Prodigal Son S01E08 Review – Family Friend

There is justice. Not for Malcolm but in another capacity.

Anyway. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but when Malcolm is talking to ‘Paul’ at the start and they show him side on, doesn’t he look like Gil? I was convinced that was where they were going with it until they showed Malcolm talking to Paul on the phone with Gil in the room. That would have been a twist, I think I mentioned that last week. Moving on.

I am just hating Ainsley more and more by the episode and in this one, she is particularly insufferable. In her first scene, she’s looking at the footage she filmed in the last episode and doesn’t notice that her boyfriend has woken up after being stabbed by a mental patient in the last episode.

What is extraordinary is that he apologises to her for getting stabbed and ‘ruining the interview’ and what Ainsley should have said was ‘You have nothing to apologise for, I’m glad you’re OK’ but what she actually said (and I can’t believe she said this) was ‘It’s a shame we had to stop early, I’m sure it will cut together’. Really? Tell me, Ainsley. Do you love this man, or what? DUMP HER, JIN!

The ‘Junkyard Killer’ thing is starting to pick up as Malcolm discovers the killer’s hiding place for his victims which is a huge motorhome that he’s managed to bury in the ground somehow. They find a young man still alive and take him to hospital where Ainsley is, and I hated her even more after she talks to the police officer outside his room. She was so disrespectful and pretty much demanded that he tell her everything that she wanted to know and he (in not so many words) told her to fuck off which was immensely satisfying. As she walked away, she called Malcolm whilst also trying to act like the strong independent career woman. Sweetheart, you’re calling your big brother to help you do your job, I wouldn’t act so high and mighty.

Jessica also said something funny. She makes it totally obvious in front of police officers but somehow they don’t notice that she has a probably unregistered firearm and when Gil asks her if she wants protection, she responds ‘I was married to one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century, I can take care of myself’.

OK, couple of things. First, that statement implies that you somehow had some training in self-defence to be able to defend yourself from your serial killer husband when in fact, he never did attack you and second, if you did have training in self-defence to be able to defend yourself from your serial killer husband then that would almost certainly imply that you knew of his crimes when it’s been confirmed that you had no idea your husband was a serial killer. She could have been referring to the big ass revolver she was holding inside a book but again, that implies that you got the gun to protect yourself from your husband but again, you were unaware of his crimes. Shit isn’t adding up.

What we do have semi-confirmation of is that the girl in the box who has been upsetting Malcolm all of these years may have been real which a phone call from the killer confirms and he gives Malcolm a bracelet that belonged to the girl in the box.

Eve Blanchard is back. That’s something because I don’t remember her except for that one episode that she was in but she catches Jessica drunk in the middle of the day and waving a gun around. She then goes to see Malcolm who’s in a delicate state of his own. Earlier on, he followed the junkyard killer into a passage and was caught in between one of those ‘rotating bar’ things, I don’t know what they’re called but he’s all bruised and bandaged and finally showing an injury after sustaining one. Remember that time Malcolm threw himself out of a glass window during a night terror and then showed no trace of the incident whatsoever?

What was funny was that he answered the intercom, she revealed who she was, he buzzed her in, unlocked and opened his own door and then went about putting the frozen peas back in the freezer and hiding his medication before putting a shirt on. Why would you unlock and open the door before hiding all the things you didn’t want her to see? Anyway, I want her to stay away from him because I’m sure she’s up to no good and she’s going to try and seduce him. I’m almost positive. But it was a relatively innocent exchange.

Remember that justice I was telling you about?

Jin looks at the footage that Ainsley filmed of her father performing surgery on Jin and he gets pissed which he is well within his rights to be. Ainsley has already made it clear that she cares more about her job than about him and so does the one thing that I’ve been screaming at him to do for the whole episode. He dumps her. HA! That’s what you get, bitch!

The episode ends with the junkyard killer going to the hospital and killing the guy that Malcolm rescued from the motorhome and it looks like he’s going after Ainsley but of course he wasn’t going to kill her, I’m not that lucky and the FBI show up to take over the junkyard killer case and since Malcolm and the FBI aren’t on the best of terms, they’ve kicked everyone off the case.

According to Wikipedia, there will not be an episode next week. Episode 9 is scheduled for the 25th November. See you then.

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