Lucifer S03E19 Review – Orange Is The New Maze

The show is doing it again. That thing that I really like. Intercutting the ‘Lucifer’ plot with the main cases and this time, it’s Maze’s turn to step into the spotlight.

We all know that Maze has gone off the deep end and has come to a radical conclusion. She wants Lucifer to take her back down to Hell. Lucifer refuses, his reason being that the last time her flew down to Hell, it put Chloe in danger and angered ‘Dad’. I don’t know why God would be angry that there is a demon back in Hell instead of roaming around on Earth but hey.

Lucifer is also upset that Chloe’s relationship with Pierce is growing stronger and he’s not putting his feelings to the side with the new case. There’s a guy whose dead and he was killed in front of a well placed security camera. The footage shows Maze pulling a knife out of a body. Immediately, Lucifer is convinced she did it and Chloe thinks she didn’t.

Here’s the problem with this kind of storyline. The footage show the guy getting a knife in the chest that is thrown off-screen and then Maze comes into shot and takes the knife. That immediately proves that she didn’t do the murder… that and the fact that she’s a main character. Therefore, instantly we know that Chloe is right and Lucifer is wrong. Until Maze comes in and confesses.

What was funny about this scene is that Maze walks into the police station brandishing the murder weapon and confesses to doing the murder, begging to be arrested. Chloe tells Dan and Pierce not to arrest her because the evidence that they have against her is circumstantial. Do you know what evidence ISN’T circumstantial… a full confession. Are you really a copper, Chloe?

Inside the interrogation room, Chloe and Lucifer grill Maze about the murder and she really knows nothing about it so she didn’t do the murder. Told you. She’s only confessing because apparently a women’s prison is Hell on Earth so it’s closest thing she’ll get to Hell.

Turns out, Maze got herself arrested only so that she could get access to the police station and the files which is where the answer to who framed her lies. I’m confused. Maze said that she wanted to get arrested so she could get sent to a women’s prison even though she must know that the police will know or will figure out that she didn’t do it because she doesn’t know any details about the murder. And if the end game was to get into the police station to get the files then why doesn’t she just say that she didn’t do it and work with Chloe and Lucifer to find the real killer. That seems so much more less complicated than stealing Ella’s security pass and knocking a guard unconscious.

After a lot of faffing around, the killer is revealed and Maze is the first to find them. Chloe shows up as Maze takes the killer hostage with a knife to their throat. Chloe manages to talk her down but not before Maze drives her knife right through the killer’s foot.

After Lucifer watches Chloe and Pierce leave together, Maze once again tries to get Lucifer to take her back to Hell. Lucifer refuses because he doesn’t want to lose her also. Maze accuses Lucifer of playing favourites with Chloe and she won’t be second best. As Maze is about to take a bus out of Los Angeles, Pierce stops her and says that he can help her. Or more specifically, he says ‘I can help us both get what we want’.

Pierce is looking more and more like the bad guy. This could be genuine or it could be a red herring. I’ll need more evidence before I make a definite conclusion.

Things are finally hotting up on the ‘Charlotte Richards’ front. When I thought that last week, Amenadiel told Charlotte ‘everything’, it actually wasn’t ‘everything’. He told her that he and Lucifer were brothers and Charlotte was their ‘stepmother’. She goes to Lucifer for answers and he tells her literally everything. About how he is the Devil and Amenadiel was an angel. She was possessed by the Goddess of Creation after she was murdered by her assistant and once Lucifer sent the Goddess to another universe to stop her from destroying Earth with a Holy War, Charlotte came back to life.

Now, Charlotte doesn’t know what to believe and is convinced that she’s going crazy. Until Lucifer shows her his wings. Now she’s a believer.

Things are moving forward and building up towards the finale which is still a few weeks away but should be a good one. Happy Easter everyone, I hope everybody has a good day. I’m off to play some Fallout 3 and then some Far Cry 5. See you next week.

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