Salvation S02E11 Review – Celebration Day

I was right. It doesn’t happen very often but it has happened. I’ll explain later.

I read the synopsis for this episode and it read that there is a stand-off at the COPE compound and there is ‘tragic consequences’. That line got me thinking as to what these tragic consequences could be. I was thinking that it could be the death of a main character. Oh, what a fool I am.

So this episode starts out with the successful launch of the first slug from the Rail Gun. All the projections look good and so Darius tells the nation that the planet is pretty much saved. All that changes when a journalist kills himself by swallowing poison in front of the President and the media. His little speech gives the impression that he was sent by COPE.

Meanwhile, Zoe is settling in at the compound but she is unable to call Grace. The creepy and crazy woman in charge, Nora, keeps spouting her crazy bollocks and the audience is wondering when this mass suicide is going to happen and we’re not the only ones.

Harris, Grace and Darius are worried about the same thing. The Investigator lady who keeps popping up from time to time explains that there are hundreds of COPE compounds all over the US and possibly the world and they have millions of members and if this is the case, how have they jept such a low profile for this long? They have also been stockpiling weapons since Bennett staged his little ‘coup’ and so they are all heavily armed. This information leads to the theory of mass suicide and Harris even mentions ‘Jonestown’. As if we didn’t know that the cult is a mirror Jonestown on a larger scale but it’s nice to have confirmation. Also given that RE/SYST are clearly a mirror of ‘Anonymous’, their influences aren’t exactly subtle.

Alonzo finds the compound with the help of the local PD and decides to go in and try to resolve this thing peacefully but not before letting Harris know his exact location so they can bring in the heavy artillery. This obviously doesn’t go well and Alonzo ends up with a bullet in his stomach, courtesy of Nora. When this happened, I thought ‘So this is the ‘tragic consequence’?’. It’s going to be a long drawn out death sequence and there will be loads of apologies and making amends before he dies.

Hold that thought.

With a wounded police officer inside, it’s time for the big guns and Harris is all ready. Grace sticks her nose into the affair because she’s all full of ‘mummy’ hormones because her pregnant child is in there and doesn’t want any harm done to her. Keep in that the baby in Zoe’s belly is also Harris’s grandchild and I don’t think he would let any harm done to her either. Also, he’s Secretary of Defence and wearing an FBI bulletproof vest and this probably ain’t his first rodeo so shut the fuck up and let the man do his job. But ‘Oh No’, she’s a strong, independent woman and can take care of a load of paranoid, gun-wielding cultists who have accepted the fact that they are going to die so probably don’t give a shit any more. She goes in there, arms raised and into the fray.

Against all odds though, she manages to get both Zoe and Alonzo out of the compound and to safety. Even though Jillian is still inside, Harris is given the green light to raid the compound so he can find out information about the mysterious ‘Celebration Day’. At first they thought it was a mass suicide but now they’re thinking something else entirely.

I was right by the way. I knew that Nate was a cock and I was right to think that because after information is unveiled that Bass Shepherd (the leader of COPE) has put a lot of money into survival bunkers, they realise that he is not going to kill himself, rather ride out the apocalypse. Meaning that something is going to happen to the Rail Gun.

This information comes at a cost however. Alicia must use her considerable influence in the RE/SYST online community to find Bass Shepherd but after her friends cough up all this information, there is a raid on the compound and she is outed as a puppet for the Government. She is therefore kicked out of RE/SYST and ‘doxxed’ for her treachery. Of course she blames Darius for ruining her life but they have a nice chat about how Darius thought she was family when she worked for him and how hurt he was when she betrayed him so she isn’t alone or something like that.

Despite Darius’ best efforts, the Rail Gun is destroyed and both Nate and Dr Stendahl are killed. So THAT is the tragic consequence they meant.

With the Rail Gun destroyed and the asteroid arriving in about 2 months, there isn’t enough time to repair it and all hope is lost. Well for Darius it is anyway. He releases Alicia of her tracking anklet and tells her to live out her final days however she wants. But she’s not going anywhere and neither is Liam. Not until they find a way to stop the asteroid which I think is sweet. There is one final card that Darius has left to play. Remember ‘Salvation’? Darius does.


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