Salvation S02E12 Review – Hail Marry or Hail Mary

This episode title has varied and I don’t know which one to pick.

This is the big one. This is the episode in any series that is the big one. The episode before the season finale is the episode that sets up the finale, sets up the expectations and also possibly gives some hints as to the possible twists. I’ve got one. Possibly a big one. I’ll have to wait and see if I was right. Still, lets begin.

This episode starts out with news footage showing the unrest in the population following the destruction of the Rail Gun. Behind the scenes however, Darius has one last plan. Plan Z one might say. But first, there’s a job to do. Or rather, a job to give up. Darius invites his VP whose name I can’t remember into the Oval Office and announces that he’s going to resign from the presidency so that he can focus on this last plan.

Now the pieces are starting to come together. Darius has chosen a worthy subject to take over so he knows the country is in good hands. Hmmm?

The plan is this. ‘Salvation’ will be flown towards the asteroid and detonated close to the surface, hopefully shoving Sampson off it’s course. The gravity tractor and the solar sail will do the rest.

Darius reveals this plan to Alicia and Liam and then also to Grace and Harris. Darius is confident that this will work and Harris asks the big question, a question that I asked myself. If this plan is so brilliant, why wasn’t it the first plan? The vague answer being that it was the last plan for a reason and I thought that it was because it meant blowing up Darius’ escape strategy.

Meanwhile, Jillian and the few remaining COPE members have been taken away to a secret location and Bass Shepherd tells the members that Rail Gun destruction was the fault of the Government and they are blaming COPE because they hate them. I can’t imagine why. Jillian’s not having any of it and confronts Bass about his involvement. He thanks her for giving him the plans for the Rail Gun and she acts like she didn’t know. Question. What did she think the plans were for? I don’t think he told her what he wanted the plans for. What other reason than ‘sabotage’ did she think that plans were going to be used for. Later on, she catches a glimpse of Bass being all shady and abusive to Nora about her role in the siege in the previous episode. Again, what did she expect?

To give the Ark the kind of velocity that it needs to reach the asteroid in time, the team needs to build three EM drives and tack them onto the rocket. To do that, they need the special mineral from one special space rock that Liam, Harris and a team of experts stole from Nicholas’s place in the last season.

Darius goes down to see Nicholas and make a deal. Initially, Nicholas asks for ‘Salvation’ for whatever reasons. Of course he can’t have it so Darius makes him another deal, the space rock for his freedom. Nicholas accepts.

Meanwhile, Harris is making his own contingency plan with Grace in case Darius’ plan doesn’t work. Together, they both go ‘bunker shopping’. The salesman does something funny. He asks Harris to make him an offer for an elite survival bunker. Harris writes down a number and the salesman scoffs. He says that not only is the price way too low but he’s not accepting payment in dollars any more, only tangible assets meaning fuel, guns etc. Why didn’t he just tell Harris this instead of letting him embarrass himself. Grace then finds out about Harris’s spot in the Government survival bunker for Government employees. Apparently, Grace wouldn’t have one of these spots even though she is a Government employee. Harris wants to spend the apocalypse with Grace. But we later find out from Director Davis (who I have been calling ‘Investigator Lady’ because I didn’t know her name until now) that Government employees are allowed to bring their spouses and children into the bunker which leads Harris to propose to Grace. He was going to do it 6 months ago but then the impending annihilation of Earth got in the way. What can Grace do? Harris obviously loves her but she’s involved and in love with Darius. This is a dilemma. Not the biggest dilemma in the whole episode however. That one is yet to come.

There’s a problem. The slug that was fired at the beginning of the last episode will miss Sampson and they don’t know why. They think it’s a mathematical calculation but Darius is certain that all of the parameters were correct at launch. What needs to happen is that ‘Salvation’ needs to be fired with a targeting system that can leave no room for error and that’s when I knew what was going to happen. Darius is going to pilot the rocket and kill himself.

Darius goes to tell Grace this but she doesn’t tell him that she’s already agreed to marry Harris so she and Zoe will be safe. Darius also says that he’s on ‘borrowed time’ possibly meaning that he knows that he’s ill. It’s not confirmed but Grace is the only one who knows about his hereditary illness. Nevertheless, he proclaims that whatever time he has left, he wants to spend with her. So of course they have sex.

During the cuddling phase, Darius receives a phone call from Nicholas who offers him a deal. Nicholas will hand over a designer bunker for Grace and Zoe if Darius will unfreeze his assets. Darius agrees to meet him. Of course it all goes wrong. Darius’ protection is killed and he’s drugged and kidnapped.

Elsewhere, Jillian is planning a little escape. She sneakily grabs the keys to the front door off Nora and makes a run for it. When she gets into service range, she calls Liam but as she ducks out the way of an oncoming car, she sees Darius in the back seat. They’re heading to COPE. She goes back to COPE to find out what’s going on and will probably offer her assistance in the next episode.

Darius is told by Bass Shepherd that he is there to give up Salvation to him. A cheesy line about ‘Noah and his Ark’ are also mentioned.

So what can we expect for the season finale? We must be wary with our expectations as it has not yet been revealed as to whether there will be another season so main characters can be up for the chop.

My feeling is that if Salvation is launched towards the asteroid then Darius will not be in the driver’s seat. Normally, grand revelations in the previous episode are a set up for a plot twist at the last moment. Since the driver will need to be someone who can pilot the rocket and make last minute calculations then the choice is between Liam or Alicia. I’m leaning more towards Alicia because Liam is a well liked character along with Darius and so this could be some kind of ‘redemption’ thing. It could spin the other way and be Liam because he feels guilty about abandoning Jillian which caused her to find solace in COPE which then lead to her stealing the plans for the Rail Gun which then lead to it’s destruction so it could be him also.

What about Harris? Didn’t he used to be a pilot? I’m sure I’ve heard that. If Will Smith could fly an alien spacecraft when he was a pilot in ‘Independence Day’ then Harris could fly a rocket. It could be one of those ‘love’ type things where he realises that Grace is better off with Darius and sacrifices himself. Maybe.

Having said all that though, with 50 odd days to go until impact, I’m not sure what the show will do with another season revolved around the asteroid. They could go in a different direction with it. The whole point of a TV show is that you want it to run for many years and a two season story arc isn’t totally out of the question. I think the asteroid thing will get wrapped up and there will be some kind of a hook to guarantee another season. Possibly that Dylan in the leader of RE/SYST. I’m still plugging that and time is running out.


It could go the other way. Maybe the bad guys will win. Maybe the asteroid will strike and it will be the end. That would be a twist. No. This is a American TV we’re talking about. Americans love a happy ending. What do you think this is? ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’? Having said that though, Season Two of that show was supposed to be about the survivors in the bunker until it got cancelled. They could do that.

I’m fine as long as there is some kind of resolution to this whole asteroid thing. If this season ends in another fucking cliffhanger then I am going to hit the roof.


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