Salvation S02E05 Review – White House Down

This episode is thankfully less complicated. Again let’s take this in sections. The sections will be quite short as they all converge at the end.

The Hospital Siege – Part 2

It is naturally a given that Grace is very much alive and more surprisingly, the phone is fine as well and remember, that’s the most important thing. Alonzo and Grace make it down to the car park where Bennett’s men are sweeping the area. They know that Grace has the video and they are specifically looking for her. Not good.

Remember the bullet proof shirt that Darius gave to Grace in the last episode? Well it comes into play here. One of Bennett’s troops comes across Grace and Alonzo. Alonzo declares himself as a Detective but the guy’s not having and so goes to shoot Alonzo. Grace jumps in the way and she gets shot. Alonzo takes the troop down but of course Grace is fine.

The name of the episode is quite clear as to the events of the episode. Bennett is going after the White House. The President is standing her ground and so orders Harris to take Darius down to the safety of the White House bunker. In the meantime, Liam and Alicia have contacted Darius because they need his help with a situation that we’ll get into later. As a bargaining chip, Darius agrees to help them if they find Grace using the ‘Tanz’ surveillance system. Liam and Alicia come through with the information and Harris successfully finds both Grace and Alonzo.

The Problem With Nukes.

One of the massive problems with Darius shutting down the internet other than most the Millennials being rendered completely useless is that the nuke that’s circling the Earth has a fail-safe program. Every 4 hours, the nuke sends ‘pings’ to a receiving station in Alaska. This station needs the internet to respond to the ‘pings’ which basically tells the missile to continue circling the Earth. The nuke will send another ping in 4 hours but if it doesn’t get a response then the 13 warheads (the unlucky number, I see what you did there) will come down on the 13 pre-selected major cities all over the world. Basically, they need the internet back on.

The need for the internet is the reason for Liam calling Darius as mentioned above but as Darius tells Harris, to turn the internet back on then they need the video from Grace which will in turn stop Bennett. Liam manages to get a thermal image into the White House which shows the places that Bennett’s men have infiltrated.

White House Down But Not Out.

What we know so far is the the President is going to go down with the ship and has sent Darius down to the bunker. Darius isn’t having any of it and needs to find Grace. A very interesting look into Darius’ character happens when he and Harris are down in the tunnels. He, Harris and another member of the Secret Service are accosted by one of Bennett’s men. The Secret Service guy is shot and Darius hits the ground, terrified. Harris kills Bennett’s man and checks on Darius. He can’t help but stare at the dead Secret Service man on the ground. He’s seen dead bodies before but to the best of my knowledge, he’s never seen anyone get killed right in front of him and his fear is pasted all over his face.

When Harris goes up into the car park to find Grace, he leaves Darius behind but gives him a gun from his own protection. A little later on, Darius hears someone coming and so prepares himself for combat. He looks at the gun in his hand and holds it by the barrel instead in the grip, intending to smack the person rather than shoot them. Fortunately for his conscience, it’s Grace and Harris and Alonzo.

Darius and Grace get a moment alone whilst Harris and Alonzo scout ahead. It’s a fairly intimate moment but Darius hints at the possibility that Grace is hiding something from him. He tries to get it out of her but Harris and Alonzo interrupt them. Darius’ ‘Dark Net’ is how he and Liam have been communicating and it also plays a part in another section of the episode which I’ll get out of the way now because it’s only short.

The Rail Gun Conundrum

Jillian and her new BFF, Nate are trapped in the attic of the White House. Nate has delivered some top priority but also classified documents to Darius so Jillian reads them. The National Guard are being taken away from their duty of protecting the Rail Gun project so they can protect the Capital. This leaves the whole Rail Gun Project open for attack by Bennett. Jillian successfully gets a message through to Dr Stendahl and she puts protocols in place to protect the Rail Gun. Good job. Now that’s out of the way, back to the story.

Darius, Grace and Harris are brought into the Oval Office just after Bennett takes the room. He declares himself President and orders that the internet be turned back on. Bennett takes Grace’s phone and deletes the video of Justice Cheng’s testimony. However, unbeknownst to him, he’s been bamboozled by his own tactics.

Liam and Alicia are pleased that the nuke has been sent a response and will be remaining in orbit. Darius has come through on his end of a previously agreed arrangement and so it’s time for Liam to come through on his end and it involves a little video that Darius sent to him.

Now. I’m going to make a little observation and it’s only a suspicion. This little thought started at the beginning of the last season and has remained in my head. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. However after watching the ending of this episode, it’s SO big and SO cringy that I need to point this out.

It’s no secret that over the years, the entertainment industry has had a subtle pop at the people in power. We do it in Britain all the time and it’s no bad thing if it’s done right. Having said that, I think and again this is only a suspicion that someone… somewhere… in the back of this production may have been slightly… shall we say… upset… at the outcome of a fairly recent Presidential Election and here’s why I think this.

It started last year when I saw that this show had a woman President and I didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t impact the story in any way and it was a nice change. My suspicions were further aroused when this lady President was removed from office by a man in an illegal way. Again, it was all part of the story and made for some interesting challenges for the main characters. Further alarm bells rang in the back of my mind when this new man President was a bit of a bastard who was a bit too eager to start a fight with Russia and then in this season used social media to contact his followers. Again, all part of the story.

By now, you’ve either seen or have figured out by reading this that Darius has sent Justice Cheng’s video to Liam and he’s posted it the moment the internet came back on. Of course, it’s gone viral and it’s all over the news. Pauline Mackenzie is officially the rightful President and Bennett has been quickly de-throned.

You know what I didn’t need and this phrase confirmed my suspicions. What I didn’t need was for Bennett to dramatically declare the video that renders him powerless as ‘fake news’. That is no longer ‘tongue in cheek’. That is no longer subtle. No longer ‘between the lines’. That is pure cringe.

Still, Bennett has been arrested and the siege is over. Happy Days. Obviously not though because Bennett says something about how ‘it’s not over, it’s just the beginning’. Dramatic and ever ambiguous to the end. The next episode should be interesting. And it is.


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