Prodigal Son S01E10 Review – Silent Night

Oooo, things happened. Once again, this is an annoying and interesting episode at the same time.

First, there’s a very important question that I need to ask, why are a lot of the women in this show so insufferable?

Firstly, Ainsley’s back with her interview with her father which Malcolm watches in the first scene of the show. Just as his PTSD symptoms are taking hold, his mother slams a stiletto into the massive TV screen which broke my heart a little bit. Also, fucking hell, woman. That’s a serious pitching arm you’ve got there. I bet she’s shit hot at throwing knives if she can break a TV screen with a stiletto just by throwing it.

What I don’t like is that Ainsley’s getting all this attention from the rest of the media and she’s acting like it’s because she’s a great journalist who’s used her great journalist skills to uncover a great story. Bitch, this serial killer is your own father. Just like all the other insufferable people in the world, this fame was given to you by your father.

And she’s being totally selfish which Jessica calls her out on and I was happy for that. Ainsley wants to tell ‘her story’ but the stories that she should be telling are the stories of her father’s victims. There’s an idea for a documentary, her meeting the families of The Surgeon’s victims as the daughter of ‘The Surgeon’. I’d watch that.

In this episode, we are introduced to a new character, Collette Swanson (Meagan Good) who is absolutely, 100% intolerable. She is a special agent for the FBI who are moving in despite turning up two episodes ago.

She really hates Malcolm for some reason (possibly because he’s a better profiler than her) and so the first thing she says to him to mock him about his disillusion with the FBI. As if because he’s a profiler for the NYPD and she’s still with the FBI, that makes her better than him. she breaks out into this all this sexism which I find uncomfortable and cringey to watch. Since she’s taken over the ‘Junkyard Killer’ case, Malcolm offers his own insight as ‘Paul Lazar’ may have been raised by a single mother and she interprets this to mean that the mother was to blame for the man being a killer, subtly accusing Malcolm of being sexist. As a woman, I’m here to tell you that Malcolm wasn’t being sexist, he was giving you facts. Given the way you’ve been behaving, Collette, I’m assuming you don’t like facts. Well, I do. I’m all about facts over feelings. So, stop being so salty.

Nope, the saltiness continues as Collette chooses Dani (because she’s a woman) to update her on the Junkyard killer but really wants to turn her against Malcolm by showing her footage of Paul Lazar crushing Malcolm in the turnstile. Collette says that Malcolm gave a statement saying that no words were exchanged between the two, but the footage shows them talking. Erm… that’s bollocks because Malcolm very clearly tells Gil that Paul Lazar gave him a phone so they could set up a meeting which he did do and there were shit loads of police there to catch so woman… stop lying! Also, she tells Dani to not ‘let a man ruin her career’. Wow.

This week’s case is about a Detective who was found shot dead with a female escort and it’s assumed that he was having an affair with her and so shot her then himself but that’s not the case.

Malcolm discovers through conversing with his former partner, Detective Owen Shannon (Sean Pertwee) that the Detective was looking into The Surgeon and alternately, the Junkyard Killer and may have discovered his identity therefore, the Detective was killed by the Junkyard Killer. Malcolm doesn’t want to hand this lead over Collette and too right because I don’t think she deserves it so Malcolm and Shannon head to the house of John Watkins without any backup… which considering the outcome was kind of a bum decision.

Long story short, John Watkins is Paul Lazar’s real name and the old lady who lives there is his grandmother who totally knows that he’s a serial killer. Shannon ends up with his throat slashed and Malcolm is kidnapped by Watkins and we finally get to see his face. I thought they were hiding his face because it would be someone who is already established and we’ll go ‘I know that face, it’s that guy!’ except he’s totally not established at all. Don’t know that guy but he was revealed in a way that suggests that we should know who he is.

I didn’t think that would be the mid-season finale but it is, makes sense because they left it on a cliffhanger to make sure that people turn up for when it returns. It is good that the show is on its Christmas break because I’ve got my laundry list of Christmas films to be getting on with.

The next episode of ‘Prodigal Son’ is scheduled for the 20th January, 2020. See you then.

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