Lucifer S03E12 Review – All About Her

Whilst I’m working on my ‘The Strain’ review and writing my book, I took the time yesterday to watch the next episode of ‘Lucifer’. Let’s get going because I need to go to bed soon and there’s a lot to get through.

The opening scene picks up right where the mid-season finale left off. Here we learn a little bit about Cain’s immortality and how it works. Since Lucifer stabbed him with a bloody great big kitchen knife, Pierce bleeds and feels pain but his wounds always heal. We saw that when Pierce took the shotgun blast to the gut whilst saving Chloe’s life. He heals just as fast as normal people do, it’s just that he doesn’t die.

Apart from that, Chloe’s got another nark on with Lucifer because of his actions during the mid-season finale. To her, it’s a betrayal of trust but Lucifer needs her help with an investigation into Pierce and she doesn’t want to know. She even goes as far as not inviting him to investigate her next case. So Lucifer decides to be very ‘Lucifer’ about things and makes the whole day about Chloe. It’s really cute in a weird sort of way.

Since the investigation is about the murder of a surfer, Lucifer gets her a pass into an exclusive event so she can question a suspect. After Lucifer blows her cover, he apprehends the suspect when he tries to run.

When rumours start floating around that Pierce is leaving, Lucifer’s not having any of it. It all leads to a confrontation that reveals a few home truths. Pierce asks Lucifer to perform his ‘Jedhi mind trick’ which brings to the surface Pierce’s true intentions. He truly desires, above all else, to die. That’s his one wish. And also, it’s ‘all about her’. ‘Her’ meaning Chloe of course. Pierce has been keeping files on all the gang and knows that Lucifer is only vulnerable when Chloe is around. He essentially arranged for that bloke to shoot him when Chloe was next to him in the hopes that she would have the same effect on him. It didn’t work and now he’s out of options.

Half of another question is answered also. It was Pierce that arranged for Lucifer to be knocked out and dropped in the desert because he needed Lucifer to be out of the way. However, he knows nothing about Lucifer getting his wings back.

Ella is also all in a huff because Pierce yelled the truth at her so she’s a true adult about it and sulks all day. She tells Charlotte Richards about it and so she has a pop at the Lieutenant. In return, Pierce apologises and even lets her have a hug off of him. Lucky. Not everyone gets a hug off Superman.

On top of all this drama, there is a humourous side plot involving Amenadiel. He goes to the doctors because he thinks he has a cold but the doctor tells him it’s Chlamydia and to call a few of his sexual partners. That involves Dr Linda. And Dr Linda’s having a bit of a turn because she’s terrified about Maze finding out that she and Amenadiel have been sleeping together. All of this kind of gets sorted out as the doctor read a false positive and Amenadiel is given the all clear. Problems are abound for the next episode however as Maze has seen the two of them having a snog. There’s going to be Hell to pay. Possibly literally.

Anyway, the episode comes to a head when Lucifer figures out why he got his wings back. His father returned his wings to get back at Cain so Lucifer offers him a deal. Lucifer will do whatever it takes to end Pierce’s life. And Pierce agrees. The End.

So what did I think? I really enjoyed watching Lucifer trying to do the right thing like buying Chloe a bikini to go surfing in and rearranging her desk with a sexy screen saver of himself on her computer for good measure. It’s actually quite endearing and Chloe should know by now that even though it’s not what he wanted, Lucifer was only trying to help but she forgives him anyway and his ‘reorganising’ helps to solve the case. As for the side plot, it doesn’t really achieve much except to give an excuse for the other characters to warrant some screen time although the ending with Maze does stir things up a touch.

All in all, it was OK but I’ve seen better. Next week should be good though.

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