Lucifer S03E23 Review – Quintessential Decker

First off, I’d just like to thank the person who names these episodes (presumably the person who wrote it) for choosing one of the worst words to have to type out. I won’t bother typing the worst word because I’ll have cut my hands off in frustration by the end. Needless to say I’ve typed it out for the title of this review and will hopefully never have to type it out again unless I’m writing a script or a book that requires a word that means ‘a representation of a most perfect example of a quality or class’ which is the definition I got when I typed the word into ‘Google’…. moving on.

I have to say, I think this is the best episode of Season 3 so far and I’m not just saying that because it features the hopefully permanent death of a recurring character, OH starting off with a spoiler there but hey ho, who cares?

Once again, not getting into the details of this weeks case because it’s more boring than the most boring pair of trousers a father can own. Oh no, as always the most interesting plot developments are happening with Lucifer and his band of merry characters.

Who to start with first?

Let’s start with Lucifer since he is the titular character and all. He starts off this weeks episode in a session with Dr Linda where she hopes that he will finally tell Chloe how he feels now that Pierce has been given the heave-ho. Nope, as ever Lucifer totally ignores her advice and starts doing what I hate which is acting even weirder than he normally does. However, instead of acting like Dan or acting like Chloe, this time Lucifer starts recreating special moments from he and Chloe’s past in order to get things back to normal which is what he thinks he’s always wanted but will be rethinking that line of thought by the end. He starts smoking pot at crime scenes, acting like a pillock and even goes so far as to play the little riff that Chloe played when she had a go on his organ… I mean piano.

Later on, Lucifer shows up for game night with Monopoly in order to recreate the scene from a few episodes ago where Lucifer and Chloe had their faces painted and they were oh so happy. But this is a flop and Chloe kicks him out as she doesn’t fell like feeling normal. She suddenly starts doing things on her own rather than with Lucifer.

However, when the episode is drawing to a close, Chloe comes around to the idea that maybe things wouldn’t be so bad if they were normal but Lucifer has other ideas. Yes, this is the moment that all of us or at least me have been waiting for. Lucifer tells Chloe that he thought she kept him around because she needed him but if she can arrest murderers on her own then it must mean that she keeps him around because she wants him there. He finally tells her that he is the devil but not in the way you’d think. He doesn’t give her any proof because he can’t without his ‘devil face’ but he does have his wings but he doesn’t show them to her either like I’d hoped but there is still time left in the season. Chloe says that he’s not the devil to her and gives him a big sloppy snog. Everyone shout ‘Hooray!’. But their kissy is interrupted by an important and potentially devastating phone call…

When we see Pierce he’s all tucked away like a Scooby Doo villain until Maze comes to see him. She’s still miffed that he doesn’t want to go through with the original plan but Pierce has come up with a new plan now that Chloe has dumped him. Instead of Maze killing Pierce, now Pierce is going to kill Amenadiel and pin it of Lucifer. By killing God’s favourite son, Pierce will have his mark back and Lucifer will have nothing on Earth so he will have no choice but to fly Maze back down to Hell. ‘Everyone wins’ apparently. Everyone except for Lucifer and Amenadiel. All Pierce asks of Maze is to bring him a weakened Amenadiel so he can finish the job. Maze accepts.

Later on, Maze tricks Amenadiel into giving her a hug but when he tells her that he will always be there for her, she rethinks her decision and leaves. She decides to go back to the original plan and kill Pierce herself. This doesn’t go so well and Maze ends up unconscious. Pierce goes ahead with his own plan…

Uh. Charlotte Richards. As of late, she and Amenadiel have been quite the dynamic duo as they fight crime behind the scenes and Charlotte is just itching into buy herself a place in Heaven. She does whatever she can to help out in this weeks case as the prime suspect has appeared in her nightmares as the man who shows up to kill her family and Dan. She and Dan have been getting a bit serious as he’s cooking breakfast for her and possibly her children and buying her expensive jewellery and waffle irons.

Things are definitely on the up and up as Charlotte successfully helps capture a serial abuser of women and a killer so he will never hurt anyone else again. She and Amenadiel sit and lament about their activities in the middle of nowhere which is always a bad thing to do and this show proves it as Pierce takes pot shots at Amenadiel from the bushes. But instead of Amenadiel getting hit, it’s Charlotte that dives in front and takes both bullets. I was astounded and a bit pissed off. I felt the same way when Lori Grimes died in ‘The Walking Dead’. I hated her character so much and I couldn’t wait for her die and when she actually did die, she went in such a heroic way by choosing the life of her unborn baby over her own that I couldn’t help but give her some respect and this was the same. Charlotte Richards does go in quite a tear jerking way but the surprises aren’t over just yet.

Amenadiel holds Charlotte as she’s dying and just when she passes away, he’s so overtaken with grief that his wings come back. He stands up with Charlotte’s body in his arms and flies her up to Heaven.

Of course when Chloe and Lucifer arrive on scene, her body is still there and they all have time to grieve. Especially Dan who has given her the bracelet that now dangles on her lifeless body. Lucifer also finds a discarded feather and realises that his brother has got his wings back.

It is all very sad and I felt a bit guilty about not liking her character. It’s not the same way as how I hated Lori Grimes. She was just a horrible character and completely unlikeable in every way. I just wondered why Charlotte Richards was still hanging around. Her character was completely unnecessary to the plot and served no meaningful weight to any of the proceedings. Her character was done after the second season finale.

So now we’ve had a death. Pierce is responsible and a lot of people are going to be out for blood. Things are drawing to a close. I know this review is coming out a bit late but things are easing off at work now in preparation for my upcoming holiday so I’ll do another review for tomorrows episode… tomorrow. See you then.

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  1. Hey! good review. I like Lucifer but the way they cancelled the show is depressing. I don’t know if you have watched the latest episode but it is cliffhanger and I wish some other network soon takes up Lucifer. Glad to meet another Lucifer fan! 😉

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