Lucifer S03E18 Review – The Last Heartbreak

Things ended pretty badly for Lucifer last week and he’s clearly a little bit salty about Chloe and Pierce and things aren’t about to get any better.

First, a look into Pierce’s past. In the 1950’s, he and another copper caught a serial killer who became dubbed as the ‘Broken Hearts Killer’ as they only kill cheating spouses and their lovers. In present day, the killer dies in prison but a copycat comes forward and starts re-creating the crimes.

It is implied that this episode takes place the day after the last episode and already, Pierce is arranging another date as Lucifer watches from afar. This whole Lucifer/Chloe thing is definitely going to happen. Definitely, no question.

Anyway, back to the case. There needs to be a red herring and this guy is asking for trouble. He’s a ‘Broken Hearts Killer’ tour guide. He seems to be really happy to be taking strangers to the places where people have died. He also seems to think this serial murderer is some kind of an idol. I’d lock him up just to be on the safe side. Chloe seemed to have a similar thought.

Of course, when they get him he didn’t do it and the plot goes a bit weird from there. The original killer picked out his victims from a radio show that exposed unfaithful spouses and if this killer is a copycat then he must find his victims in a similar fashion. They close in on a modern day version of a radio show that does the same thing.

I know that the cases in the show somewhat reflect what’s going on in the character’s lives and make them realise something about themselves and that’s fine but I think the show is playing a little bit fast and loose with this concept now. Lucifer goes on this show to say that his partner, Chloe is having an affair with her boss, Pierce and hopefully, the killer will go after them and get caught.

This ends up happening and the killer comes forward. Lucifer realises that he can’t stand in Chloe’s way if she really likes Pierce so he backs off.

Pierce in the meantime has been talking to the granddaughter of a waitress that worked at a bar that he frequented back in the 50’s and he tells her that Chloe ‘is the key to getting everything I’ve always wanted’. I don’t know how I feel about that. That could go either way. I still feel like his obsession with Chloe has something do to with her making Lucifer vulnerable as he saw with his own eyes at the end of the last episode. Maybe feelings have something to do with it? Because she feels something special for Lucifer then that’s what makes him vulnerable? It would explain why he could take all those bullets in the Pilot episode because she still thought he was a complete prick. She still thinks he’s a prick but everyone knows that deep down, she wuvs him. Or it could be mega sinister. I don’t know, I’m just throwing out ideas.

Onto the B plot. Is it just me, or did anyone else no know that Amenadiel didn’t know Charlotte Richards was back? By chance, he runs into her at a coffee shop and thinks she’s still ‘Mother’. Of course she’s not but she thinks that Amenadiel knows about her lost time. Amenadiel goes to Dr Linda to warn her but she already knows and she didn’t tell Amenadiel for a reason that I can’t remember. Amenadiel thinks he should tell her about what happened to her but Dr Linda thinks it’s a bad idea as she herself almost couldn’t handle the truth ans she’s ‘stable’. Charlotte Richards is not stable and that information could send her over the deep end. Amenadiel agrees not to say anything and completely forgets about that towards the end when he runs into Charlotte Richards again. He tells her everything.

Now the C Plot. Mazikeen is going off the deep-end by partying with rock stars in Chloes house. Dan’s not happy about this and so asks Maze to curb her behaviour for Trixie’s sake. She doesn’t listen and sends Trixie to school with a box of pot brownies for her teacher and she had to go to hospital. Maze has a massive rant and say’s she doesn’t want to look after Trixie anymore but doesn’t realise that Trixie is stood right behind her. Oops.

To sum up, this show is getting interesting again although this episode did suffer a little bit from the show being about everyone but Lucifer and I don’t think I need to remind the writers again what the name of the show is and that’s who I show up for. Can’t wait for next week.

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