second, he makes an arguably smart decision by hiding in the back of the truck with all the dead bodies and hitches a ride back to Midnight.

Manfred uses a dead guys phone to ring Figi and tells her that a bad guy is on the way but Manfred is coming back to save the day.

That brings us to the ending…

I mentioned Figi. Lets talk about Figi

Figi is still having problems with the demon shouting out her name and it’s totally freaking her out. To lighten her mood, she’s visited by a friend, Janice (Frances Lee McCain). Janice has been battling depression so Figi makes her a nice cup of tea to help her feel better. It’s nice to see American’s taking on some British values. When we feel bad in Britain, we have a nice cup of tea. Milk. Two sugars. And I wouldn’t say no to a chocolate biscuit either.

Anyway, the demon is throws a hissy fit and tries to get lovely Janice to try and kill herself with one of Figi’s special knives but Figi stops her just in time. The demon is spreading some kind of influence that makes people do crazy shit and it’s happening to everyone. Including Creek.

Oh yes, Creek. Everyone’s really concerned about her what with her brother being a murderer, being killed himself, disowning her own father and breaking up with the only man who actually gave a shit all in the same week. She acts really aloof about Manfred leaving town, saying that he did what she wanted him to do by leaving. But later on, she asks Lemuel to leech away her pain so she doesn’t feel anything anymore which is completely understandable. When all is said and done, what she has been through in the last few episodes is rough and not wanting to feel anything at all would seem like a good idea. But, Olivia completely shoots down that plan because Lemuel only leeches HER emotions away and no one elses. So tough.

Since we haven’t seen anything of Shaun since Creek disowned him, we learn that he has left the deed to their house in Creek’s name. So she owns property now.

But Creek is not free from the demon’s influence as he possesses her and tries to get her to slit her own throat. Just then, Manfred comes to the rescue along with Figi who sprays some stuff in her face and Creek is back to normal. Manfred and Figi’s next stop is to go and see Lemuel and Olivia because there’s some drama brewing.

In the last few episodes, there’s been a question mark hanging over their relationship. Olivia made the point that their relationship has an ‘expiry date’ because Lemuel doesn’t age but she does and she will die. So she wants to make the best of it while she’s still around. Lemuel casually raises the point that she doesn’t have to die, he can turn her into a vampire and they can be together forever. But she doesn’t want that.

In this episode, after Olivia tells Creek that Lemuel can’t leech her pain away (even though he can), Lemuel is confused. Even though she won’t turn into a vampire so they can be together forever, she still speaks for him and in a weird way she won’t have him share his abilities. He knows that one day she’s just going to leave with no warning so he asks her to give him some notice as to when she is going to leave Midnight.

Later on, the demon comes to play. Since the veil has started going crazy, Lemuel has been feeling an insatiable hunger and it almost get’s the better of him but Olivia burns him with a silver bracelet.

He has another turn and goes full psycho but Olivia manages to escape to the panic room in their apartment. Lemuel breaks in and both he and a now short-haired Olivia have a proper domestic. When it looks like Lemuel has Olivia cornered, Manfred and Figi show up and Lemuel gets a face full of whatever it is that stops people going crazy. Olivia is not impressed about the fact that Lemuel tried to kill her even though he is very apologetic about it.

It turns out that the faceless demon has been taking the bodies to Midnight so it can burn them and make a sacrifice to the demon, Colconnar which is the demon that’s been haunting Figi and he can start the apocalypse or something like that. The Midnighters come together and stop the demon before it start a fire. Manfred calls upon the spirits of the dead people to drag the faceless demon down to hell but in doing that, starts the fire and wakes up Colconnar. But luckily, that’s not happening tonight and they have some time to prepare.

Later on, Creek comes to see Manfred who’s looking much better and he tells her about the RV and that he’s trying to get off the pills. Manfred tells Creek that he understands that she needs time and Midnight is his home so whenever she’s ready to get back together with him, she knows where he is.

Slowly but surely, things are getting wrapped up but now the stakes are getting hyped up a notch. Now, there’s a clear danger, a clear threat that needs sorting out. We know that Manfred is the one to sort it out and he’s accepted that for better or worse. He’s the man. The only really important question now is, how will he save the day?






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