Salvation S02E08 Review – Abre Sus Obre

I know, I’ve been gone for a while and I’m a bit behind but it’s all for a good cause. Hopefully, I can reveal all soon. You’re interested now, aren’t you? Tough shit. Top secret. Anyway, Salvation.

At the end of the last episode, Darius went M.I.A after realising that he’s alienated all his friends with his antics so he’s either gone away to drink himself into oblivion or to make things right. Of course it’s the latter and just so you know, the phrase ‘of course’ will appear a lot during this review.

Grace and Harris are flapping at Darius’ disappearance because he’s got a lot of government types who want to talk to him about the RE/SYST nuclear problem which is quite literally hanging over their heads.

Meanwhile, Jillian’s not happy about her boss getting a bit rowdy so she’s in a huff and packing up her things. She tells Nate that she’s going back to Boston once this whole issue is sorted.

That little phrase is going to make an appearance. At the end of the last episode, the infamous and illusive Dr Aguirre agreed to help RE/SYST. Now, I didn’t spot this at last time but I sure as shit spotted it now, as soon as he spoke. Of course, Dr Aguirre is Darius in disguise but that doesn’t get revealed until later on. As if they thought the make-up and the heavy accent would fool anyone especially me. As if I wouldn’t recognise Darius’ sexy voice. Come on, guys.

Dr Aguirre’s ‘thing’ is self-repairing nano-technology which he applies to the solar sail and will solve the materials problem and help the sail survive the space landscape. So the sail is up and running.

In a meeting with Liam and Alicia, we and Liam discover that the plan to hand over the nukes once the asteroid was stopped. That was never the plan. RE/SYST are going to keep the world hostage and plant in their agenda. Naturally, Liam is disgusted with this turn of events and so once his bit is finished, he is going to leave RE/SYST. Good thing too.

Grace and Harris are still looking for Darius and they have to find him before the rail gun is fired and a nuke is dropped on New York. They are running with the theory that he has been kidnapped and so go to Fiona for info. Their plan is to insert the chip back into Fiona in order to bring her employers out of hiding. They give her a drug that will make her look very dead and dump her out in the open. The plan works and she is picked up, the guys are arrested and she is brought back and arrested once again. They discover that this new shadowy group were behind the assassinations of Bennett and President Mackenzie and also that they run with the ‘sleeper cell’ work ethic which makes their operatives much harder to track. They have some prisoners but not Darius.

Darius is too busy revealing his identity to Liam. Dr Aguirre is an alter ego that Darius created so he could publish some research that were outside his expertise, a plot line that I have a huge problem with. Wouldn’t it be easier to work on the nano-technology and once you’ve got it down, publish your findings. It would be great to get the company some more money by expanding your operation but then again, there would be no reason for Darius to disappear and then show up in disguise.

Darius did turn up to build bridges with Liam but also to insert the virus that would kill TESS, the little task that Liam was meant to do a few episodes back. Once TESS is down, the nukes will be defenceless. In the very next scene, Liam betrays Darius but of course it’s a rouse to get all the attention on Darius and away from Liam while he uploads the virus.

Croft gets in on the action after Liam convinces him that this is the right call. However, the dongle with the virus on it is now out of reach. Croft retrieves the dongle and sacrifices himself by throwing the stick to Liam. The guards shoot Croft dead. Alicia isn’t having any of it and aims a gun at Liam. She’s too late. Liam shuts down TESS and Alicia leaves town. Not for good, of course. She’ll be back. Probably on the run up to the Season Finale when the writers think that we’ve forgotten about her.

Grace and Harris go to Dr Stendahl to try and shut the rail gun down but Darius has changed the codes and so there is no stopping it. The Rail Gun fires and the nuke is destroyed. Job done.

There is only one thing left for Darius to do. Have sex with Grace in the Oval Office. This has been building for a while and what better time to do it.

So for the moment, all seems good. But it won’t stay that way… of course.


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