Salvation S02E10 Review – Prisoners

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m big enough to admit it. I was wrong. I thought that we wouldn’t see Alicia again until maybe the final episode when we had all forgotten about her. But she’s back and she’s back for a reason. Darius had brought her to Tanz under heavy guard to hack into Q17’s bank accounts and drain them dry. It’s a potentially dangerous step but for the moment, Darius and Alicia are playing nice whilst there is a common enemy on the forefront.

Let’s deal with the cliffhanger from the last episode. We all know that this cult is up to no good but in the last scene, we saw Jillian drink something that looked suspiciously like ‘Kool-Aid’. Well, she’s alive and well.

Would you like to know something interesting? The phrase ‘Don’t drink the Kool-Aid’ and phrases that are also similar comes as a result of the infamous ‘Jonestown Massacre’ in which over 900 people died in a mass suicide that was orchestrated by the leader of the People’s Temple, Jim Jones. The cult in this show is somewhat different given the whole impending apocalypse but the point is (and this is documented) that Jim Jones would gather his followers and hold a ‘simulated mass suicide’. He told them that the drink was poisonous and would kill them. After his followers consumed the liquid and nothing happened, he would tell them that it was a test of their loyalty.

Now clearly, this is a TV show and a work of fiction. Jillian didn’t seem to be made aware that her drink would kill her and it didn’t look like she was being tested. All I’m saying is that matters of cults and ‘testing loyalty’ have been known to happen in history so I think it’s unwise to dismiss Jillian’s well-being as a cliffhanger that didn’t go anywhere. Obviously she’s not alright, she’s in a cult.

Who else is back? TESS. She’s back online thanks to Liam. Liam needs TESS in order to prepare the solar sail for flight. At the moment, he’s having some trouble with the wind in space or something like that and it’s all a bit hard to figure out. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist.

This episode is one big reunion because guess who else is back? Remember Zoe? Grace’s daughter who she allowed to go to Africa who is suddenly back with no warning for the audience? Apparently Grace knew but I don’t remember there being an official announcement. Anyway, Grace’s family was sort of threatened by Nicholas in the last episode and so Alonzo is appointed to be her body guard.

Grace makes a decision. She’s going to resign from her job and take Zoe far away for their own safety. She also wants to take her father who is incarcerated. She asks Harris to get him out of prison. Keep in mind that she has already asked Darius for a Presidential Pardon but his new VP wants to play everything by the book. Breaking your new girlfriend’s father out of prison may be seen as a ‘conflict of interest’.

This show likes some plot twists and isn’t very good at hiding them. Zoe vomits in the sink, causing concern for Alonzo. She dismisses this as a side-effect of the Malaria medication but the way she says it screams ‘I’m pregnant!’. Of course she is and we all know who the ‘baby daddy’ is, it’s Harris’ son, Dylan who is supposed to be dead. We have yet to see if that’s the case. Because she’s all pregnant and not in her right mind, she refuses to leave with her mother and grandfather on the plane.

Long story short, Darius and Alicia steal the money and Nicholas finds out very quickly. He’s also arrested very quickly. The Investigator lady is worried as to what they are going to charge him with or even arrest him for but Darius doesn’t care. I think it’s very interesting that these characters are supposed to be the main characters and very right and honourable and taking the attitude of not lowering themselves to the antics of the people that their trying to bring down but a lot of the main characters are very morally ambiguous and don’t mind breaking the rules as long as it serves their own interest. Of course we know that Nicholas is an asshole and he’s involved with this shady group but still, it’s interesting.

Liam’s having a rough time with the solar sail as all the simulations of the launch keep failing due to ‘solar winds’ and all that shit but he teams up with Alicia to make it work. In the end, it’s launch time and the show makes an effort to make the scene tense but looking at it from an objective and cynical view, it has to work. We’re on episode 10 now, we’re getting quite near the end and the window of opportunity is closing very quickly so really, it had to work. And of course it did.

The last scene is the big surprise. Jillian takes Zoe over to the ‘COPE’ headquarters and Jillian hands over the plans for the rail gun. Uh Oh. Since Nate is the one that introduced Jillian to this cult, he must he in on it also. I haven’t seen episode 11 so I don’t know for sure, I’m using my brain but my brain is not an FDA approved resolution to this conundrum. We’ll find out next time.


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