Salvation S02E03 Review – Crimes and Punishment

As with the season premiere, I find it’s best to tackle this episode in sections. Lets get it on.

Liam and RE/SYST

So Liam and the other brain-boxes have come up with an entirely plausible method of deflecting the asteroid and it’s also a call back to the last episode of the first season. The whole thing about magnets makes a comeback. Liam correctly theorises that since the Gravity Tractor is up in space, even though it’s been rendered useless by the revelation of the asteroid’s iron core, it still has a part to play. What Liam plans to do is construct a massive sail that would be shot up into space and would attach itself to the Gravity Tractor. The Gravity Tractor would then be re-programmed so that it would become a magnet and react with the iron core, therefore pulling the asteroid off course. Sound strategy. Good Job. I sort of understand that but there’s a problem. That eventually gets sorted out and it has something to do with space radiation and space lasers because of course it does. There aren’t a lot of problems in life that can’t be solved by space lasers.

But Liam isn’t alone in the RE/SYST pack. He hasn’t been forgotten especially not by Darius. Darius has a plan for Liam. Ready for a bit more bullshit? In the space of what seems like one day, Darius constructs a small, robotic dragonfly that is radio controlled and can fly. Good job, Darius. With a bit of a shaky hand, Darius flies the dragonfly to Liam’s bedroom window. Attached to this dragonfly is a small memory card and Darius tells Liam through a video message that the only way to stop the nuke that’s under the control of RE/SYST is to kill TESS and he’s given Liam a virus that will do that. Liam is interrupted by Alicia who has figured out the problem with the solar sail and they have a bit of a snog.

When Liam goes to upload the virus that will kill TESS, he’s stopped by Alicia. She accuses him of being Darius’ lap dog and tells him that he has the opportunity to be his own man and save the world on his own terms. Alicia also uses an unusual term. She says that RE/SYST are doing a good thing by putting the world’s governments under ‘forced co-operation’.

To me, this whole thing is bonkers. There’s an asteroid coming and it’s going to kill everyone. Darius Tanz, a multi-millionaire businessman and clever cookie who has also never failed to disappoint the public when it comes to his efforts to save the world has a plan and all he asks is for the public’s co-operation. In return, he will never lie to the public (up to now) and he will save the world. That’s good enough for me.

On the other hand, there’s RE/SYST. What the other characters may not know but we as the audience certainly do know is that they’ve forced two powerful countries to instigate a nuclear war against each other, whilst they re-directed one nuke to a ‘safe’ location that resulted in minimal fatalities, they’re keeping the world hostage! Nothing good comes out of an engagement of any kind that’s forced. Why do RE/SYST feel like they need to force the world into sorting out the asteroid problem? I would think that the world would be fully willing to save their own lives. I know I’d jump on board immediately. I don’t need to be threatened with a different kind of annihilation. But what hurts is that Liam swallows it.

You know what? I think Alicia is running RE/SYST. Whilst the others have been brought to ‘Tanz’ against their will, She seems to be the first to defend them. Also she has a grudge against Darius and taking over his supercomputer, his base of operations and taking his friend might seem to be the perfect revenge. I’m only up to episode 5 so I don’t know if this is the case but this show likes twists and so I think this would be the perfect twist.

The Presidential Gambit.

In this episode we learn that Monroe Bennett has gone to the Supreme Court with the allegation that Pauline Mackenzie unlawfully regained the the position of President. According to the Constitution, the 25th Amendment to be precise, the Vice President takes over the office when the current is either dead or incapacitated which is exactly what happened. The clincher of course being that Monroe Bennett poisoned the President so he could take over and then be a wanker by inciting war for whatever reason. Of course, Harris, Grace and President Mackenzie can’t prove that and Bennett knows that otherwise he wouldn’t have taken such extreme measures.

Needless to say, the country is split down the middle to the point where Darius’ plans start getting ruined. He receives a call from Dr Stendahl where she says that the workers that were going to convert the half finished particle accelerator in Virginia into a fully functioning rail gun, have been given conflicting orders from both President Mackenzie and Bennett. The project has been stopped until the true President has been chosen.

In order to achieve victory, the members of President Mackenzie’s cabinet must come forward and provide evidence in front of the Supreme Court and prove that Bennett acted in a criminal manner but there’s a problem. There is one part of Monroe Bennett’s story that is true. He has accused the administration of murdering Claire Rayburn, who is classed as missing, then covering up the crime. What has become apparent since the last episode is that Grace has been experiencing a certain amount of guilt over killing Claire Rayburn albeit to save Harris. Now, she has to testify under oath and answer the question of whether or not she knows of Claire’s whereabouts when she clearly so desperately wants to confess. Her confession however would cause the government to collapse and ruin everything. Darius also doesn’t know what Grace has done as his knowledge would make him complicit.

The group come forward and testify. Now it’s up to the Supreme court to vote and make a decision. All they need is a majority vote and President Mackenzie can stay in the Whitehouse. With a 4-4 vote, once again there’s a problem. A young woman who’s family is being held hostage blows herself up in the room with the judges. The only survivor is Justice Cheng, the swing vote. They need Justice Cheng’s decision but he’s critically ill in hospital. On top of that, Bennett is now accusing the President of orchestrating the explosion. Now the National Guard is being called in to protect the Whitehouse from any infiltration by protesters or otherwise. There are riots in the streets and the country is tearing itself apart. This show’s getting good.

A small note. Jillian goes to see the coroner who dealt with ‘Joe Riggs’ and discovers that he had a small chip implanted behind his ear. This chip has a strange marking on it. More questions.

On top of all of that… a body has turned up. Claire Rayburn’s body. Now a lot of people have a lot to answer for and maybe Grace’s Dad should think about getting another body disposal guy.

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