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I had a suspicion this might happen. It’s too soon. We’re only four episodes in. If the season was 10 episodes long, then I might understand having the mother be involved but this season will be a punishing 22 episodes long. There can’t be a massive plot twist like this just four episodes in.


Malcolm’s done his little ‘Chloroform’ stunt and is talking with his psychiatrist about it but he’s so keyed up that he breaks a glass that he’s holding in his hand, resulting in his hand being cut. Funny, he sustains a greater injury merely breaking a glass than throwing himself out of a second story window. Bizarre.

He then receives a call about the next murder case which is too boring to even consider going into because it revolves around a ‘performer’ of some description. I’ll be honest, I was in and out because I was trying to figure out how to do something. I did hear ‘social media influencer’ and then I had to find my eyes because they rolled right out of my head.

I’m really not interested with the ‘case’ because as ever, the cases are just padding for the actual character stuff. I will say that I don’t think the show likes being around the cases. I think the show has the obligatory cases just so it can be called a detective show. What it really wants to do it tell the unfolding story of Malcolm and his family put people like to watch detective shows so if this exercise in interesting character drama involving the patriarch being a serial killer and his damaged son trying to cope with turning in his own father was disguised as a detective show, then that could get sold and put on TV.

Malcolm meets with his mother and accuses her of knowing of his father’s crimes. That earns him a slap in the face. But there is a flashback where Jessica and Martin are talking and she’s on about how ‘this’ will destroy them and all that and all I can think is ‘this conversation is too vague, this may or may not be about him being a killer.’

If Jessica wasn’t happy about Malcolm visiting Martin, then she’s really about to be not happy because now Ainsley is thinking about visiting Martin because the writers have just remembered that she exists since she’s not done anything in the last few episodes.

Ainsley is turning out to be not a very nice character. I mean, for a start she’s got nothing going on and then she starts talking about visiting her father and talking to him for the benefit of her job as a reporter. Apparently, she’s given loads of ideas for stories to her office and they’ve all been shot down so she’s using her murdering father to get ahead in her career. One might think that is perfectly just, ‘use what you’ve got’ and everything but a morally upstanding person would look at that scenario and think ‘I’m not going to give my murdering father the attention that he craves (what with him being a narcissist) and think of some better ideas for stories because this is my job’. But that’s not Ainsley.

Also, Malcolm changed his last name to get away from his father but Ainsley wears the ‘Whitly’ name like it’s no big deal. I’m sure that since she’s working with journalists that they would know that Martin Whitly is her father, wouldn’t they have already requested that she or one of her colleagues do an interview with him? Why does she have to bring it up?

Also, she’s constantly referred to as ‘a great journalist’ but I haven’t seen any evidence to back up that claim. She has to interview her own infamous family members for a story. That doesn’t scream of ‘great’ journalism. As far as I can tell, Ainsley’s only on the TV because she’s pretty. Until I see evidence to the contrary, that’s what I’m sticking with.

A main plot thread running through this episode is that Malcolm is convinced that his mother was complicit to some degree and there has been evidence both for and against that but to be sure, Malcolm wants to see the taped interview of his mother the night the police arrested Martin because he will be able to know whether or not his mother is lying. He asks Gil for the tapes but he says no and of course by the end, Gil reneges and gives him the tape for no reason.

When Malcolm watches the tape, he begins to cry and we’re supposed to think that they’re tears of shock but no, they’re tears of joy because she tells Gil in the tape that she knew her husband was up to something but she thought that he was having an affair. That still doesn’t explain Malcolm’s dream. Was it a dream or was it a memory? Somehow, I don’t think that we’re done here.

Regardless, Malcolm visits his mother at a charity thing that she’s ‘anonymously’ supporting and showing up to the place in person and apologises for accusing her of knowing her his father’s crimes.

This episode ends with Ainsley visiting her father for, I think, the first time.

There’s not really much else to say about it. I sort of thought that maybe this whole ‘mother’ thing would be a red herring because it’s too soon for a ‘bombshell’ revelation like that. That’s more ‘mid-season finale’ kind of stuff. Anyway, Mummy’s off the hook (for now) but rest assured, I’ll have my eye on her.

Till next week.

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