Lucifer S03E26 Review – Once Upon a Time

The last episode I reviewed was a filler episode but it was one kind of filler episode and it’s the one that’s the most common. The filler episode where nothing happens. No plot progression and any conflict is immediately resolved at the end of the episode with all status quo restored. This episode is another kind of filler episode. The ‘alternative universe’ episode. The ‘What If?’ kind of episode.

The episode, narrated by God (no, I’m not joking), poses a theory. Would Lucifer and Chloe still get together, even if the circumstances of their meeting were different? We should all know the answer but let’s have the episode anyway.

In this alternative universe; Chloe is now an actress, her father is still alive and a detective, Dan is a corrupt copper and was never married to Chloe so Trixie was never born, Ella is a carjacker, Dr Linda is Dr Phil and Mazikeen still works at LUX but she also seems to have her own cult, Charlotte Richards is back as Lucifer’s attorney and as for Lucifer himself, he hasn’t changed one little bit. He’s still the boozy, whorey, nightclub with the golden voice.

However, when a stuntman who’s working on Chloe’s recent film ends up stabbed to death in LUX, Dan shows up but Lucifer isn’t convinced that he will find the right person and so goes on the hunt. Chloe meanwhile knew the victim and so sets out as her cop character, Detective Bonnie Generro to find the culprit.

Along the way, she meets Lucifer at her first lead and immediately, it feels the same as a normal episode. Lucifer is his old self and Chloe isn’t a million miles away as an actress to herself as a copper.

So what else is going on? Since Dan is all corrupt now, he and Charlotte Richards set up a scheme to rob Lucifer as he’s shown her all the cash and gold bars he’s got hidden away at LUX. She gets in and takes the loot but is stopped by Mazikeen and her followers. Instead of torturing Charlotte, she lets her go. So why tie her down in the first place? Apparently, it’s because she wants Charlotte to be bad so that she’ll go to Hell and be tortured by Maze anyway. Maze also warns Charlotte to never to return to LA because no one steals from the Devil. With all that cash, I doubt she’ll be back. Charlotte and Dan then run away together.

At the end, Chloe and Lucifer find out who the killer is and while he’s chasing the killer, Lucifer is shot several times in the torso before Chloe appears and strikes him unconscious with a metal bar. So, Chloe doesn’t love Lucifer in this reality because Lucifer is invulnerable? Is that right? Because in the pilot, Lucifer was shot all those times in the presence of Chloe and he was unharmed. Was that because she didn’t love him yet? Is that the case here? Because, Chloe was only around the corner when Lucifer was shot. How far away does Chloe need to be? Is there a set distance? Does he need to be aware that she’s around? There’s another question.

I don’t know. I give in.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this episode really. The next season will be shorter which is a good thing for me. To me, the show started loosing its way when the seasons started getting longer. Season 1 was great. It was 13 episodes and the story was all nice and compact. Everything you needed to know was there and there was no fucking filler episodes about boring characters doing boring things that no one cares about. This next season will be 10 episodes so that will be even more compact and nice and flowy and things will move forward and it will be great. It’s all very well having more episodes but all you’re doing with more episodes is making it flabbier and I’ve found that the characters get sillier the more screen time they get. Nope, keep the seasons short and sweet and have the audience begging for more. That’s the way.

To round things off, although I’m not thrilled with these last two episodes and I can totally see why they were dubbed as ‘bonus episodes’ and nothing more, I do want this show to continue. I’ve read that now ‘Lucifer’ is on Netflix, it’s going to get darker and that sounds good to me. The last season was very silly and quite camp, more than it needed to be. You know how ‘Sherlock’ started out quite dark and then by the third series, it got a bit silly and almost like it was laughing at itself, that’s the way Lucifer was going. And then Series 4 got darker and then it was better. I hope Lucifer does that because the show is really trying something different in a TV landscape where shows are starting blend into each other and it’s becoming tedious.

In case you haven’t noticed, all the fun little quirky shows are going. ‘Salvation’ was cancelled on a cliff-hanger. We’ll never know what that giant, spinning ball of blue light is now. Did you know ‘Midnight, Texas’ has been cancelled? They’re shopping around for someone to pick it up, but I don’t think they’ll get as lucky as ‘Lucifer’ did. ‘Lucifer’ was incredibly lucky and that’s why streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are so important. They’re not regulated by anyone, it’s a paid subscription. When the presenters of ‘Top Gear’ left the BBC, Amazon Prime spotted a major opportunity and so we were given ‘The Grand Tour’ which is one of the best shows on Prime. When ‘Lucifer’ got ditched by FOX, Netflix saw the same opportunity and snapped it up. Because they saw the potential, they saw the audience and they saw dollar signs and I guarantee it’ll work. Netflix have an obligation to give us the stuff that we want because we pay their wages. Technically, we’re they’re employers. We wanted Lucifer and Netflix is giving us more for a modest fee. Supply and demand. That’s Capitalism, that’s why it works. So, to my very faithful readers, make sure you support your online streaming services by signing up and tuning in to Netflix on the 8th of May for Season 4 of ‘Lucifer’. I’ll see you there.

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