Prodigal Son S01E06 Review – The Surgeon

So, we finally get some resolution to the ‘Ainsley meeting Daddy’ thing and it is a little bit interesting. We get a brief flashback of the meeting that we saw at the end of episode four and Martin said something that almost triggered me but when I stopped to think about it, it might have been a joke. I don’t know, I don’t know what goes through these writer’s heads.

The two are talking about exploitation and how Martin has done enough exploitation of people and Ainsley asks if it’s because he’s a serial killer and he says “No, as a white man. We’re terrible.”

Erm… what?

I know I shouldn’t read too much into it but I’ve been hearing that a lot lately and whilst I don’t want to start a debate that has nothing to do with the plot of this episode, what I will say is that phrase is like deep-fried Ebola right in my ears and as I was about to freak out, a thought occurred. I’ve only started hearing this stuff recently on TV so I’m just wondering how much access Martin has to the outside world. He probably only gets glimpses of the outside world through the TV and we’ve seen that he has a TV in his room.

So, here is the real question. Is what Martin said what he really thinks? Did he say it to Ainsley to seem like he’s relevant and up to date on what’s happening socially? Did he say it mock the outside world and the media that his daughter is involved in? Or, is the writer adding their own political agenda onto this character?

There was a moment in episode four when the ‘social media influence’ was killed and they’d arrested the photographer and Malcolm was taking photo after photo of the photographer as he was sat in the interview room and when this guy asked Malcolm what he was doing, Malcolm started mocking him, asking him if it made him uncomfortable and if it was invasive. I’m wondering if that was put in there by one of the writers because I believe ‘social media influencers’ crave attention which is why they’ve somehow made being on the internet their job and posting pictures of themselves so I don’t understand why it would be different for another person to take a picture of them. The point is that there was something very ‘artificial’ and ‘placed’, like someone had put it in because it’s what they think. In the current climate, it totally wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case.

But like I said above, I don’t know. On with the review.

This week’s case is about a guy who was stabbed to death in a forest but for now, Malcolm is trying to find the Station Wagon that his Dad took him to the woods in 20 years ago, somehow believing that it still exists.

Meanwhile, Malcolm goes for a meeting with his Psychiatrist She is really concerned that Malcolm’s problems may amount to him turning ‘psychotic’ to refer to Malcolm no longer being able to tell what’s real and what’s not. He’s already started to hallucinate through lack of sleep but his Psychiatrist is worried that all these mounting pressures with cause a full psychotic break.

It may already be happening since when he’s about to leave his mother’s place after dinner, he has a vision of his father circa when the picture of Malcolm, his father and the Station Wagon was taken. It takes him setting fire to his jacket sleeve for the vision to go away. He accidentally set fire to his sleeve. Because he was trying to burn himself.

Speaking of the family meal, this family seem to be very honest with each other which is odd given the massive secret their Dad was holding on to for more than 20 years as Ainsley states that she’s going to interview her father. Malcolm is concerned and Jessica is defiant that she’s not going to do it. Malcolm has all of his problems and Jessica is an alcoholic because of Martin and they don’t want Ainsley to do an interview with him because they want to protect Ainsley from what they’re going through which totally makes sense. I understand Ainsley’s curiosity at never having a proper relationship with her father because she was really young when he was arrested but not only does she acknowledge that her older brother and her mother have problems because they were affected by Martin’s deception and his crimes but she uses them as reasons as to why she should do the interview. Honey, that is a dick move.

In an extended flashback, Ainsley talks to Martin about their family and Martin says that the biggest regret that he has is not being there for his family and I can see that he’s trying to manipulate her. He’s not sorry for what he did and thinks people won’t appreciate his ‘art’ which is why he won’t talk about it on camera so what he’s really saying is ‘he wishes that he was still out and killing people whilst raising his family’ and I know that Ainsley is dumb enough to swallow it.


Is Martin really changing? This is also something that we need to consider. I’m willing to bet that if this show were to go on for a couple of seasons, then Martin will get out. That will be a season finale cliffhanger. And if he does get out, he will try for a relationship with his children and if one of them gets into trouble, then Martin will save them. I’m thinking that will be a storyline. As of right now, I’m leaning towards the first option.

Anyway, I just want to talk about the case because it does have something to do with Malcolm’s thing and also may have some relevance to future plots.

Malcolm has concluded that the level of overkill suffered by the victim means that the killer is a sadist and the victim’s ex-wife was sleeping with a martial arts instructor who is a sadist. However, Dani and JT arrest the ex-wife because they follow her into the woods and find her digging up a bloody sweatshirt. While she is arrested, she confesses everything and Malcolm is confused. She doesn’t fit the profile because she is a mother who loves her son. Have you guessed who did it yet?

As soon as she confessed, I thought ‘She’s protecting the kid. It was the kid’. And I was right. BUT the question that’s been hovering around lately is, was Malcolm involved with his father’s crimes? And the show has openly admitted that child murders do exists although in this case it’s a little bit absurd. The kid was supposed to be about 12 years old and he was supposed to subdue and kill a fully grown man? In Malcolm’s case, it would be understandable because he had an adult with him, but the kid’s dad only broke his ankle, his arms worked perfectly fine.


In the end, Dani finds the Station Wagon for Malcolm and at the end, he finds car, opens the back, fires up the UV light and sees that there’s some residue on there, possibly blood. PLEASE! Bear in mind that this car hasn’t been used for 20 years, how do we know that this ‘blood’ is from Martin’s crimes? It could have been from a separate crime. We don’t know. I suppose we’ll find out.

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