Lucifer S03E22 Review – All Hands on Decker

That finale is not so far away now and once again, this episode moves things forward but not by much. It pretty much sort of rights the wrongs of last weeks episode. But not entirely. Let me explain.

The fallout is still settling from the explosion of Chloe and Pierce’s engagement. They have both agreed that they want to get married as quickly as possible and Lucifer reacts in the most peculiar way possible… even for Lucifer. Whilst Chloe goes on leave to prepare for the wedding, Lucifer has to work with Dan on a murder at a dog show. As ever, the case isn’t very interesting but Lucifer’s behaviour is beginning to border the same region. He has decided that he must act like Chloe in order to understand her decision to marry Pierce and at the same time, Amenadiel and Charlotte Richards hatch the important plan to break up the happy couple.

Divide and Conquer is basically the plan. Charlotte Richards gets invited to Chloe’s hen night (I know the Americans call it a ‘bachelorette party’ but in Britain we call it a ‘hen night’ and I’m going to have to type it a lot) and decides to plant the seed of doubt whilst Amenadiel tackles Pierce.

Unfortunately for Charlotte Richards, Mazikeen is also invited and she has a plan of her own. Instead of a wild party involving drink, strippers and inflatable penises, Maze has something more sophisticated planned which includes non-alcoholic beverages, wedding dresses made out of toilet paper and no dirty talk at all. Charlotte makes a new plan. She hires a party bus which is full of the aforementioned delightful debauchery.

Maze is not happy about this. She decides the best course of action would be to throw the ‘male entertainment’ off the bus. But she’s too late. Charlotte has already planted the seeds of doubt in Chloe’s mind.

Did I mention that Lucifer’s behaviour is weird. He embraces his inner Thespian and embodies Chloe as a character. He dresses like her, drives like her and behaves like her. But the twosome is not similar enough. Since he needs the kinship to be exactly alike to get inside Chloe’s head, Dan must act exactly like Lucifer so Lucifer can yell at Dan in the exact way that Chloe yells at Lucifer. Everyone with me so far.

All of this leads to the ending where Lucifer figures out the identity of this weeks killer but Dan figures it out first. Dan ends up with a gun on him but Lucifer arrives to save the day. He yells at Dan for being so reckless and comes to an epiphany. Lucifer is reckless and acts impulsively whilst Pierce is methodical and thinks things through. He now realises Chloe’s reasoning.

The inevitable occurs. Chloe returns home drunk as a skunk and finds Pierce with a sleeping Trixie. She does the best thing for the sanity of the audience and breaks up with Pierce. The next day, she returns to work and starts a new case with Lucifer. Now, they are back to being the best of friends which is eerily observed by Pierce.

At least one of my predictions came true. Maybe not by the method that I predicted but Maze’s plan will come out by the end. I am most faithful, that Lucifer’s secret will be revealed to Chloe also. Time will tell.

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