My New Book, ‘Patient 187’, Is Now Available For Purchase

Excellent News, my friends. At long last and after a lot of back and forth, my first book is now available on Amazon.

I won’t make you all very sleepy with the story of the book’s origins because by now, even I can’t remember but let’s just say that I started writing the first of many iterations in 2013 and now here I am, 5 years later.

Needless to say that after all this time and the many versions that have come before it, I’m really proud of the end result.

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m no good at sales or marketing so I’m going to need to rely on my very good friends that have been kind enough to follow me for these past two years on this website. There’s no pressure to make a purchase but if you wouldn’t mind sharing this page around, I’ll be ever so grateful.

In a strange twist of irony, I’m not a fan of long books least of all writing them and so it’s a modest size for a modest price.

Here’s the book description just to get you interested.

When Investigative Reporter John Matthews is anonymously sent a seemingly wrapped-up case involving a young couple who appear to be the victims of a murder-suicide, John soon realises all is not as it seems.

Working together with his apprentice, Jim and old friend, Detective Inspector Mark Nielson, John’s investigation leads to some unsettling revelations. Forged witness statements, fabricated coroners’ reports but most disturbingly, a child removed from the scene of the crime and hidden away from public view.

All roads lead John to Blackstone Psychiatric Facility and a seat opposite Patient 187. This case will make him question his alliances, his friends, his own morality.


If you grab this one and like it, there will be plenty more where this came from.

This site will still remain active (more active than it has been in the last few weeks) so following my site will not be in vain. I’ll still be reviewing films but I won’t be doing TV shows on a weekly basis like my ‘Midnight, Texas’ reviews, etc. I’ll still review TV shows but it will be for a whole season rather than episode by episode.

Basically what I’m saying is, stick around, guys. I’m not going to disappear just because I’ve got a book on sale. I’ll still be here, moaning and groaning about films and TV but writing books is the career that I want to turn to and this the first step.

So enclosing, I’ll just say thanks for sticking around for these last two years and spread the news around.

Thanks again, folks!

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