Prodigal Son S01E14 Review – Eye of the Needle

I’m getting serious ‘Midnight, Texas’ vibes. When that show would start to lose me with it’s stupid bullshit, there would always be an episode that pulled me back in and that’s what has happened this week with ‘Prodigal Son’.

Last week, I was dreading watching the episode but after seeing today’s, I was quite surprised. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Flashbacks in TV shows can be quite suggestive. This show uses them a lot to tell the story and that’s fine but it’s often a spoiler for upcoming plot events. This time, Malcolm is a Sophomore in 2007 and is asking his father about some cases. Malcolm asks his father if he would ever kill his own son and how he would do it. Martin eventually asks Malcolm if he could ever kill him and Malcolm says ‘No’. Instantly, I knew this conversation was setting up a future confrontation, but I was not aware how ‘imminent’ that future would be, if you see what I mean?

Did you see that Dermot Mulroney is getting a regular spot on ‘Prodigal Son’? I saw that. Didn’t read much further but that’s interesting, isn’t it? Loved him in ‘Copycat’. Anyway.

This week’s killer is very interested in Jessica as they lure her and subsequently, Malcolm to a fairground where they only find a body tied to a Carousel. This guy literally names himself the ‘Carousel Killer’ and then calls Ainsley who’s now an anchor in studio and couldn’t be more smug about it.

Eventually, Martin calls in to offer his two cents and I wouldn’t have thought that it be allowed that a psychiatric patient who is locked up for committing 23 murders call in to a News stations whilst they are live on air to talk about his favourite hobby but, there you go.

There’s something of a ‘Cat and Mouse’ thing going on here where the killer keeps calling Jessica and ‘testing’ her. The first ‘test’ is to get $1 Million in cash and take it to a park otherwise someone is going to die. She gathers the cash remarkably quickly and he tells her to chuck it in the air so everyone can have at it and she does but he kills the guy anyway. I would be fucking livid if that were me. I’m not a millionaire but I would seriously question whether or not I would want to give a million dollars to save the life of a stranger. My own family? In a heartbeat but some random? I’ll need a bit to think it over. I’d want a file explaining who this person is, I want quality for my money.

She’s not angry about the money at all which suggests that she’s seriously loaded and I still don’t know or can’t remember how. This show really does make me go against my ‘Pro-Capitalism’ nature and really makes me hate rich people, especially Jessica. But she did pass the test and she’s gained the killer’s trust and he has her last test. He’s given her a carbon fiber ‘icepick’ looking weapon that can’t be detecting by metal detectors and she’s got half an hour to go to Claremont Psychiatric and kill Martin or someone else will die. ‘Prodigal Son’, you have my attention.

Now, of course she’s not going to do it, we’re not done with Martin Whitly and as it happens, Malcolm is visiting his father in order to get some help in identifying the first victim on the carousel therefore, getting in the way. Malcolm suspects that the killer is associated with Martin from when he was a doctor but he doesn’t know how. He does however figure out that Jessica is there to kill Martin and relieves her of the weapon. Malcolm then pulls a dick-move by revealing to his mother who a moment ago had no problem with killing her former husband so a random can live that Martin intended to kill Malcolm when he was a child, clearly not thinking that she is not restricted to the icepick to kill Martin. There are a lot of things in the room she can use as an improvised weapon.

Instead, Martin admits to planning to kill Malcolm but not being able to go through with it and it ended up being his downfall. He then urges Malcolm to kill him and obviously not because it will save the person who is held but it will most likely drive Malcolm down a dark that he has been fighting all this time and make him the ‘Prodigal Son’. Malcolm then stabs him in the heart which definitely surprised me.

However, it was all a ploy to drive the killer out of hiding and it was this guy whose family member died when she was being treated by Martin and the other two people were also medical people who were a little bit involved but not really since this patient had a heart condition that really couldn’t be treated so this guy was killing people for no reason. I never understood the whole ‘you’ve killed someone and so I’m going to punish you by killing you and that somehow makes me a better person’ thing because it’s stupid and really doesn’t make any sense.

When I say it was a ‘ploy’, Martin really did get stabbed and is in serious condition when the episode ends but there is an extension to the flashback from earlier where Martin reveals that there is a section of the heart that can be punctured and the person can survive but it’s really difficult to hit and if the person doing the stabbing gets it wrong then the person getting stabbed is fucked basically and they’ve left it at that as a kind of cliffhanger and whilst I don’t like feeling so sure of myself, I don’t think Martin will die. Like I say, we’re not done with him. It wouldn’t really be ‘Prodigal Son’ if he dies. Also, Malcolm would be in big trouble for stabbing and killing a restrained patient.

Nevertheless, Malcolm has already proved that he’s willing to commit serious physical harm to someone just to save them and solve a case, now its gone a step further. There’s a fine line between cutting off someone’s hand to stop them from being blown up and stabbing your own father to uncover a killer. I think maybe Malcolm has taken that step in his father’s path.

Bravo, ‘Prodigal Son’. I’m on your side again.

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