Lucifer S03E24 Review – A Devil of My Word

I’m going to be honest. I thought there were still a few more episodes to go. But nope. This is the third season finale of this hysterically over the top program that’s fantastic. Let’s not fuck about (something this show likes to do a lot) and dive in because there’s a lot to get through.

This episode starts near enough where the last episode left off. Charlotte is dead and the paramedics are removing her body from the crime scene. On the ‘crime scene’ front, there’s not a lot to go on. In fact there’s nothing. It’s almost like Charlotte was killed by someone who knew what the police would look for and cleaned up the scene accordingly. Anyway, Pierce shows up and orders Dan to go home and grieve which he does.

I like to see that Dan grieves just like everyone else on a TV show. He jumps straight over ‘denial’ and ‘bargaining’ and heads straight for anger. After smashing up a glass table that’s probably going to take ages to clean up, he finds Charlotte’s files on Pierce that were just lying around instead of being locked up in a secure place since he’s a powerful and dangerous man that wouldn’t take too kindly to someone investigating him. Dan peeks at the files and suddenly has it all figured out. Pierce is the Sinnerman and killed Charlotte. Now all he has to do is convince the others. Lucifer’s on board but Chloe needs a little push. Fortunately for the plot, Tom Welling maybe a good actor but Pierce is not. As he gives an ’emotional’ or ‘cringy’ speech depending on how you see it, Chloe’s not convinced. The race is on to bring Pierce down.

Meanwhile, Maze is being kept by Pierce but she’s still under the impression that Dr Linda is in danger thanks to Pierce. She manages to break free and after struggling to take down two guys which should be breakfast for Maze, she turns the corner and realises that those two guys where the appetiser before the main meal. A whole gang are waiting for her but Maze isn’t fazed. She manages to fight through the horde and make it to Dr Linda’s office where she’s perfectly fine. But Maze isn’t Dr Linda patches her up and the two emotionally apologise to each other. I don’t know what Dr Linda was apologising for. Once a guy is single, he’s fair game. Am I right, ladies?

Back to the drama.

Lucifer, Chloe, Dan and Ella set up a honey trap for the man that planted a piece of evidence at Charlotte’s crime scene that made someone else look guilty for the crime. They are successful but Lucifer decides to go rogue and confront Pierce on his own so Chloe won’t make him vulnerable. He’s successful and Pierce confesses all but he also pulls the ultimate dick move. Instead of fighting like a man, he calls the other teachers and tells them that Lucifer is bullying him. Not in those exact words of course.

In the penthouse, they need to hatch a plan to catch Pierce before he gains another identity and leaves town forever. Chloe has a plan. She rings up Pierce and I forget the exact conversation but it’s around the time that Pierce discovers that Maze has murdered the gang he hired to watch her. Problems are mounting for Pierce but I know what you’re all saying, how does all this end?

Well, the guy they captured says that if they can prove that his sister is safe from Pierce then he will tell them everything but when they get there, they discover that it’s a trap and Pierce along with some other gunmen are waiting for them. Pierce only wants to kill Lucifer as it will always be Lucifer who hunts him down and he won’t spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. Chloe’s not having it. She steps forward and shoots Pierce but not before he gets off one shot at her, hitting her square in the chest. Lucifer’s pissed and shields both himself and Chloe from a shitstorm of bullets with his wings before whisking her to the roof of the building. Don’t worry, Chloe’s a main character so she can’t die. She’s been wearing a bullet proof vest this whole time which is good for Lucifer. Time for Pierce to get what he deserves.

You know all those filler episodes that didn’t progress the plot and were fairly cheap to make?… Now I know what the production team spent all that money on which is the sequence that happens next where Lucifer beats down all the bad guys with his magnificent angel wings. But the fight has only just begun. Once everyone is down, only Pierce remains. I was going to big this up but SPOILER WARNING… Pierce is stabbed in the chest with one of Maze’s special knives that can kill anything even Lucifer. With his dying breaths, Pierce and Lucifer have a nice chat about how Pierce will be going to Heaven because he doesn’t regret or feel guilty about anything that he’s done but Lucifer reminds him that he killed Charlotte. Even though he didn’t mean to kill her, something deep down tells him that he feels guilty about it.

As Lucifer goes about his speech, his eyes turn red and his face begins to burn. You all know what’s coming and I’d just like to say… FUCKING CALLED IT!

If you’re a regular reader (and many thanks to those that are) you’ll remember that a few reviews ago, I made some predictions about the following episodes and indeed the finale. I predicted that Chloe and Pierce’s relationship would come to an end, that Pierce would go away and that Chloe would finally discover Lucifer’s true identity. All three of those things came true so don’t come too close or I might tell your future.

Lucifer clearly isn’t aware that his face is on fire and his so called ‘devil face’ is back. There was something earlier on about how Pierce’s mark didn’t go away because Chloe fell in love with him but because he’d fallen in love with her and he’d finally felt deserving of a normal life. Also Lucifer’s wings came back not because of God but because he’d been trying to be good and he willed them into existence or something like that. So now that his devil face is back and Chloe knows about him, does this mean that Lucifer will go back to being a bad boy? Well, we may never know because as I found out this morning… IT’S BEEN FUCKING CANCELLED! Errrr… why?

Is it because not enough people watch it and it’s panned by critics? I know I’ve said some things but I didn’t mean it. I really like Lucifer and would like to see it continue.

Sure, this show has had problems but it’s one of the most entertaining shows on television. Where else can you see a British man cavorting around in an American themed thong? Nowhere, that’s where. This is bullshit. And I mean it.

I’ve never done this ever but apparently there is a hashtag floating around to help Lucifer get picked up by another network. I urge anyone reading this to pick up the hashtag ‘SaveLucifer’ and spread it around. Hopefully, someone will take notice and pick the show up because there is still SO much potential.

Thanks very much for reading. This will be the last review for about two weeks as I’m going to Viva Las Vegas next week and there’s still a lot to do so I’ll see you all when I get back.

2 responses to “Lucifer S03E24 Review – A Devil of My Word

  1. The last episode seemed so rushed. As you said, the filler episodes are waste of time. They could have moved the story a bit instead of showing the never ending love triangle of chloe, pierce and lucifer. I can’t believe that in three seasons, lucifer and chloe never were in a relationship. This entire series is like Castle gone wrong. At least in Castle, the story was complete and the viewers got to know the end of it. I mean, what is chloe going to do now? is she going to accept Lucifer? Are they going to date? I am so frustrated… Now we will never know what happens….

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    • I agree. The major problem with the ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship is that when they finally get together, there’s nothing to build up anymore. All the writers have to do is wait for a bit and then break them up so the tension will be restored. Or the show will finish for good. That’s the gamble you take with a cop show. We may never know. I hope we do.

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