Salvation S02E13 Review – Get Ready

So Salvation has ended it’s second season. If you read my last review, I came up with a few predictions as to what may happen based upon the actions and the events of the previous episodes. I won’t list all of them because I’d like to enjoy my day off. Instead, I’ll list all the things I got right.

Normally what I’ll do is go through any given episode and give my feelings towards the episode at the end. Given that this is a season finale, I’ll give a very brief summary of my general feelings towards this episode in particular and possibly over the whole series and I think this encapsulates the feelings of quite a lot of viewers. It goes like this. Erm…. What?

So you’ll all remember that in the last episode, Darius was captured by Nicholas and Bass Shepherd so they could get the launch codes for ‘Salvation’. In the time, he’s been tortured with some kind of sonic device that sent him a bit round the bend to the point that when he’s rescued by Grace and Harris, he has a seizure that leaves him in a coma.

Here comes the twist and it fits in to one of my theories. I hypothesised that possibly there would be no stopping the asteroid and an apocalypse would be imminent. Or rather, the possibility of an apocalypse would be imminent which is more the case otherwise there would be no possibility of a third season. This is more the case as when Darius wakes up in the hospital, he is told some worrying things. First, whilst he was being tortured, Darius gave up the codes and Nicholas, Bass Shepherd and the chosen COPE members left in the rocket along with the last hope for saving the Earth. Second, Darius has been unconscious for 44 days and the asteroid is coming in 3 days. Oh and one more thing, Grace and Harris are married.

The theory of nuclear weapons starts getting banded about again as there aren’t any options left but Darius in his natural style says not to deploy the weapons. He’s certain that the asteroid won’t hit but he’s all vague about it. All he can say is something about hummingbirds.

As a countermeasure, Darius asks Alicia to find Nero and ask ‘whoever it is’ to hack the nukes if they launch just like in the premiere. Alicia starts asking around and eventually she gets a result. Nero agrees to a union with Darius only because there are no options left.

Meanwhile, Darius gets to work. He contacts a man in one of those isolated, cold places (I can’t remember which one) and asks him to look into Neutrino spikes on the day that the Rail Gun slug was fired and it missed. Just then, Darius has a turn and goes to sleep on the floor of Tanz Industries. To be honest, that’s when Grace should have figured out that maybe he’s not in his right mind.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? I could see it from a mile away. The writers want the other characters to think that Darius is completely bonkers but whilst Grace still has faith in him, then the audience does too, even though the notion that the asteroid isn’t gong to hit Earth is completely bonkers. It would be ironic that of all the mad suggestions that Darius has had over the series and turned out to be right, he would be wrong at the time when it mattered the most. But Darius is never wrong, even when his brain has been fried with sonic waves.

Nevertheless, Harris is adamant. He’s going to the shelter and he wants Grace and Zoe to go with him. Here’s where I was right for the second time and I’ve been saying it for weeks. The mystery of Nero’s identity has finally been solved. Although it is revealed by Alicia that Nero is not the name of a specific person, rather a rank issued by RE/SYST, the person who holds this rank at the current time has been a mystery. Until now. Altogether now, IT’S DYLAN!

Of course it’s Dylan. That ‘death’ didn’t mean jack shit, it held no emotional weight whatsoever. That was for one of two reasons, either it was very shoddy writing or they planned on bringing him back in some kind of plot twist. I had to laugh when Harris starting talking about all the pain he’s caused and I had to say ‘What pain?’. He cried when Zoe told him and that was it. Dylan was only mentioned a few times in passing. It’s almost as if the writers wanted us to forget about him so that it would be a surprise when he came back.

Still, times running out and so in the interest of his unborn grandchild, Harris offers Dylan his space in the bunker so he can be with Zoe. Grace has already surrendered her place to Zoe when she said that it was OK for Grace to be with Darius.

Speaking of.

The frozen guy gets back and there is some news. Some good news. For Darius at least. Not for the world. The were two neutrino spikes at two specific moments that shifted the asteroid of course, causing the Rail Gun slug to miss and then there was another spike that shifted it back. So the asteroid is still coming but it can move. Just like a hummingbird. A hummingbird can stay in flight but still shift around or I think that’s the comparison anyway.

The nukes need to be stopped and Darius, Grace, Liam and Jillian head to the command headquarters to stop it. They get there just in time and Harris stops the countdown with Darius’ reasoning that the asteroid is not an asteroid. There’s also a look between Harris and Darius that might suggest they know what the fuck is heading towards them but they have no idea.

Here’s where I was right for a third and final time for this season. All five head outside to see the fireball heading towards them, only for it stop and spin in the middle of the sky. When asked what it is, Darius responds, ‘Whatever it is, it’s here’. And that’s your lot.

So there had to be a little something to ensure another season. Whether there will be another season, I don’t know. CBS doesn’t know either at time of writing. As much as I’m really confused by this ending, I want there to be more. It’s a wonderfully weird series that we don’t get too much of these days. The next wonderfully weird series that I’m looking forward to will of course be the next season of Midnight, Texas and if my fiendish plan comes to fruition before the air date of Late October, then I will let you all into my plans for the future of this site in a special post.


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