Prodigal Son S01E16 Review – The Job

Wow, has it really been almost a month? To be honest, it’s been nice to have Tuesdays off, it’s been freeing to be able to do other things and now, here we are again for an untold number of weeks until this series is over and I can have my Tuesdays back again.

Until then, lets continue with this riveting program. It’s very difficult to express sarcasm in the written word.

As a brief recap, a few episodes ago, Malcolm stabbed Martin and nearly killed him but used a little known and difficult technique to stab him in the heart without actually killing him. He could have done this for one of two reasons; because he doesn’t want to become a killer like his father or because he cares about his father. Possibly the former rather than the latter.

Nevertheless, Martin is on the mend and when the episode starts, he’s visited by Malcolm and Jessica as they want him to tell the police that Jessica stabbed him because she was forced to by the serial killer whose name I can’t remember. As it stands, the police think that Jessica stabbed him because she hates him which is also plausible. What actually happened never crossed the minds of the police which is that Malcolm really stabbed him.

We all know what Martin really wants as well, more time with Malcolm and Malcolm agrees to protect his mother. When watching, I was thinking, ‘would Martin really see Jessica go to prison for something she didn’t do?’. Because after all, he was supposed to be all about family at one point. Or, is his alternate agenda all about Malcolm? The stabbing seems to have led Martin to believe that Malcolm is along the same path as him.

Today’s case involved robberies turned first degree murder. The scene actually reminded me of ‘GTA V’. The first robbery involves motorcycles and a jewelry store. But these robbers have upgraded to murder and when a second victim turns up who bears a resemblance to the first, Malcolm learns that the killer has a type but someone from his past is taking his attention.

Malcolm’s old friend from school, Vijay Chandasara (Dhruv Singh) arrives as the insurance person responsible for handling the claim on the $20 Million worth of watches that were stolen. It turns out that Vijay’s father was in prison for drug related offenses when Malcolm’s father was in prison for 22 counts of first degree murder and somehow, they think they’re the same.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this episode. Nothing particularly interesting happened in it and it just feels like more filler.

Until the end.

So Eve is back and although she entered the show in the sketchiest way possible, she ended up shagging Malcolm and I think the audience cast aside any doubts that they had about her. But then Malcolm told her about the girl in the box and her interest was peaked. She offered Jessica her help in finding out about the girl in the box and just when Jessica’s back was turned, Eve found the box in the basement, cried a bit and then got inside.

Wow, she had a full-on breakdown in about 30 seconds. Weird. But this does throw up a few questions. What is Eve’s relationship to the box conundrum? Does she already know the identity of the girl in the box? Is she related? Is she here for revenge? I knew there was something wrong about her from the start. She can’t be Malcolm’s love interest because Dani is the love interest. Everyone knows that.

We’ll know more next week.

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