Salvation S02E02 Review – Détente

This episode is still a bit complicated so hang on and stick with it. I’ll do my best.

Since the end of the last episode, Darius is settling in with his new role as Vice President and has holed up in the attic of the Whitehouse. There’s still the issue of the asteroid but Darius has a plan. He’s going to go to Reykjavik, Iceland where he has a friend that governs over a massive super-collider which he will turn into a ‘Rail Gun’ which will fire massive ‘hypersonic’ bullets near the asteroid and knock it off course. That must be the great thing about being a writer on this show. You don’t have to know anything about ‘Physics’ or ‘Aero-Dynamics’ or Space in general, Darius is going to build a giant gun and that’s that.

Meanwhile, Liam is settling in as an unwilling accomplice to the brain-box think-tank that was started last week. This time there’s a new face. A very pretty face which makes me suspicious. Alycia Vrettou (Melia Kreiling) is also making Liam quite suspicious with her pretty face. There is quite a bit of bullshit in this episode, the biggest of which is reserved for Darius but Liam’s got a bit of his own.

You see, Alicia has worked for Darius in the past and Liam figures this out because Alycia knew where the teabags were. Genuinely. She’s only there to stir up some drama and drive Liam and Darius apart. That’s the only reason why her character is there. Alycia used to work for Darius and she created Darius’ former super-computer, TESS, which is now under the control of RE/SYST. She created TESS even though she is reported to have studied Engineering and Physics whilst having a PHD in Mechanical and Aero-space Engineering specialising in Avionics. I’m probably wrong but I don’t think that any of these key areas which make her great for compiling a plan to stop the asteroid actually involve the advanced coding skills necessary for creating a superlative Artificial Intelligence.

Have I mentioned that Alycia hates Darius’ guts. Well she does because while she claimed to have created TESS presumably for Darius, he wasn’t willing to give her any credit for the invention, allegedly. When she challenged him about it, he sacked her and placed her on a blacklist, making it hard for her to find work. Liam comes to Darius’ defence but she is very pretty and so we’ll see how long that lasts. Incidently, I’m up to date with this series and spoiler warning, it doesn’t last long.

Meanwhile, Grace is seeing visions Claire Rayburn who is still very much dead but her problems are compiling but they arrive for Harris first. There’s this guy, Detective Alonzo Carter (Ashley Thomas) who takes some half-naked pictures of Harris off Claire’s phone. He’s investigating the disappearance of Claire and apparently no one told him that the world was ending. Harris gets a grilling but gets through it like a champ. He hasn’t got time to think about Claire Rayburn because he and Grace’s Dad, Hugh Keating (Mark Moses) are looking for Monroe Bennett. Because Bennett was sort of but not really in custody at the end of the last season, he’s really going to toss a spanner in the works. The ‘works’ in this analogy represents the President’s plans for stopping the asteroid. Bennett films a video of himself announcing that he is the rightful President of the United States and he’s going to challenge President Mackenzie for the Whitehouse which leads me to conclude that Monroe Bennett is indeed a magnificent tosser. He posts the video all over social media which leads to protests outside the Whitehouse.

This cocks up Darius’ plan. Darius and Grace travel to Iceland where they meet Darius’ friend, Dr Rosetta Stendahl (Anjali Jay). He convinces her that he should give a speech to some people and convince them to help him build the Rail Gun. He is successful and everyone seems pretty happy. Well, almost everyone. One bloke gets up and shoots Darius in the chest three times. If you don’t like public speakers then that’s fine but don’t you think that’s a bit harsh. Of course, everyone freaks out especially Grace who’s in tears but it’s alright. Since Darius gets shot and then there’s an ad-break, you might as well scream ‘He’s wearing a bullet-proof vest!’. I was almost right. Of course he’s not dead or even seriously hurt.

This is where the huge mountain of bullshit that I mentioned earlier comes into play. Darius survived those three bullets because he was wearing a shirt that is made from… are you ready?… an ‘anti-ballistic fabric’. Now, we all saw ‘John Wick’ that time and we know that you can make a suit bullet-proof and if I remember rightly, they did it in ‘John Wick’ with some kind of gel type material that was in the lining of the jacket. You can hide that in a suit jacket but not in a shirt. Darius even rips his shirt open and that fabric is flimsy as fuck. Nothing flimsy stops a bullet, I’m sorry. Would it have totally weird to just have Darius wear a bullet-proof vest? I’m sure that politicians have to wear some kind of protection, especially if they’re heading into hostile territory.

Having said that, whether he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest or shirt, getting shot three times in the chest is going to really fucking hurt not to mention breaking several ribs and since those bullets were really grouped together (all in the ten-ring), that has to cause some internal bleeding, right?

Wrong. As ever TV logic makes an unwelcome appearance and we can’t have Darius re-cooperating for the few episodes. The only adverse effects of getting shot in the chest three times for Darius is that he clutches his chest for the remainder of the episode. Take it from me, by episode 3 he’s wandering around like nothing happened.

What I thought would happen is that he gets taken to hospital and they find something really wrong with him. You see, since the revelation of Darius having Huntingtons Disease in his family and the odd twitch in his hand, I thought that’s what they were gearing up for. Nope, they just wanted to plug the bullet-proof shirt thing that has particular relevance in a future episode. I’m pretty sure the ‘Huntingtons’ thing will make an appearance so something along these lines may still happen. It’s what I’d do if I were a writer on this show.

Anyway, Darius and Dr Rosetta devise a plan to set up a rail gun in America by converting a half built Particle Accelerator in Virginia with Dr Rosetta’s help.

Whilst all this is going on, Jillian’s doing some sleuthing under Darius’ request. She must find out about Joe Riggs, the man who died in the Ark. She finds Joe’s home and speaks to his wife but imagine her surprise when she finds out that not only does his wife not know that he’s dead, she would have good reason to think that because Joe Riggs is alive. Not our ‘Joe Riggs’ but a different ‘Joe Riggs’. So ‘Joe Riggs’ wasn’t ‘Joe Riggs’. Everyone with me so far? Our ‘Joe Riggs’ wasn’t ‘Joe Riggs’ but an imposter. So who is he then? We don’t know. Future episodes will unravel this mystery. Probably.

At then end of the episode (I forgot to mention that Jillian is living with Grace) Grace comes home to find Detective Carter waiting for her and he reveals that he is Claire Rayburn’s brother.

To sum up. More mystery on top of more confusion. This show never disappoints me.


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