Lucifer S03E11 Review – City of Angels?

‘Lucifer’ returns after it’s Christmas break and instead of getting straight on with continuing the story after the revelation of the last episode in December, the show has embraced a brief distraction with the old ‘flashback’ episode.

For a continuing series that has created memorable characters with extensive backstories, down the line the writers wish to explore that by showing the audience how the characters got to where they are in the show or more specifically, when the show began. Normally, this kind of episode is reserved for shows that are in their fifth or sixth season and have grown an extensive fan-base therefore I feel that ‘Lucifer’ has been a bit abrupt by broadcasting such an episode slap-bang in the middle of it’s third season. I think the reason for this episode maybe because the episode run of this season has been extended from 22 to 26 after the last 4 episodes of the previous season were tacked onto this one and the writers were looking to pad the series out. I’m not a huge fan of ‘flashback’ episodes because it’s just an excuse to fuck about for 45 minutes before getting on with the proper plot. If you want to explain a character’s backstory then weave it into the narrative, don’t just dedicate an episode to it because that’s just lazy.

Nevertheless, here we are with this episode and despite what I just said, it’s not bad.

We know that Lucifer had been drinking and whoring his way through LA for five years before the pilot episode but we don’t know how he showed up and the writers decided not to show us that. Instead, the vision we get of Lucifer is him walking down the street in a suit that’s been stolen straight off the set of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and then getting straight into what we’ve already seen him do several times and dare I say it, what he does best. He’s having an orgy. That is until Amenadiel shows up and does what he did throughout the whole of Season 1, he’s there to take Lucifer back to Hell. No wonder Lucifer gained such contempt for Amenadiel if he had to put up with his big brother interrupting his ‘sexy times’ for five years.

Anyways, whilst Amenadiel is waiting outside for Lucifer to put his trousers on, he’s shot by a masked assailant and robbed of his infamous necklace which came in handy for Season 2. He decides the best course of action would be to go to the police where he meets Chloe. Because this is a flashback, we see Chloe in uniform as an aspiring detective and she’s still married to Dan.

Granted, the writers would arrive at a possible continuity problem with the humorous exchange between Chloe and Amenadiel as he describes the robbery. It’s a given that Chloe and Lucifer cannot interact with each other during this episode because the pilot episode was their first meeting. But when she meets Amenadiel, she doesn’t clock that she’s already met him before. Now I know, he doesn’t give his name because a name such as ‘Amenadiel’ is so memorable and who can you remember meeting five years ago and only for a few minutes? But, she’s an aspiring detective and has to be good with remembering faces. Do you know how the writers got around such an obstacle? Amenadiel is wearing sunglasses. Outstanding. It’s clear that he’s wearing them for ‘continuity convenience’. I don’t know why anyone would wear sunglasses inside unless they’re trying to conceal their identity or they’re a complete ponce. Therefore, why would Amenadiel be trying to conceal his identity? She’s never met him before and (unbeknownst to both of them, they do.) would probably never meet again. I’ve wasted enough time on this.

Turns out the guy who shot and robbed Amenadiel also shot and robbed another guy who was a prominent MMA fighter. Amenadiel has had enough of the police and so enlists Lucifer’s help in finding his attacker and getting his necklace back. Lucifer agrees but only if he grants him one favour to be named later.

From here on, the plot goes on from two sides but both ultimately heading towards the same goal, finding the killer. On the one side, there’s Chloe doing some investigating and on the other, there’s Lucifer and Amenadiel.

Whilst Chloe does the boring interviewing and evidence collecting, Lucifer and Amenadiel have the interesting take on it and also a touch of introspection into their relationship.

One of their leads in a man named Theo who organises fights and so Lucifer books Amenadiel in so he can be used as bait. Right before the fight, Amenadial refers to Lucifer as being ‘evil’. Lucifer recoils at that remark because as we all know, Lucifer does not consider himself to be ‘evil’, he punishes evil. The look on his face is one of true shock that his own brother would call him such a thing and also quashes the theory that Lucifer doesn’t care what Amenadiel thinks. Lucifer decides to take on Amenadiel in the fight to show Amenadiel that he is just as sinful as the Devil himself. With the idea of throwing the fight to draw out the murderer, Amenadial completely abandons that plan and kicks the shit out of Lucifer when he challenges his claim that he’s the greatest warrior in Heaven. Only after reducing Lucifer to a bloody pulp does Amenadiel surrender and Lucifer wins.

Of course, their scheme works and after Amenadiel gets his necklace back do the dynamic duo hand the killer over to Chloe and Dan.

With his end of the bargain accomplished, Lucifer cashes in his favour. He asks Amenadiel to leave him alone. Amenadiel cannot break his promise so leaves but with the warning that ‘father’ will be furious and Lucifer will ‘suffer his wrath’.

The final shot of the episode is Lucifer kneeling on a beach whilst Mazikeen tearfully cuts off his wings.

What with this being a flashback episode, there are the obligatory segments which show all the recognisable elements in the show. Such moments are when Lucifer discovers his precious Corvette, the appearance of LUX before it was LUX and another appearance of Charlotte Richards. That’s not even for the benefit of a flashback episode, she’s just there for the sake of screen time. My favourite moment in the episode (apart from Lucifer and Amenadiel having a bare-chest fist-fight) is when Lucifer is about to watch ‘Hot Tub High School’ and Amenadiel walks in before Lucifer can have some ‘private time’. One might question why a man who is so irresistible to both women and men would resort to solitary masturbation but that very notion is something for future scholars to debate.

All in all, not terribly offensive and alright as far as ‘flashback’ episodes go. I can’t wait for the next episode when the actual plot continues. ‘Lucifer’ will continue Monday, 22nd January.

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