Lucifer S03E15 Review – High School Poppycock

Three weeks of nothing and all we get is ANOTHER filler episode that achieves very little and the only stuff it does add is fucking depressing.

So Lucifer is still trying to figure out how to kill Pierce but he has a dream about Chloe discovering that he has wings. She’s so shocked that she falls off the balcony of the LUX penthouse to her death. Lucifer tries to figure out the meaning of this dream with Dr Linda but the conversation goes south and Lucifer tells her that he’s run out of ideas on how to kill Pierce and wants help breaking his ‘writers block’. Lucifer, you have my sympathies. Writers block is a bitch.

Luckily for Lucifer, this week’s murder victim is a well-known author whose long awaited final instalment to her popular series has just been finished. Apparently, according to her editor, the victim had been suffering from writers block and Lucifer is immediately intrigued. The writer had also put the method of breaking her writers block in the one copy of the manuscript that’s now missing. Lucifer’s on the case.

The B plot involves Chloe cancelling a party with Ella with the obvious lie that she ‘has work to do’. Ella thinks it’s because Chloe doesn’t like fun but I think it’s because Ella is insufferable. But anyway because the books are about high school in space or something and because Chloe didn’t go to a proper high school as she was a child actor, she’s immersed into this horrible world. She should thank her lucky stars that she didn’t have to go to high school. I had to go to high school and it fucking sucked.

The characters in the books are all based on real people who are attending a high school reunion and so Lucifer and Chloe go undercover whilst the real person that Lucifer is impersonating goes to the C plot which I’ll get to later.

Lucifer quickly discovers that all of the 6 suspects have alibis for that night because they were all together and has to drag Chloe away from all of the drama. They find the killer and case closed.

I won’t spoil who the killer is but this was inevitable. The writers have managed to find the stupidest excuse for someone to commit murder. It really is ridiculous.

Moving on to the C plot. Dr Linda and Amenadiel are still hiding their relationship and are completely unaware that Mazikeen already knows about them. Completely misinterpreting Trixie’s advice, Maze decides to get her own back.

She sets up a date for Dr Linda which is the guy Lucifer is impersonating. How she did this, I don’t know. I don’t think she knows him so why would a guy accept a blind date from a total stranger? Anyway, Maze is fulfilling her end of the bargain by keeping him occupied so he won’t go to the reunion and spoil everything. Maze turns up with both the guy and Amenadiel, claiming a double date. During dinner, Maze starts getting frisky with Amenadiel and blows her cover. They have an argument but Chloe and Lucifer show up to arrest ‘reunion guy’ because they think he might be the killer. That’s all we get to see of that.

Of course, this leads to Dr Linda and Amenadiel breaking up because Dr Linda doesn’t want to hurt Maze’s feelings. You fucking what? Who cares? This is the Lucifer banging Chloe argument all over again. If it makes you happy, then who cares?

Speaking of Lucifer and Chloe, Lucifer sets up a meeting with Chloe at LUX and it’s a fake prom because she never got to go to her prom. He gives her one of them flowers that do have a proper name but I can’t remember and they dance. Lucifer figures out what to do regarding Pierce and that’s the end of the episode. 45 Minutes, wasted. Why are they still cock-teasing us with Chloe and Lucifer? If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now but they have to stretch it out so they get more seasons. This is the worst kind of story-telling and I wish it would just stop. See ya next week.

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