Lucifer S03E20 Review – The Angel of San Bernardino

So it’s been a few weeks and I’ve been off doing other things, (writing a brand new hit TV show that will hopefully get made… seriously) but now Lucifer is back after a small break and the season finale is coming up. That’s right, this is NOT a filler episode. Things are finally happening.

So we open with a woman about to be shot by an unknown assailant who has just killed someone. This assailant is stopped by an seemingly angelic force.

In the cop shop, Chloe and Pierce have a bit of hanky panky in the evidence cupboard, much to Ella’s delight. The show has been off for a few weeks so naturally, they have to kick it into high gear with the innuendos. There’s a reference to Chloe and Pierce ‘coming’ to a specific place and also Lucifer tells Chloe that she has some ‘DNA’ on her shirt but it’s actually a piece of paper that says ‘DNA’ on it so actually, it’s a particularly well crafted joke. Well Done.

The point of this episode is that Lucifer thinks that he is subconsciously doing all of these nice things in his sleep such as saving the lady at the beginning and saving a family from a fire. He’s dubbed in the press as ‘The Angel of San Bernardino’ and Amenadiel is worried that this is collateral damage from God for Lucifer revealing his wings to Charlotte Richards at the end of the last episode. Of course, Lucifer is worried about his reputation. There is only one answer in Lucifer’s mind, to find the killer so they can confirm that it wasn’t Lucifer who saved them.

So who is the victim? A guy from a rehab centre. That was the most I gathered from the plot as I was keeping an eye on my internet connection because it kept dropping out but what I do know is that there is also an element that involves actors.

This episode also focuses on Chloe and Pierce’s relationship. She still hasn’t introduced Pierce to Trixie as she wants to be sure that their relationship is one that’s going to last. When Lucifer goes to see Dr Linda about his ‘secret sleep angel-ing’, she says that people have been known to sleep-walk when they are particularly stressed and she thinks that it’s something to do with Lucifer not liking the Chloe/Pierce thing. If Lucifer can’t go to sleep because he will do nice things, the only solution is to not go to sleep.

Now I’m really starting to ask questions about Lucifer’s immortality. It’s a given that he is immortal except when he’s around Chloe and it’s also out there that if you don’t sleep, then you will die. That theory has never been tested on a human (I wonder why) but scientific tests on animals show that it the case. Nevertheless before supposed death, it’s a certainty that you will go completely mad first.

So Lucifer keeps himself awake for a week with hardcore drugs, energy drinks, lady companions and with madness already setting in, the complete boxset of ‘Bones’. His appearance when he returns is dishevelled and noticeably unwell. Here’s my point. Wouldn’t an immortal person not need to sleep? Sleeping of course being a necessary function to keep us alive, why does Lucifer need to sleep? Would Lucifer die if he didn’t eat anything? We know that he has a supernatural metabolism so he doesn’t die of alcohol poisoning or in this case a drug and caffeine fuelled overdose but not sleeping affects his health in pretty much the same way it would affect a normal person. Not making a judgement, just throwing it out there.

Anyway, Chloe and Lucifer end up at a wedding reception and I can’t remember how that happened but Lucifer recognises the best man. He’s an actor how was in ‘Bones’. Interestingly enough, I looked up the actor whose real name is Scott Rinker although he’s called Matt Kessman in ‘Lucifer’ and he was in an episode of ‘Bones’ in the role that Lucifer says he plays. A little fun fact for you. Turns out Mr Kessman was hired by the groom to play his best man because he doesn’t have any friends. A sad fact for you… or a funny one depending on who you are. I found it funny. Mr Kessman works for an agency that hires out actors for events. He’s connected to the case because he was hired to keep the victim as high as possible. Why? Well I’m going to throw up a spoiler alert here because the motive for the murder is an integral part of the proper plot.

Lucifer finds out the identity of the killer who is the one that hired Mr Kessman to keep the victim busy so this person could be with the victim’s family. Essentially the killer was keeping the victim out of the way. Lucifer works out that Pierce is the one behind the divine actions so that Lucifer would be out of the way. But that’s not quite the case because Maze is back on the scene and she’s stirring up trouble.

She resents Lucifer for some reason or another and so she’s the one behind the angel stuff and she’s working with Pierce. Now for a bit more confusion. Pierce needs something off Chloe to get the mark removed and it seems to me that he needs her to say ‘I Love You’ which she’s just about to say when he stops her. He breaks up with her leaving her devastated and Lucifer really pissed off. He says that he didn’t make her say ‘I Love You’ because he’ll end up ‘hurting her’, ever ambiguous but he’s hurt her anyway by breaking up with her. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because Pierce got what he wanted. His mark is no longer there.

There is a B Plot with Charlotte Richards but I really can’t be arsed with her anymore. She now knows that there is a heaven and goes back to her old ways, insulting people and getting Dan naked and in a cupboard only to be found by the manager before they could do the nasty on top of a load of silverware. She talks with Amenadiel and that all basically gets sorted out.

Things are moving forward. Now that Pierce’s mark has been removed, there’s a whole load of ways that it could go so let’s see. See ya next week.

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