Salvation S02E06 Review – Let The Chips Fall

We’re about halfway through the second season. Didn’t that go quick? This is about the time where a mid-season finale would take place and something pretty major has to happen in order to bring the viewers back after the break. Except this time there is no break but something major still happens. I know that this review is coming more than a week after the episode so what I’m telling you isn’t new information but still… I have to keep the magic alive.

This episode starts out with Darius and Dr Stendahl testing the Rail Gun. It doesn’t go well. I don;t understand anything about science or any of the big words that they both use but it’s something about the power of the rail gun being too strong and so the structure began too buckle. Darius orders the repairs and modifications with a dead line that gets Dr Stendahl’s knickers in a twist. Then she mentions the asteroid.

You want to know my main problem with this show? I don’t know why there’s even an asteroid involved in the story. The sheer amount of conspiracies and murders and revolts and revolutions and all the other conspiracies are enough to carry the show. Then I remember or someone reminds me that there’s a ticking clock hanging over the events of this show.

And now the moment that everyone saw coming a million miles away. Remember when Alicia accused Liam of being under Darius’ control and not having a mind of his own? Well Liam is pussy-whipped by his new girlfriend into joining RE/SYST officially. Since all the members having ‘funny’ and by ‘funny’ I mean ‘cringy’ names, then Liam has to pick one too. Alicia’s is ‘Lady Hawk’ and Liam recognises that name. At some point, Alicia hacked the European Central Bank. She says that ‘a few million Europeans had a very Merry Christmas’. You know something? I’m sure ‘Anonymous’ did something similar.

So Liam picks his handle. ‘GAL1LE0’. You know you’re picking a username, not a personalised license plate. Croft interrupts the merriment. There is not enough material to create the solar sail. This is a problem but Liam has an alternative solution and it requires a call to the Vice President.

Darius shows up at the agreed location to meet Liam. Liam’s proposition is this; he will bring his solar sail into Darius’ Rail Gun project and together, they will bring enough force to divert the asteroid. Since both the Rail Gun and the solar sail projects have hit road blocks, this isn’t such a bad idea. Naturally and with good reason, Darius isn’t having any of it. Even though Liam does his best to convince Darius that this is the best move, it’s all cocked up by the arrival of Alicia. The biggest problem here is that no one trusts each other. Darius doesn’t trust Alicia, Alicia doesn’t trust Darius, Alicia obviously doesn’t trust Liam otherwise she wouldn’t have followed him. I’m guessing that Liam trusts Darius enough to approach him with his own plan even though Darius is part of the Government which is like kryptonite to ‘revolutionary hackers’.

Anyway, Darius has more problems on his hands. So many problems that they’re all starting to mount on top of each other and so one aspect of his life has to give. The precise aspect that buckles is his job. Darius hands his resignation into the President. After the whole ‘Bennett’ thing, the country needs to be unified and so after what’s been dubbed the ‘Unity’ rally, Darius will leave the White House to concentrate his efforts into the Rail Gun project. So the question needs to be asked, who will take his place? Darius asks Grace to draft a list of replacements but also asks for Harris’s name to be at the top of that list.

Grace is having a rough time of it too. Alonzo is constantly at her doorstep, asking for help in finding his sister’s killer. Instead of confessing or hiding behind several National Security protocols which she could probably do, she helps him out by giving him Claire’s autopsy report. Because she’s done that, he returns with an encryption key. It’s encrypted with a password that only Claire knows and she’s not talking. One other person might know. Bennett. Harris goes in. He interrogates Bennett as best he can but Bennett gives him an ultimatum. Bennett will help Harris if he gets full immunity of his crimes. That’s not happening because Harris still has a grudge against Bennett for ordering the strike against RE/SYST that killed his son. So they’re at a stalemate. However, all is not lost. Grace, Alonzo and Harris pull their brains together and think of what the password might be. Of course, they get it. It would be a boring show otherwise.

The key is a ‘Bitcoin Wallet’ and basically an account with millions of dollars inside. They link the dates of payments to assassinations. There is one payment outstanding. Someone’s going to be assassinated. But who? Harris goes to get more information out of Bennett but he’s dead. On the floor of his locked cell with armed guards outside. Some had better call Jonathan Creek to crack this locked room mystery. Well they haven’t got Jonathan Creek but they have got another savvy Brit whose none too shabby at locked room mysteries, Vice President Darius Tanz.

Darius looks over the security footage of Bennett’s death and rules that something could have been fired at him through the ventilation shaft. Whilst looking through the earlier footage of Bennett and Harris using the lie detection software that he developed, Darius discovers that Harris was being deceptive when he is challenged about Claire Rayburn’s death.

As Harris is a master if timing, he enters at that moment to thank Darius for referring him for the role of Vice President. I think it’s fair to say that job is now out of the window. Just as Darius threatens to have him arrested for Claire’s murder, Grace arrives and confesses. Neither Grace nor Harris can resign or get arrested as they’ve already covered up the crime and that revelation could de-stabilise the already fragile Government but now Darius knows. The sooner he can resign, the sooner he will no longer be culpable from a political point of view. Then he will only be an accessory after the fact which carries a much lighter sentence.

Back to Liam. For some reason, he’s gone to the head of RE/SYST whose been dubbed as ‘Nero’ which is probably spelt ‘N3R0’ because it’s hacker-esque and also dumb. Nero accepts Liam’s request to combine the solar sail with the Rail Gun but there is one problem. Darius will not be told. Instead, the Government will be given 24 hours to hand over the Rail Gun project to RE/SYST otherwise, one of the 13 warheads will be dropped on a major city. You know this negotiation strategy reminds me of? When a child wants something and threatens to break stuff and cause havoc until they get what they want. Liam’s not happy with this arrangement and so he has his own little rebellion. He reveals RE/SYST’s intentions and calls for the scientists to go with him and to his credit, some do. The scientists surprisingly include Croft and Alicia. So off they go.

Also, Jillian has joined a cult. They don’t say that they’re a cult but they clearly are. They always meet at night and they’re around a campfire and the leader is a charismatic guy with a beard and a microphone and they’re whole thing is that life is shit because of the asteroid and it’s best to just accept that life is shit and so you can’t be afraid or something like that. All well and good but Jillian, if you see someone handing out drinks then get the fuck out of there.

The Unity Rally goes off without a hitch. President Mackenzie gives a speech and it’s all very hopeful and Darius is by her side and it’s all very lovely right up until something not very nice happens. When they’re all leaving, President Mackenzie stops to talk to Darius right in front of a massive window. That’s not good. We see someone using a remote controlled gizmo from the kitchen and long story short, the President gets shot. Not good. Everyone freaks out and Darius is holding the President in his arms. The Secret Service are trying to pull him away but he’s not going and he’s in shock when he’s addressed as ‘Mr President’. Holy Shit.

I’m going to make a prediction. I think this is right. You remember when I said that Alicia was the head of RE/SYST and how that makes sense in terms of the story. Well, it’s not her. Maybe. I don’t know for sure but do you know what would make more sense? Harris’s son, Dylan. Remember him? Remember how completely shady his ‘death’ was. I’m not buying it quite frankly. One thing that TV takes totally seriously is, ‘If you mean it, show it’. They didn’t show it, so they didn’t mean it. Where’s they body? Where’s the funeral? Where’s the proof? Also, Harris got over the ‘death’ of his son really quickly. The only time I remember hearing about the death of his son is in this episode. That strikes me as odd. This may all be bollocks and I’ll have another theory in a few days but if this turns out to be true just remember, you saw it here first!


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