Prodigal Son S01E03 Review – Fear Response

Wooo. This one was a journey! Let’s not dilly-dally and dive straight in.

The first scene is a flashback which shows Jessica meeting with Martin in 1998 after he is first arrested. The way the conversation is presented, I’m still not certain that Mother is not involved. If she’s not involved practically, then she at least knew what he was doing. I’m convinced.

Anyway, cut to present day and Jessica turns up outside Malcolm’s apartment as he’s in the middle of one of his night terrors. He’s once again dreaming about being drugged by his father and he’s thrashing around in his bed.

Are you ready for some first class, grade A, TV logic bullshit?!

Malcolm’s thrashing and tossing and turning is so violent that one of his restraints snaps and he throws himself out of his bedroom window. Broken glass rains down onto the street, onto his MOTHER! And her response is one moment of concern for her son who has just smashed through a window and is dangling from one restraint 20 feet in the air and then jumps straight to “Buzz me in!”.

Woman, what’s wrong with you?

Also, you’d think that smashing through a window and dangling from your wrist would cause some kind of injury? Some cuts, scratches, slices, bleeding and judging by how hard he must have hit the window to smash right through it and the way he was hanging from the restraint, at least a dislocated shoulder or a broken wrist. Nope. Totally fine. Not even a scratch or any reference to the incident whatsoever for the rest of the episode. *Sigh*

I suppose we’re carrying on with the ‘quirky’ aspect of Malcolm’s character which is why in the next scene, he’s sat with his psychiatrist who he’s been seeing since he was eleven which means she is still a child psychiatrist. I suppose you want me to be amused to see a man in his 30’s sat cross legged in the chair of a child psychiatrist’s office? … Get on with it.

Malcolm’s concerned about his repressed memories about the girl in the box. The psychiatrist recommends that Malcolm stay away from his father, so he has a chance of overcoming his PTSD. Of course he’s not going to do that, there’d be no show otherwise. That’s the moment when he gets a call from Gil about another case. Just to reinforce the idea that he’s all quirky, Malcolm takes a load of lollipops for his team members. Isn’t that adorable?

Anyway, this week’s victim is in the woods with no brain. That sucks. He worked at a university with a woman called Dr Elaine Brown who wrote a book that Malcolm is a fan of but only because his father talked with him about her.

Also, Ainsley is reporting from the scene and she’s using her father’s surname. Malcolm mentioned in the pilot that he changed his name to Bright but I would have thought that after his father was arrested and then charged with horrible crimes, then his mother would take that honour of changing the family name so the kids can get a fresh start.

Also, when I was writing the review for the pilot and saw that Ainsley is played by a lady called ‘Halston Sage’, that unusual name sounded familiar and I finally remembered where I heard it from. Halston Sage played Alara Katan in ‘The Orville’ and I remember reading at the time that she had left the show fairly early in the second season. I can’t remember why she left but I’m going to give a conservative estimate and say that it was a good amount of time before they’d started filming this. I say that because I don’t know when they started filming this. Season 2 of ‘The Orville’ wrapped in October, 2018 but Sage was only in four episodes and it takes about 6-9 months to film a really long season of a detective show. Do with that information what you will.

Since leaving ‘The Orville’, she’s had a cameo in an episode of ‘Magnum PI’, starred in a shitty Netflix romcom and had a cameo in a Marvel film. Who knows why she left ‘The Orville’ but to leave a pretty good supporting role on a show written by Seth Macfarlane who’s had a steady job in show business for more than 20 years to have a few cameos and then a main role in a poorly reviewed romcom and have a main role but not do much in another fucking detective show seems to have been a bit of a strange career direction. Who knows?

Back to the plot.

Powell gets a call from someone else who works at the university and he’s been dosed with LSD by the killer. Powell, JT and Malcolm arrive and as Powell and JT run off in pursuit of the killer, Malcolm helps Mitchell but because he’s tripping balls on LSD, he takes Malcolm hostage. In response, Malcolm chucks Mitchell off the roof and he may or may not have known that there was a balcony one floor below them but regardless, Mitchell is alive. Injured but alive. Remarkable, isn’t it? This guy falls one floor and ends up with a fractured rib but Malcolm crashes through a glass window and dangles 20 feet above the ground by his restrained wrist and suffers no ill effects whatsoever. Mitchell’s bones must be made of glass or Malcolm activated his ‘main character invincibility’ before he crashed through the window. That’s how Rick Grimes survived that explosion in ‘The Walking Dead’… and everything else that happened to him in ‘The Walking Dead’. Jesus died because he wasn’t a main character. And he wasn’t getting any good storylines but that’s beside the point.

Jessica did visit Gil to address why Malcolm has been visiting his father and Gil acts like he already knew about it. I thought he didn’t know. I don’t know what’s happening. Also, Jessica says that she’s sorry about Jackie who I think is or was Gil’s wife. Either she’s dead or they’re divorced but judging by the way they were talking; I think she’s dead. BUT in the Pilot, Malcolm mentioned Jackie and in a way that would suggest that she is alive. So, Malcolm must not know that Jackie is dead, and Gil didn’t correct him which would make sense because Malcolm was off with the FBI.

Another thing that I found out was that Malcolm was eleven years old when his father was arrested, and I would just like to question that. Martin was arrested in 1998 when Malcolm was eleven. That’s fine. Ten years later, in 2009, Malcolm tells his father that he is no longer going to be visiting him because he’s joining Quantico. At the age of 20/21. Do they let people that young join the FBI? Currently in 2019, Malcolm is 30/31. All I’m saying is, Tom Payne is 36. That seems like a more appropriate age to have had the career that he’s had in the FBI. Joining at 25/26 to start his career in the FBI seems much more plausible.

Malcolm and JT are outside Elaine Brown’s house and he goes inside to ask her about repressed memories. She tells him that if he believes that he was drugged with Chloroform right before the events that he can’t remember then maybe he should sniff some Chloroform and that familiar smell could trigger his lost memories.

At that moment, Elaine realizes that she’s been dosed by the killer and the killer locks Elaine and Malcolm in the house and turns off the lights. Fully in the knowledge that there is a killer in the house who likes to remove people’s brains, Malcolm thinks it’s a good idea to leave the safety of a room which would be perfect for an ambush and leave the killer’s target both alone and high on LSD to go searching for a murderer with a fire poker as his form of protection. Malcolm is accosted by the killer and right before he’s about to be killed, the killer is shot by Elaine. The killer obviously didn’t know that Malcolm was a main character and therefore, invincible. Elaine is fine, Malcolm’s obviously fine and the killer is dead. Happy days.

The big draw to this episode that was a pre-released screenshot was that Jessica visits Martin and the base of the interaction that she doesn’t want him to see Malcolm anymore. He still wants to see Malcolm and Malcolm is a big boy, he can make his own choices. Even throughout the whole conversation, all the things she said about how she hates him and ‘killed him in her mind’ or whatever, I’m still not convinced that she had no knowledge of his crimes.

You know what? I was right to be suspicious because that night, Malcolm has got a hold of a bottle of Chloroform and sprinkles a few drops on his pillow. He lies down, takes a deep breath and unlocks another memory. Child Malcolm approaches the box that’s supposed to have the girl in it, and he’s stopped by his mother who chastises him for going near his father’s things. He tells her about the girl in the box and she tells him that stuff doesn’t concern him. I think she’s telling him off out of fear rather than being an accomplice because she says, ‘You have no idea what your father is capable of’. At that point, Malcolm wakes up and wonders aloud what his mother has done.

Still, this memory very strongly implies that Jessica knew of her husband’s ‘extracurricular activities’ and he even said to her in one of the flashbacks, ‘You knew what I was’. Now that could be in the metaphorical sense of ‘you had suspicions’ or in the literal sense of ‘you knew who I was, what I did, and you covered it up’. That could have gone either way, now it’s looking like that latter rather than the former and I just want everyone to know that I fucking knew it.

Since this show has been picked 22 whole episodes and shows with long ass seasons like to pad things out with filler episodes (we found this out with ‘Lucifer’) we will be given really interesting questions and will have to wait what feels like a billion years for what will most likely be a really anti-climactic answer. So far, this show hasn’t disappointed me too much but I’m not holding out any hope that it will continue to somewhat intrigue me. And neither should you.

Same time next week?

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