Prodigal Son S01E09 Review – Pied-A-Terre

Prodigal Son is back after its two week hiatus which just so happened to coincide with my holiday which is why nothing has been coming out because I’ve been battling my addiction to ‘The Sims 4’. It may or may not comfort you to know that I’ve broken free of this addiction because I have to get back into my normal routine again in order to make a name for myself on the internet so I can sell loads of books and become a famous author and shit.

So here we go again and I’m so happy that my powers of precognition have not deserted my but we’ll get into that in a bit. For now, what’s this week’s episode about?

I was secretly hoping that Malcolm would remain single with all of his mental issues, that it would be next to impossible for him to sustain a healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex but in the back of my mind, I knew this day was coming.

Malcolm has a dream about the girl from ‘The Ring’ stabbing him through the chest with a 17th Century Japanese Katana and his therapist believes that this dream is not related to the revelation that the girl in the box was real but rather a sign that Malcolm hasn’t gotten laid in ages and it’s time to get his end away.

This week’s episode is an episode of coincidence because just as Malcolm decides to take his therapist’s advice and find someone to plough, he runs into Eve Blanchard and I immediately knew what was coming. Yup, he asks her out on a date. Boooo!

Let me explain. I am female and I am single and I find Malcolm very attractive. It’s easier for me to ‘relate’ to his character if he remains single. Also, I have immersed myself in TV shows and I know how this works. I can sense danger from a woman a million miles away and Eve Blanchard is the very definition of a ‘four minute warning’ kind of alarm. She shows up out of nowhere and takes an interest in Jessica’s charity and then takes an interest in Malcolm. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was manipulated by Martin to ‘look after’ his family. It totally wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

The other coincidence is that this week’s case is surrounded by sex. The victim is someone who had been doing the sex and then was bludgeoned to death. There’s a joke about ‘coming and going’ which no one made and I’m disappointed. Already, Malcolm has to enter the world of sex and secret, underground sex clubs that seem to be fine with people having sex in other people’s apartments.

Enter, Simone. She’s the liaison with the person that Malcolm and the team are trying to get into contact with and before they can meet him, they have to get through her and she ‘samples’ the products which means that she has sex with the people who want to join. Since she is under the assumption that he wants to join the secret, underground sex club, then Malcolm’s in for a treat. Except the police barge in before any real action can happen.

So, what about that date? I prophesized that it would end in disaster and lo was it so. Malcolm sneakily takes Eve to a pool hall where J.T. told him that he plays pool with his wife. Naturally, Malcolm is posh and rich so isn’t very good at pool whilst Eve is equally as posh and rich and is inexplicably good at pool. Malcolm cocks it up by profiling Eve and surmising that she’s had some kind of dark past that relates to her being an activist for human rights.

If that was an anti-climax, it’s nothing compared to the case. Basically, the killer is the person who everyone guessed was the killer and somehow, this person managed to kill the victim and have a confirmed alibi at the same time.


The inevitable does happen. Eve turns up at Malcolm’s apartment and the two engage in some intercourse. However, Malcolm wasn’t strapped down and he has a night terror with the girl from ‘The Ring’ which results in him waving a knife at Eve. She won’t leave him alone after that. I swear, there’s something off about her. Time will tell.

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