Midnight, Texas S01E10 Review – The Virgin Sacrifice

So here we are. Ten weeks have come and gone and we are at the season finale of one of the most perplexing series I have ever watched. Before we begin, lets have a brief rundown of the characters we’ve met and the key events that have led to the beginning of the series finale of Midnight, Texas.

The first main character that we were introduced to was that of Manfred Bernardo, played so wonderfully by Francois Arnaud. Manfred is by far the most interesting character. Of course he has to be, he’s the main character. He’s a medium by blood and can not only see the spirits of the dead, but he can be possessed or ‘hijacked’, not always with his permission. As we’ve learned in the last few episodes, the ability to see spirits has a mostly negative on Manfred. The experience gave him headaches which led to his abuse of prescription medications to counteract the effect.

Manfred fled from Dallas, TX to Midnight in order to escape a crazed man who wanted him dead because he didn’t marry his daughter. Although his actions were the right reasons under ‘moral’ grounds, those actions had consequences and Manfred became a target for one man’s (Hightower) quest for vengeance. I was excited to find out just how big Manfred’s boo-boo was but the whole affair was wrapped up in one episode which me deflated and disappointed. There was a lot of build up for very little pay off and you can take that sentence however you see fit.

Due to the growing number of spirits in Midnight as a direct result of the veil opening up and without his medication, staying in Midnight is difficult but he does have a comfort blanket of some description in the form of waitress and bland person, Creek Lovell.

To me, I can’t understand the point of Creek’s character. It seems that she’s only there to fall in love with Manfred and to give him an excuse to stay in Midnight. All of the interesting stuff throughout the series has happens to her but she gives very little back. Her serial killer brother and her drunken father are more interesting than her.

Because this is a supernatural show, it would be remiss not to mention the supernatural residents of Midnight and their human friends. For what it’s worth, the show does a pretty good job of fleshing out some of the back stories to the more interesting characters. Midnight, Texas ticks every box when it comes to the supernatural. Psychic, Vampire, Angel, Demon, Werewolf (or ‘tiger’) and Witch. We’ve covered the psychic so lets move on to the Vampire.

Lemuel is one of the longest residents of Midnight and is very protective of it when it comes to intruders who wish to bring it harm. He’s also protective of the residents and is always there if someone needs help. Before he was turned into a vampire, Lemuel was a slave to some pretty disreputable characters. He escaped his bonds in search of a better life and figured that being an undead blood sucker was better that being a captive who was beaten everyday.

Lemuel met Zachariah who turned him into a vampire and Lemuel enacted some sweet revenge

After many years, Lemuel and Zachariah had developed a vampire entourage and ended up in Midnight. Lemuel at this point seemed to have gotten sick of the whole ‘killing’ thing which you’d thing he’s know would be in the job description before he signed up. Lemuel met Manfred’s grandmother, Xylda who just a child at the time but was still a powerful gypsy and she offered to change him into a vampire that would not necessarily have to feed on blood but rather on energy and emotions. Lemuel kicked the remaining vamps out of Midnight and claimed the town as his home.

At some point, he met Olivia and the two developed a very weird relationship. It’s not clear whether or not they are in love or whether Olivia is using Lemuel to leech her emotions when she feels that she’s starting to become somewhat human. In my first review of Midnight, Texas, I mentioned that Olivia has that very annoying trait of ‘angry for no reason’ but over the series, she’s started to open up a little bit more and whilst she likes flashing her guns at every given opportunity, it is clear that she has a reason to be so angry. Her mother was heartbroken after her father left them and even resorted to pimping out her own daughter for a bit of spare cash. Her father is constantly tracking her every move but Olivia is not yet ready to deal with her estranged parent and often leans on Lemuel to leech away her sadness which is quite sad if you think about it. However, over the episodes, Olivia has shown that she does love Lemuel and he loves her in return although their relationship did suffer a traumatic injury a few episodes ago when Lemuel tried to kill Olivia whilst under a demon’s influence. She doesn’t feel safe around him and has decided that once the ‘big-bad’ has been vanquished, she will be leaving Midnight for good.

Another interesting character is that of Joe who is a fallen angel which is instantly fascinating. The only instances of an angel in a TV show that I’ve experienced who is a recurring character is Castiel (Misha Collins) in ‘Supernatural’. There are loads more recurring characters who are angels in that show but he’s the main one. Not only is Joe a fallen angel but he has his own wings that grow out of his back. He also has an interesting relationship with Chuy who is a demon. I’m guessing that it’s a ‘Romeo & Juliet’ type romance where they are complete opposites and yet come together through adversity, so much so that Joe chose to become fallen and stay with the man he loved. Which is lovely.

We also now know that Joe was present in Midnight when the veil originally opened and he knew Catori, the shaman who (albeit temporarily) successfully closed the veil and gave his life in the process. This revelation sets the stage for Manfred’s trip into the land of the dead.

What with this town being filled with interesting ‘supernatural’ characters, their presence makes the human characters way more boring. Bobo for example. His past has been somewhat fleshed. He came to Midnight to escape his past and are being hunted by his former gang, ‘The Sons of Lucifer’ who were a white supremacy/nazi group. They were after him for two reasons. One, they thought that he had a stash of weapons which ranged from automatic rifles to fucking rocket launchers. And two, Bobo was about to get married to Aubrey Hamilton who was already married to the leader of the Sons of Lucifer whose name I forget. Aubrey’s body is found during a picnic in the first episode and this sparks off the murder mystery plot that goes on and off throughout the first half of the series. To be honest, Bobo has the least convincing reaction of someone who has just lost the love of his life. It’s understood that he knew nothing of his fiancee’s past but he still has no emotional response whatsoever. This could have been a stylistic choice to give the sense that Bobo knew there was something off about her but I seriously doubt that. Bobo does move on pretty quickly as he sets his sights on Figi.

Figi’s past has only just been put forward in the last episode but the flashback sequences within gave a lot of insight into some of Figi’s unusual behaviour. Her reaction towards Bobo is a big one. Before episode 5, Figi has sort of been lusting after Bobo but was giving him space due to the demise of his fiancee. She’s shown that she does care for him and possibly even loves him but that essence is shattered when she is kidnapped by the Sons of Lucifer in episode 5. They only kidnap her to get to Bobo and after he comes to rescue her, they reveal his own past in which he was a part of the Sons of Lucifer. After that episode, she looks at him differently, as if he is not the person who she knew. But now, I think she knows that he was always the person that she knew and that fact that he came to rescue her proved that. But she kept her distance because of what happened with her first boyfriend and possibly used his past as an excuse to break the bond that they had been working on in the previous episodes.

As it stands right now, Figi is being taken back to Midnight and Bobo, along with the rest of the Midnighters, are nonetheless determined to save her along with dealing with the bigger picture of Colconnar’s rising.

Now were all caught up.

The stage is set.

This is the final showdown.

Welcome to Episode 10.

Now that the sandstorm has passed, Midnight lies in ruins. The town was evacuated in the last episode so there will be very few casualties but there are very few homes to return to.

Whilst Figi is coming back with Jeremy, The Midnighters are following in the vampire tour bus. They know that Colconnar wants Figi, so the main focus is to isolate Figi and keep her away from danger whilst Manfred executes his master plan. The Midnighters are split up into two teams. Bobo, Olivia and Creek will go for Figi whilst Manfred, Lemuel and Joe will go to the pawn shop. Since that evening would be a full, blood moon, the Rev would have to sit back. But the Rev puts his holiness to good use and blesses all of the weapons on the bus so they would be somewhat effective against the wraiths.

The Midnighters come back to town and split up to their respective points. Figi is on her own so she can be prepared for Colconnar when he shows up for a ‘consummation’ of some kind. As Olivia is clearing the way for them, she is badly burned by one of the wraiths and is rendered immobile. There is now a ticking clock and a question mark hanging over whether or not she will survive.

In the meantime, Manfred is having some trouble in the pawn shop, listening to the spirits of the past owners of the objects. The point of the trip was so that Manfred could call upon the most evil spirits that he could find so they could take over his body and he would hopefully have more than enough power to take on Colconnar. The audience already knows that impact that these spirits have on Manfred so there also a question mark hanging over whether or not Manfred would be able to control the shear amount of negative energy inside his body. Manfred has already though of this and asks Lemuel and Joe to stay close by so that if he starts to lose control, then they can ‘deal’ with him.

Night falls upon Midnight and Colconnar rises. Colconnar is played by Derek Mears who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th reboot. He is a genuinely good actor and can play menacing characters so his portrayal of Colconnar is foreboding. But Colconnar had not considered one thing, the ominous presence of a demonic possessed Manfred.

Whilst Colconnar faces off with Manfred, Creek has taken Olivia to the hospital which has left Bobo and Figi all alone together. Bobo suggests a way to defeat Colconnar if Manfred does not succeed. Colconnar wants Figi because she is a virgin so the logical conclusion would be to take away her virginity. Sounds reasonable enough and they get it on.

As one point, Manfred runs out of juice so Lemuel grabs a secret weapon, a staff that holds a lot of powerful dark energy. Manfred absorbs it all and destroys Colconnar who himself has just realised that Figi is no longer pure. Once Colconnar is gone, Manfred expels the spirits back to hell and he is left shaken by the experience. A freshly dressed Bobo and Figi show up and express their gratitude to Manfred for saving their town. Lemuel then learns about what happened to Olivia.

The gang show up at the hospital and Creek is about to give Lemuel a message from Olivia but he doesn’t want to hear it. Instead, he gives Olivia some of his blood which is not meant for humans but can heal wounds and make human stronger for a short amount of time. Lemuel had offered this to Manfred earlier on but this was refused.

Outside, my prophecy came true as Manfred and Creek reconcile and get back together. Wowwwww. I totally didn’t see that coming. What a surprise. Shocker.

TV logic. It will lead you to the answers.

Time then jumps to one week later and Olivia and Lemuel are getting married… Awww. There is a big party and everyone’s really happy. Creek and Manfred go back to his place and do what they do best, be naked and spoon.

The next morning, Manfred is lying in bed and he looks uncomfortable. He gets out of bed and into the bathroom. He takes a painkiller that he swore to stay away from but once he closes the cabinet, he notices some blood trickling down from his ear. He wipes it away as best he can but a rumbling begins to plague his house. To his relief, Creek can feel it too.

All the Midnighters run outside to notice some construction going on at Home Cookin’. It is not known what happened to Madonna as she is revealed to be the person who was hired by presumably Olivia’s father to keep an eye on her, a plot twist that was somewhat confusing because we didn’t know that someone else was watching her and therefore weren’t looking for this person. Turns out, a big company has bought Home Cookin’ and are planning to rejuvenate it which will bring more tourists to Midnight. Uh oh. That is where the series ends.

What do I think? I think this series ended aswell as it possibly could end. The questions and the mysteries that had been posed throughout the series had been answered at some point or another. Although some points deteriorated into a tangled mess, the series finale brought it all together for a satisfying conclusion to the story. Not only that, but it also set things up for a second series.

Is there going to be a second series? At time of writing, I don’t know. The network doesn’t know. As of now, the show hangs in limbo. The ultimate question is, should there be a second series? In my opinion? Even though I have had my gripes with some of the plot points and with certain characters, when all is said and done, there were a few somewhat original ideas and I would like this series continue. There are some stories that haven’t been told and I would like to see what the writers will come up with next. In taking a formula that has been done to death, Midnight, Texas tried something different and explored a bit of uncharted territory. For that, it has my respect.

If the show gets a second series, I’ll do an article on what I would like to see in series two but not right now. I don’t want to write down my whole list and then have the fucking thing get cancelled. So for now, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

For what it’s worth, Midnight, Texas is an alright show with a lot of potential. I think Midnight, Texas can rest easy because there have been programs about supernatural beings that have out-stayed their welcome but are consistently being renewed. Not to name names of course…



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