Prodigal Son S01E05 Review – The Trip

Guess who’s not in this episode? Ainsley. Last time we saw her, she was going to see Daddy and we don’t get any kind of a resolution to that in this episode, but some interesting new plot threads were thrown up in this episode so let’s get cracking.

This episode starts with Malcolm still having trouble sleeping because every time he lays his head on the pillow, he reminisces about his father and his mother and the girl in the box, so he decides to go for a walk in the middle of the night in NYC which is a totally sensible thing to do.

A new piece of the puzzle comes into play as Malcolm spots a Station Wagon and it piques his interest. What he thinks is a person chained up and covered in a blanket is actually an enormous dog that wants to bite his face off.

So Malcolm has started hallucinating which I don’t think he has done before but everyone around him including his mother and work colleagues have started noticing and commenting that he ‘looks terrible’ which is ridiculous because he looks the same as he always does, delicious and hunky. They’ve literally made no attempt to make him look ‘terrible’. Nothing at all.

Anyway, for this episode, I will talk about the case because it’s somewhat pertinent to the plot. And when I say that, what I really mean is we’re finally getting some backstory to Dani.

The victims are a drug dealer and his bodyguard and the suspect is someone called ‘Estime’ whom Dani appears to have a history with. About three years ago, Dani went undercover with some ‘drug people’ and ended up getting hooked on drugs herself. During that time, she developed a relationship with Estime and he helped her when she ended up having an overdose. Not long after, Gil pulled her from the undercover assignment and he doesn’t want her to continue with this particular assignment because of her involvement with Estime.

Regardless, ignoring Gil’s warnings to stay away from Estime, Dani takes Malcolm for some reason to go and see him, presumably because Malcolm is the ultimate lie detector, and he does come in handy until some people arrive at the club Dani and Malcolm are visiting and bullets start flying. A bullet strikes a box of drugs and all that ‘trippy dust’ sprinkles all over Malcolm.

Gil is pissed at Dani for disobeying orders and gives her another order to take a very high Malcolm home. She does so but Malcolm is a little bit ‘excitable’ in his drugged up state but things start to go wrong when his trip goes bad and he starts hallucinating. Things get so bad that he resides to the bathroom and Dani has to punch him into unconsciousness. In the morning, he’s grateful because he actually managed to sleep.

In his hallucination/dream, Malcolm spoke to himself who was posing as his ‘conscience’ or his ‘sub-conscience’, I can’t remember, and his sub-conscience tells him that his mother burned all his father’s stuff including family pictures but Child Malcolm kept a shoebox full of mementos and these artifacts could hold the answers that he’s been looking for. And then Dani punched him.

Elsewhere, Jessica is holding a dinner for some charity people with whom she’s wanting to support and unsurprisingly, none of the charities want to accept money from the ex-wife of a serial killer. It’s amazing, Ainsley still has her last name and her career is just fine.

Then, this weird woman shows up, Eve Blanchard (Molly Griggs) and wants Jessica’s help with her charity which does such vital work that I can’t remember what it is. Give me a break, I’ve got a lot on. I have a suspicion that what she’s involved in is not actually involved in. Her character is evil. That much I’m willing to suggest so far. I know this because Malcolm drops by to pick up the shoebox featured in his hallucination and makes the disastrous decision of actually telling his mother what he’s there for because of course Jessica is going to tell him that this box doesn’t exist.

The point is that Eve is immediately attracted to Malcolm and I think Malcolm is attracted to her so I definitely don’t think that we’ve seen the last of her and I also suspect that she’s going to be the ‘Femme Fatale’ type character and will seduce Malcolm and that will be terrible for him because Dani is the love interest and the audience won’t like it until Eve is exposed for being evil and goes away, probably in the mid-season finale but then returns for the season finale.

There is a high probability that none of that will happen but that is what I think will happen based on my experience with detective shows.

In the last scene, even though Jessica had such a huge problem with Malcolm getting hold of this shoebox and even told him that she burned it, she has the un-burned shoebox sent to his apartment. Malcolm has a flick through the photographs and the last picture shows Child Malcolm with his father in the woods with the Station Wagon he’s been hallucinated in the background, further opening up the possibility that Malcolm was involved in his father’s crimes which has always been a possibility but the show was too busy farting around with the mother which was a useless plot thread that appeared to go nowhere.

Now it looks like Malcolm’s becoming involved and I’m ever so slightly dubious because again, it’s too early for a revelation like that. What episode are we on now? Episode 5? And there are 22 episodes in this season which means the mid-season finale will be shown at the end of November/start of December at around Episode 10/11 and they need a good cliffhanger for that episode so the audience will return in January/February. If they were planning on that particular cliffhanger, they’ve laid the seed a little early.

So that’s what I think, and I suspect that next week will deal with Ainsley and her visit with Daddy.

Peace. ✌

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