Lucifer S03E25 Review – Boo Normal

No one was more surprised than me. Hashtags have actually been useful. Yes, it’s true, the #SaveLucifer campaign was successful and Lucifer was picked up by Netflix to complete a fourth series. ‘Exciting’, said I and so I thought I’d go to Amazon Prime and just watch the last few episodes to re-acquaint myself with the goings on in the ‘Lucifer’ universe. Then I remembered something that I’d forgotten because that’s usually how it goes. Season 3 of Lucifer actually had 26 episodes commissioned and the season ended on Episode 24. I only remember this when I saw the other two episodes at the bottom of the Season 3 Page. And imagine my embarrassment when I saw that they aired exactly one week after the Season 3 Finale. One after the other. I could have avoided all this.

Anyway, I don’t like leaving jobs unfinished and yes, I will finish my ‘The Strain’ reviews at some point but right now, I will finish off reviewing Season 3 before Season 4 starts on the 8th May on Netflix.

The first point is, having watched both of the episodes, I can see why they were saved until after the season had finished. These two are more filler than filler could ever be. Nevertheless, I shall persevere and begin with episode 25 entitled, ‘Boo Normal’ and what do ya know? It’s an ‘Ella Lopez’ orientated episode. Is it too late to not do these episodes?

Regular readers will know that I’ve had my problems with the character in that she’s just so bloody happy but not just happy, the ‘too much energy’ kind of happy. That irritates me because I don’t know anyone like her.

The episode starts in the typical fare as Ella shows up to a crime scene involved a dead child psychologist. She soon receives a call from her brother saying that he’s moved back to Detroit and Ella is faced with the quandary of whether to stay in LA or move to Detroit and be with her family. Immediately, I wanted her to leave. I don’t want to be mean but I she is such a ‘cringe-worthy’ character. Chloe wants Ella to do what she thinks is right but Lucifer vehemently wants her to stay.

Here comes the twist. Ella starts talking to a ghost from her past. Turns out, she was in a car accident when she was young and started talking to this ghost who she calls ‘Ray Ray’ and is played by Charlyne Yi and the only other thing I know her off is ‘House’ where she played Dr Chi Park and she was very good.

Meanwhile, Dan is looking after the young girl who found the body, Beckett (Madeleine Coghlan) but she’s a bit of a wild one and escapes Dan’s custody with his phone. Desperate, Dan goes to Lucifer for help in finding her and he’s all to happy to help and mock Dan mercilessly at the same time. They find her at an amusement park and Beckett tricks Dan onto a rollercoaster but is quickly apprehended by Lucifer. After Dan’s unfortunate experience, Lucifer continues to mock him and looses Beckett in the meantime who has escaped with Lucifer’s car keys and Dan’s badge. Lucifer calls in Mazikeen to help with the search.

After finding out that Beckett could be a suspect, the trio track her down at LUX and Beckett confesses that she only said that she saw something at the crime scene to get out of going to school.

If the new season does continue the ‘Murder of the week’ episodes which I’m assuming they will, I really hope they find some better motives for murder. The one thing that I find ‘Lucifer’ is noted for is some really ridiculous reasons for murder. This episode is no different.

After Chloe catches Ella talking to thin air on more than one occasion, Ella is reluctant to tell her the truth for fear that she will be seen as a freak by her friends. Whilst Chloe interrogates a potential suspect, Ella investigates a nearby construction site dumping ground and finds the murder weapon which is a weighty bookend. Just then, the murderer appears and is apprehended by Chloe.

This is a spoiler by now, but you’ve probably seen the episode.

Turns out the murderer’s son was seeing the psychologist because he has trouble communicating but he is very good at the violin and takes it everywhere with him. Because the psychologist told the child to carry on playing the violin, the father killed her because it’s quote ‘not normal’. Wow. That’s a new low.

Afterwards, Ella confesses that she talks to a ghost and Chloe totally understands since she’s seen her fair share of weird shit. Bear in mind that this episode takes place before Chloe found out Lucifer’s true identity. But she’s still seen a lot of weird stuff. Ella is happy that she’s accepted and decides to stay in LA. Damn. Anyway, Ray-Ray leaves and says a specific phrase before she goes which Ella then repeats to Lucifer and it strikes a chord with him.

Back at the LUX penthouse, Lucifer is visited by Ray-Ray who is actually Azrael AKA the Angel of Death. Azrael tells Lucifer that she visited Ella when she was in the car accident when she was a child and struck a friendship with her. She brought Ella to be with Lucifer so that her two favourite people could be friends. Lucifer initially isn’t happy because of the whole thing about God placing Chloe in his path and now other angels are giving him friends but at the end, he seems to honour Azrael’s wish by hanging out with Ella at the precinct.

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t like these kind of episodes. Please remember that this show is called Lucifer and therefore the episodes should centre around Lucifer. I’m not saying other characters shouldn’t have more screen time than usual but have the shows be about Lucifer. He’s the interesting one.

In summary, this episode didn’t blow me away but it didn’t make not want to watch the show anymore. The show runners did the right thing by airing this episode as an extra after the season had ended because if they put it somewhere in the middle, I think it would have turned some people away. You can tell it’s not in the main continuity since a lot of the main Season 3 characters don’t appear Pierce or Amenadiel or Dr Linda or Charlotte Richards which is actually a plus. The point is that the episode is called ‘Boo Normal’ and I think that’s why people watch this show. It’s not normal. That’s why I watch it anyway. It’s the fucking Devil solving crimes, that’s about as abnormal as you can get. AND I LOVE IT!

By the way, my book, ‘Patient 187’ is now available in paperback. Exciting. Why not pick yourself up a copy?

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