Midnight, Texas S01E09 Review – Riders On The Storm

The series is beginning to wrap up now and so some vital questions need to be answered. This is the episode in which Figi’s story-line is somewhat wrapped up and some of the questions surrounding her character are answered through the medium of flashbacks.

10 years before the events of the series, a straight haired Figi shows up in Midnight to stay with her Aunt Mildred (Bellina Logan) after a stint in a hospital in which she set fire to her room because she wasn’t taking her pills. Figi also broke the windows in her room at college because of a bad break up. Aunt Mildred reveals that these incidents are in fact connected because both she and Figi are witches, connected by blood.

I quite like this scene because it’s one of the rare instances where the act of being a witch is actually explained. Aunt Mildred says that as they are witches, they can manipulate the world around them purely through the power of their feelings and emotions. Figi set fire to her hospital room and broke the windows of her dorm room because she has not yet got control of her emotions.

This is demonstrated in the next flashback as Aunt Mildred makes a flower grow in a pot and when it comes to Figi’s turn, she makes the flower grow but it gets out of hand and the vines pop through the roof of the greenhouse.

The next flashback shows Figi meeting the hunky, literal boy next door, Jeremy (Ryan McCartan). Later on, they are sitting on a set of swings, drinking, and they eventually lean in for a really nice kiss.

In the present, Figi is still being harassed by the demon from Manfred’s house that we now know is called ‘Colconnar’. Figi looks out of her window and sees a mysterious drifter that she believes will do her harm so she tries to fry him with her witch powers. She is snapped out of her ‘delusion’ by Manfred and Joe who were discussing how Manfred was going to figure out how to kill Colconnar.

The next day, a massive sandstorm is approaching Midnight and it’s due to Colconnar’s arrival. Manfred that the answer to defeating Colconnar could lie with the man who closed the veil the last time it opened. The man responsible was a shaman named ‘Catori’ who Joe remembers from when he was fighting demons with Bowie. Conveniently, the shamans remains are buried in a grave underneath the church in Midnight. If there is enough left, Manfred could be able to make contact and then get some answers.

With the sandstorm fast approaching, it’s generally thought to be a good idea that Midnight be evacuated, including Creek who gets this information from Manfred. He doesn’t want her anywhere near Midnight when the shit hits the fan. She takes him by his word and leaves. But not for long.

Manfred, the Rev and Joe reach the grave site through the sand and dig up the shaman’s body. However, it’s been many millennia since and there is not enough left for Manfred to make contact. Well, shit.

As Creek is driving away, she gets run off the road and suffers a minor head injury. In the middle of the storm, her car won’t start so she gets out and begins fixing it. A few scenes later, she gets back in the car and it starts. Because Creek knows about engines. Because that makes sense. TV logic.

The plan to get some answers from the shaman was a red herring and so another plan needs to be made. With Bobo being injured by one of the wraiths that are swarming the streets, Manfred suggests that the group leave Midnight, come up with a plan and return to close the veil. The answer to closing the veil could possibly lie with Figi as she’s a witch and there could be a spell but staying in Midnight is too dangerous.

Bobo, the Rev, Olivia, Lemuel, Joe and Chuy leave Midnight on the vampire as it has blacked out windows so Lemuel can travel in the daytime. Manfred stays behind to collect Mr Snuggly who has gone AWOL. When he retrieves the cat, he’s about to get touched to death by wraiths before Creek comes to his rescue.

The pair follow the bus but they make a startling discovery. The sandstorm is following them. More specifically, it’s following Figi. They make an emergency stop at the Cartoon Saloon which was featured in episode 4.

The group essentially gang up on Figi, asking her for a reason why the demon has targeted her. Figi eventually relents a makes both a grand and very personal revelation and also one that I didn’t see coming. Figi is a virgin. She explains that a virgin witch is very powerful and that’s why Colconnar wants her. She retreats to be alone and Mr Snuggly chastises her for not telling them the reason why she has remained pure.

The last flashback of the episode shows Figi and Jeremy on a date at Aunt Mildred’s house. It’s their third month anniversary and to mark the occasion, they are going to have sex and for Figi, it’s her first time. She tells Jeremy and he’s very understanding. They set themselves up on the floor and just as the show is getting underway, Jeremy’s body begins to burn from the inside out. Figi has unintentionally, incinerating her boyfriend from the inside out. This event traumatised her and she has never had another relationship since. That’s why she’s stayed away from Bobo because she doesn’t want to kill him during sexy time.

One thing that I’m very curious about which is not mentioned during the episode is what Figi and Aunt Mildred did with Jeremy’s body? Who knows. TV logic.

Manfred and Figi make a plan to get some answers to their problem. Combined with Manfred’s family’s gypsy magic and Figi’s books, they think that ‘black magic’ is the best answer. But a spell using black magic does require someone to sacrifice their life. Mr Snuggly offers himself up for the chopping board, claiming that he’s lived longer than he was meant too and he never really like Figi anyway.

They set up Mr Snuggly inside a circle and Figi performs her spell. But something goes wrong, or right depending on who you ask. Manfred is one who is affected. He goes blue and stiff and falls down to the ground, stone dead. Olivia tries to resuscitate him but it doesn’t work. Needless to say, everyone is stunned, no-one more than Figi who was told by the drifter that her actions will only hurt others. And it came true. Manfred is dead. Or so we think.

Manfred awakens in the world of the dead and is confronted by Catori, the shaman. Catori knows that Manfred is there for answers and he gets one question. Manfred asks him how to close the veil.

Back at the Saloon and Creek is cuddling Manfred’s lifeless body, saying that she is ready to get back together with him. You really pick your moments don’t you, Creek? She was right to wait because Manfred springs back to life and the colour returns to his cheeks. He says that he knows how to close the veil and asks where Figi is.

As everyone was preoccupied with the sudden death of their friend, a devastated Figi has sneaked  outside to offer herself up to the drifter and Colconnar. She asks him how he knew that she would end up hurting the people she cared for. The drifter removes his scarf and goggles and reveals himself to be the scarred Jeremy. He tells her that if she leaves with him, her friends will live but if she doesn’t, everyone she loves will die. She sees no other choice and leaves with him.

So there is only one more episode to go. How can this end? Well in time of writing, everyone will know because the episode has already aired. In my defence, I’ve had a cold recently.


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