Lucifer S03E14 Review – My Brothers Keeper

I know I’ve been promising ‘The Strain Season 2 Review’ for a while but give me a break, I’m trying to write a book here. I also haven’t been recording any video games lately but that will end today once I’ve finished this review. I also know that I normally watch the new episode of Lucifer on a Tuesday because that’s when it becomes available on Amazon Prime then write the review on a Wednesday because I normally have the day off on Thursday and I can stay up as long as I want. I didn’t do much yesterday evening because I was offered a takeaway with my family. I full appreciate and adore anyone who takes the time to read my reviews but sorry, takeaway with family wins over being productive.

So this new episode.

My God, these filler episodes are filling me with contempt. The only small change between this episode and the last few episodes is that this episode focuses more on the case than the previous episodes have. If that last sentence read like it was a little bit boring then that sentence perfectly represents my growing impression of this series.

I don’t know what happened. This show had so much going for it but now the season has gotten longer and there aren’t enough ideas to go around and so now all of the characters are just bumbling around, waiting for the writers to think of something. At least the last episode had it’s sexy moments.

So we start this episode with Lucifer still trying to figure out how to kill Pierce and the attention this time around is the circular scar or ‘mark’ on his right bicep. That is the mark given by God that causes Pierce to be immortal. Lucifer doesn’t know what’s going on so drags Amenadiel into help who turns out to be perfectly fine and not kidnapped by Mazikeen which was what I thought given both his and Dr Linda’s absence last week. Amenadiel doesn’t want anything to do with Pierce because God doesn’t want him to have anything to do with Pierce because Amenadiel is God’s favourite. I always thought it was irresponsible for parents to have favourites but there we are.

I mentioned above that this episode focuses more on the case and that’s because this particular murder case has a connection to one of our characters and this time, it’s not Lucifer. I normally refrain from spoiling the murder cases for two reasons. One, I don’t want to reveal too much about the episode because I actually want people to watch the show and two, what’s happening outside of the case is way more interesting I.e, Lucifer and his antics.

But there’s not escaping it this time so here we go.

You know how Ella wasn’t in last weeks episode, well here she is and it’s her brother who’s in trouble. This isn’t the same brother who steals cars and I think helped save Chloe when she was poisoned but the older brother who is a great paragon of righteousness who can never do no wrong. Well, not today because he’s the prime suspect in a murder case.

The dead guy is a diamond dealer of some description and has called in Ella’s brother, Jay, to authenticate them. Bullets start flying, the dealer is dead and Jay has gone into hiding. Ella recruits Maze who is working out issues of her own to come in and help find Jay which she reluctantly does for a fee. Long story short, they find him and he gives a flimsy explanation as to what happened. Ella thinks another shooter was involved but Chloe and Lucifer think otherwise and this a game of innocent/guilt flip-flop begins. Is he innocent? Is he guilty? Turns out both.

TV shows can never prove that one side is right or wrong because that would be far too interesting and spark some unplanned diversion between the characters. So whilst it proves that Jay didn’t murder the guy, he did steal a load of diamonds and Lucifer figures this out. He finds the naughty big bro, takes the diamonds away and says that he won’t tell Ella of this betrayal because she thinks too much of her big bro but if her ever betrays her trust again, Lucifer will give him a spanking. He didn’t actually say that but that’s what bad boys get when they’re being naughty.

The one aspect of this episode that shows the writers are giving up is the excuse that Jay gives for being a naughty boy. From what I could grasp, it basically comes down to ‘I’ve looked after my family for all these years so I’m entitled to commit a dirty crime’. Sorry to burst your bubble here, mate. That’s not how it works. Never has been, never will be. Do you know why? That’s fucking stupid.

So that’s the main plot but what about the B & C stories of this episode.

Pierce goes to see Amenadiel because he’s figured out that Amenadiel was the one who gave him his mark all those years ago. Amenadiel confirms this but doesn’t know how to remove the mark. As a result, the two have a punch up which lasts most of the episode. I would have thought that Amenadiel would be a lot smarter than to start a fight to the death with someone who cannot die but again, there we go. The two proceed to destroy LUX before Pierce gets impaled on a railing. Now would probably be a good time to talk and resolve their issues. Pierce reminds Amenadiel that the two of them aren’t so different as Amenadiel also tried to kill his own brother (Lucifer) and was punished for it. The only difference is that Pierce killed his own brother personally whilst Amenadiel had some other guy do it (Malcolm Can’trememberhislastname). Later that night, Amenadiel states to Lucifer that he will continue interfering in Lucifer’s quest to kill Pierce because he doesn’t want him to get into trouble with ‘the man upstairs’ and also because he is his ‘brothers keeper’. Ohhhhhhh, I get it know. Clever…

On top of all this drama, there’s a C story involving Charlotte Richards whose still hanging around for some reason. She’s got some advice off Lucifer to go and see Dr Linda about her missing time. Obviously, Dr Linda doesn’t want to see her because of what happened at the end of the second season. After a pep talk from Lucifer in which he reminds her that his mother is gone and Charlotte Richards is only human, Dr Linda comes around and agrees to be her therapist. All nicely wrapped up in about 5 minutes of screen time.

In conclusion, this episode is becoming par for the course where nothing happens, nothing gets resolved and the story isn’t pushed forward even in the slightest. If it wasn’t bad enough that Chloe wasn’t having much to do, now it seems that Lucifer doesn’t have much to do either and he by law has to have something to do since the fucking program is called ‘Lucifer’. Come on writers, concentrate!

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