Lucifer S03E16 Review – Infernal Guinea Pig

Finally, something’s starting to happen… a bit.

So at the end of the last episode, Lucifer had a brainwave and maybe figured out how to get Pierce’s curse lifted. The plan is this. Lucifer will fly down into Hell, retrieve the soul of Cain’s brother, Able and place into the body of someone who is recently deceased. Technically, Able will no longer be dead and Pierce will be able to die. All they need is a body. That’s where this weeks case comes in.

I’m starting to think that the writers take inspiration for their murderers from real life. See if this sounds familiar. A package is sent to a Hollywood producer and opened up by her assistant. What was in the package was a massive bomb that kills one person and seriously injures the assistant. I don’t quite know how that works. Why would the bomb not kill the person that opened it but another person in the office? Anyway, figured it out yet? How the word ‘manifesto’ that gets thrown around through the course of the episode? Yes, it’s the ‘Unabomber’ or rather it was that person that inspired this weeks murder.

I like this kind of episode as it’s a reminder of the early days. Rather than having the cases and Lucifer’s supernatural antics at two separate entities, the two come together and it’s up to Lucifer to keep the detective from finding out about his true identity.

Pierce and Lucifer head to the hospital to find a suitable candidate for Able to reside in and they decide upon a really hold man with no family who had just died. Lucifer flies down to Hell but in the mean time, the assistant next door dies and Lucifer hit it right on the nose. What are the odds of her dying at that exact moment? Divine intervention? Who knows? So the plan’s cocked up and Able is now on the loose. According to Maze, he’s something of a womaniser and so Lucifer and Pierce hit the streets to find him/her.

Once again, it’s going to be difficult to try and keep this one spoiler free as the case and the plot are intertwined. I won’t give away who the killer is but it turns out that the assistant may have been involved with a Bolivian gang but that turns out not to be the case and it’s someone else who is.

All the way through the episode, Chloe is miffed that Lucifer is working with Pierce even though he is her partner. The episode reaches a climax with Able/Assistant attached to a bomb and Chloe won’t leave her because she doesn’t know that the assistant is actually Able. She tells Lucifer to leave but he won’t do that so it’s up to Chloe to defuse the bomb. She does so and saves the day. Afterwards, we find out who the killer is and Chloe thanks him for his help. Lucifer comes to a difficult decision.

As Pierce and Able say their goodbyes for now, Lucifer tells Pierce that he can no longer help him with his mark as he is afraid that ‘Dad’ will take Chloe away from him. And he can’t let that happen. Pierce is convinced that Able is the answer and just as he says that Able is hit by an ambulance. So much for that.

The B&C plots involve some drama with Maze and Amenadiel which doesn’t really get resolved and Charlotte revealing her own personal Hell to Dr Linda as she’s trying to retrieve her lost memories which also doesn’t really get resolved… there’s still about 10 more episodes to go, what do you want from me?

All in all, the plot is trying to move forward which is positive and why are the writers still cock teasing Chloe and Lucifer, they have to pay it off at some point. I think that will be the season finale, you know. Chloe finding out who Lucifer really is. I really think that. We’ll see.

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