Prodigal Son S01E07 Review – Q&A

So, there’s a lot to unpack in this episode. Things moved forward again, and this is the first episode where the killer isn’t caught near the end of the episode because the killer is involved in the base plot.

This episode starts off where the last episode left off. Malcom’s found the station wagon but there’s a guy there and he starts shooting at Malcolm.

The next day, the cops are at the junkyard and they keep finding bodies until the number gets to 10. They realise that they have another serial killer on their hands and Malcolm seems convinced that the junkyard killer is somehow connected to The Surgeon. Dr Tanaka then does a sweep of the station wagon and finds a switchblade in the dashboard which triggers another one of Malcolm’s memories of his running through the woods with the knife. Malcolm decides that it’s a good time to see Dad again.

Fortunately, Ainsley’s also there with her superhot boyfriend/cameraman, Jin (Raymond Lee) as she’s setting up for this exclusive interview with Daddy that no one’s been waiting for. It’s clear from her meeting with her mother earlier on that she’s planning on doing the typical ‘journo’ thing by asking him really complex and loaded questions and then twisting his words to really fuck him up or the ‘Piers Morgan’ method as it’s known in the journo circle.

What’s delightful is that Daddy already knows this technique so when Ainsley starts naming all of Martin’s victims, Martin starts naming all the people he’s saved as a doctor. He then paints himself as someone who is sick with a mental illness rather than a serial killer to be despised which is kind of a catch 22 because can you really criticize someone with a mental condition?

I think this is some more ‘social flexing’ from the writers just like last week with the whole ‘white men are terrible’ line. We live in an era now where everyone has something, whether it be ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’ and it’s constantly ‘mental health awareness day’ without irony because everywhere I look, I’m being made aware of mental illness. This is beside the point.

The point is that is throwing down the ‘mental illness’ card, Martin has turned himself into a sympathetic victim with modern audiences and totally fucked up Ainsley’s plans to look great which further confirms my suspicions that only Ainsley could make a serial killer look good. I don’t know if I’ve made it clear, but I don’t like her at all.

Ainsley is saved by the appearance of Malcolm who wants to know about the switchblade and Daddy confirms that Malcolm got the switchblade on the camping trip. Malcolm also wants to know about the station wagon. All in good time because Ainsley wants Malcolm to stop the very serious hunt for a serial killer who could be prowling for victims at that very moment to help her ask their father some more questions.

Ainsley ends up getting her way in the shittiest way possible because she’s aware of Malcolm and Martin’s relationship so she gets her emotionally damaged brother into the room and on camera, proceeds to list off all the crippling mental disorders that Malcolm has because of his father and also that he was fired from the FBI because of these disorders. She then calls him a bad father which really triggers Martin and he freaks out. At least Ainsley got what she wanted by revealing extremely personal information about her brother without his consent just to make her father look like a monster on television so she can get the recognition. Ainsley, you’re a terrible person.

Things only get worse because a lockdown is put into place as one of the other patients, Tevin (Matthew Maher) has stabbed his psychiatrist and is looking for Ainsley to do an interview with her. Mate, not the way to go about doing that. Tevin was also featured in a previous episode during a group session where Martin was talking about his interview with Ainsley and this guy went crazy then.

Martin, Mr David (Martin’s guard), Ainsley, Malcolm and Jin are safe and sound inside Martin’s cell but Ainsley (because she’s stupid) wants her boyfriend to go outside and film some ‘filler shots’ but of course, things go dramatically wrong because Tevin has a keycard to Martin’s wing. Tevin comes in and instead of going straight for Ainsley, he stabs Jin.

Tevin is pushed back out of the wing and the door is blocked. As soon as Jin was dragged back into the cell, I knew instantly what would happen. Jin needs urgent medical attention and Martin is one of the best surgeons in the world so the two problems marry perfectly. Martin offers to help Jin since he’s going to die without urgent medical intervention and because Ainsley’s shagging future is in jeopardy, she’s fine with giving a serial killer a scalpel to perform surgery. Malcolm (being the smart one in the family) isn’t so enthused.

Malcolm wants to perform the procedure with Martin telling him what to do but his hand is shaking too much and another memory is triggered of Child Malcolm standing over a body with his knife as his father stands behind him, giving him encouragement. This is the most vital memory that Malcolm has ever had and guess what? This isn’t mentioned again for the rest of the episode. Instead, Martin takes over and saves Jin.

Elsewhere, and this is important, Malcolm grabs the camera to take down Tevin. He’s received information from Dani and JT that Tevin was locked away because he butchered his parents and Malcolm deduces that all he wants to do is tell his story. Walking through the halls with the camera, Malcolm comes across Tevin and asks him if he wants to tell his story and Tevin agrees right before Malcolm tasers him.

So, Tevin’s down and locked away and the paramedics come in to take Jin to the hospital. Ainsley loves her dad for saving Jin and both Malcolm and Jessica think this has all worked out perfectly for Martin.

Later on, Malcolm tells Gil that he’s certain the junkyard killer is connected to his father and may have been someone Martin worked with at a hospital. Malcolm then realises that Martin manipulated Tevin into attacking his psychiatrist and possibly Jin so Martin could perform emergency surgery in front of his daughter and look like a hero. Mr David confirms this and tells Malcolm that Martin has been moved to solitary confinement so Malcolm can’t ask him anything about the junkyard killer for a while.

At Jessica’s house, she and Malcolm hear a phone ringing in the basement behind a boarded up wall that used to be his father’s ‘work room’. Malcolm breaks in and answers the phone. It’s the junkyard killer and he mentions the camping trip from when Malcolm was a kid.


All in all, we’re inching closer to the mid-season finale and things are getting interesting. I seriously doubt the revelation of this junkyard killer will be anything spectacular because we don’t have any solid suspects. Unless it’s Gil. That would be a twist. I doubt it but we’ll see.

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