Lucifer S03E17 Review – Let Pinhead Sing!

Somehow, it’s not very comforting to know that as well as being very padded, ‘Lucifer’ has now added extra cringe on top.

This week’s case involves a murder at a music concert. Some kind of blend between Beyonce and Nicki Minaj comes on stage and within seconds, she’s shot in the chest by an astray firework. But it’s not the star, Axara that was killed, it was one of her dancers that has taken her place.

Someone’s out to get her but Lucifer and Chloe are on the case.

During this episode, Lucifer becomes paranoid that ‘Dad’ will seek some kind of vengeance for Lucifer trying to help Pierce. He thinks that Chloe is in the firing line so throughout the episode, he makes it his mission to distance himself from Chloe as much as he can by ‘befriending’ randoms from around the station and the people he meets during the case.

I have a huge problem with this plot line. Just because Lucifer is staying away from Chloe, doesn’t mean that ‘Dad’ won’t pick up on what his son is doing. He’s not stupid. And nor am I.

I mentioned cringe and there is a lot in this episode. Let’s start with Pierce. He’s depressed after the last ditch effort to kill him failed and so he’s resigned himself to sitting in his office with a guitar and pumping out the worst rendition of ‘Dust in the Wind’ short of it appearing on X Factor at some point. Of course it’s bad for comedic effect but it’s not funny. It’s cringy. Not to mention Ella, the cringiest character in the whole of the show and she seems to be upping the cringe factor this time around.

What with this being a cop show, there needs to be some red herrings in order to pad out the time. So the first red herring ends up being a dead herring. A crazy fan who won a backstage pass becomes the prime suspect but when Lucifer and Chloe show up at his house, he’s dead from an apparent suicide. Case closed? Nope, were only 15 minutes in.

Of course, the guy was murdered by the actual killer the day before the murder of the dancer and how the killer thought they were going to get away with it, I don’t know. We now live in a culture where we are immersed in cop shows, forensic shows and real life crime documentaries that go into the ins and outs of how to solve a crime. Even the most moronic individual would know that the police can determine a time of death from even the smelliest and most decayed of remains so why on Earth would you kill a guy the day before you commit a murder and try to pin the crime on him? That’s stupid or is this show just clutching at straws?

Lucifer takes it upon himself to protect Axara even though she doesn’t want protection despite someone killing her dancer because they thought she was her and then being shot at. Oh no, she wants to get out on that stage and become an easier target.

The grand finale at LUX shows the unveiling of the killer and if you didn’t know who the killer was just from their first appearance on screen given the shows nature of how they conceal the culprit until the very end then I think I’ve been watching this show far too much.

Allow me to bring back the lovely notion of Chloe/Lucifer cock-teasing. The show gave up after Season 2 and all the way through the first half of Season 3, Chloe and Lucifer seemed to have friend-zoned each other but over the last few episodes, the possibility of something happening between the two is becoming more likely. Especially in this episode. At the end, the killer is unmasked and is wielding a knife. Lucifer tackles them to the ground and as the culprit is being arrested, Lucifer ends up with the knife in his shoulder… in front of a nightclub full of witnesses. Since Lucifer is vulnerable when Chloe is around, he pulls the knife out and collapses on the staircase where she tends to him. Chloe tries to berate him for being so reckless but Lucifer pretty much says that he was trying to protect her despite her being in no real danger. Not in those exact words obviously. I mean Chloe had a gun and the killer had a knife. You all know the phrase.

As a ‘thank you’, Axara sends two VIP tickets to Chloe and Pierce muscles in to go with her. She accepts and when Lucifer comes along, he assumes that he and Chloe will be going together. Now I do like Lucifer and it was hard to watch him being so deflated once Chloe told him that due to his distance, she’s going with Pierce. Let’s not mention the fact that Lucifer took a blade to the shoulder for her even though he didn’t have to. The last shot of the episode is Lucifer walking into Dr Linda’s office with tears in his eyes saying that he’s made a big mistake.

The B plot revolves around Pierce being moody and the C plot involved the show getting more pointless screen time out of Charlotte Richards as she mediates a meeting between Maze and Dr Linda which doesn’t go so well. What was funny was when Dr Linda brings Maze a ‘peace offering’ which is a big, fuck-off battleaxe. One thing I wouldn’t want to give a pissed off demon who hates my guts… is a weapon.

Anyway, this show is picking up now and it’s all heading towards the Season Finale and after all this, it had better be worth it.

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