Salvation S02E07 Review – The Madness of King Tanz

This whole episode might as well be called ‘Darius is a Cock’ because that’s basically the whole episode. Since the President is properly dead this time, Darius has been sworn in as the President and he’s out for vengeance against RE/SYST but he’s in for a surprise.

After Mackenzie is buried, President Tanz addresses the nation. After all the political nonsense, he goes in for a meeting with some investigative people and they didn’t find anything on the remote controlled rifle that killed Mackenzie. Darius is positive that RE/SYST were somehow involved but has to leave when there is a problem with the Rail Gun. There always seems to be some kind of problem.

The problem is that the calculations that Darius gave Dr Stendahl were ‘problematic’. I don’t know if I mentioned this but the Rail Gun ‘test shots’ were going to be fired at a passing asteroid but the calculations show that the slugs were going to miss the asteroid altogether. Darius is aware of this as states that he fully intends to use the Rail Gun to shoot down the nuke that is circling around the Earth.

Unfortunately for Darius, Liam works this out also. Unfortunately for Liam, he also tells his now girlfriend, Alicia and she goes off on one. In order to cool everyone down, Liam goes to President Tanz to try and negotiate some kind of peaceful resolution. This is the first of Darius’ dick moves in the show. He has Liam arrested and detained for being part of RE/SYST.

Let’s see what Grace is up to. She’s about to have sex with Alonzo. Nice one. He’s gorgeous, why not? The why not is quite simple in this case. She killed his sister so if anything, sexy time is just going to make things more complicated which is why she stops proceedings before we see anything really biological. Wouldn’t have made a difference anyway because Alonzo gets a call saying that someone has confessed to Claire’s murder. He doesn’t know who confessed but we all do. In case you don’t remember, it was Grace’s dad, Hugh.

What’s Harris up to? He’s about to have sex with Fiona. No wonder they can’t work how who killed Mackenzie, they’re all to busy getting laid. Anyway, they don’t end up having sex, rather they end up kicking the shit out of each other. Each to their own. Harris notices a scar behind her ear which is where that Joe Riggs guy had the implant. Turns out, they were both hired to infiltrate the Ark and stop it from leaving Earth. She doesn’t know who her employers are which only adds to the intrigue.

Back to Darius and here comes dick move number two. Alicia realises that Liam has been arrested and so bargains for his release. Somehow, New York ends up getting pin pointed for a good nuking and Darius tells her to go ahead. RE/SYST go public with their plans which only causes panic. Nice one, Mr President. Grace tries to get through to Darius but he just shouts at her and she gets all huffy and turns down his offer for the Chief of Staff job which he offered her earlier on. Slowly, Darius is losing all his friends. And he will lose more before the end of the episode.

Harris, Darius and the investigating team have a meeting where Harris has to admit that he was literally sleeping with the enemy. Harris concludes that the deaths of Bennett and Mackenzie and Claire’s betrayal were all the work of some shadowy group that Fiona is working for. Darius desperately tried to link something to RE/SYST but Harris maintains that the evidence doesn’t lead in that direction. Darius still wants to go after RE/SYST and so Harris threatens Darius with his resignation. There goes another friend. Good job.

Jillian goes to visit Liam in custody. They have a little chat which leads to Jillian going to see Alicia. This is a great scene because Alicia says something funny. Her words go as follows. ‘I’ve never stolen anything that didn’t belong to me’. So in the previous episode, you’ll remember that Alicia and Liam talked about her hacking the European Bank and stealing money. I’m pretty sure that money didn’t belong to you. Of course they were talking about Liam and how he’s shagging her now instead of Jillian. Still though, Alicia offers a proposition. If Liam is released, then she will convince RE/SYST to call off the nuclear attack. It’s on.

Jillian goes to Darius with the news and judging by how he’s been acting, she can’t exactly be surprised with his reaction. Of course he freaks out and threatens her with locking her up alongside Liam if she defies his authority again. Jillian goes off in a huff. That’s four for four friends lost. Good on you Darius. But somehow, making an enemy of Jillian is the final straw.

Since the start, there’s been this mystery person. Dr Aguirre was meant to be in the RE/SYST think-tank but didn’t show up because no one could find him. Since Liam is incarcerated, Nero order Alicia to find him so they won’t need Liam. Nevertheless, Liam is released and when he returns, Dr Aguirre agrees to go to RE/SYST.

Harris and Grace go to the Oval Office but Darius is gone. He’s slipped through security and he’s nowhere to be seen.

I have to tell you, I should have seen it but I didn’t. You’ll have to wait until the next review to find out what that means. But the next episode is out now so you all probably know what I mean. See you then.


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