Prodigal Son S01E17 Review – Stranger Beside You

So… as a lot of you may have seen, last night, due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the world, the PM put the UK on lockdown for at least 3 weeks. My place of work had already shut down temporarily due to the outbreak and I realise that’s left a lot of people in a very awkward position. I, however, am totally prepared. I plan to catch up on the TV shows/movies/video games that have been sitting in various libraries and I’m all stocked on Supernoodles, Pepsi Max, Doritos and Chocolate so I’m fine to ride this out.

In the meantime, there’s been another episode of Prodigal Son and as opposed to last week, I actually have things to say about it.

It looks like Eve Blanchard is here to stay but Malcolm is paranoid that she is keeping something from him, and he has every right to think that because he’s right if you see what I’m saying. This is connected to the little meltdown that Eve had at the end of the last episode when she got in the box.

Malcolm expresses his concerns to Ainsley, and she offers to find out more about Eve whilst lampooning her brother for not trusting her. Nice mixed messages, Ainsley. I see you’re on top form.

Let’s leave that for a minute and have a look at this week’s case.

It’s to do with the world of ‘Mummy Blogging’ and already, I can feel some bile reaching the back of my throat. Not only can I not stand children, but I also have a particular distain for a very specific kind of mother, the one that thinks people care enough about their children to post meaningless tips about an act that been around since people, child-birth.

I’ve always found Mummy Bloggers to be very self-righteous and ‘above everyone else’ just because they’ve reproduced and keep banging on about ‘how hard it is’ to be a mother. I’m with Bill Burr on this one. Being a mother isn’t the hardest job in the world.

So I don’t get on with Mummy Bloggers for all the right reasons and I thought the killer in this episode would have taken it too far but no, it’s the husband of a Mummy Blogger that’s been killed before or after a ‘Sip and See’ party which basically translates to ‘get drunk and be around my newborn child’.

Instantly, there’s a number of red flags. For a start, the wife doesn’t seem all that bothered that her husband is downstairs with a broken champagne bottle lodged in his neck. And we know that the baby isn’t hers. That was a well-educated guess because this storyline has to go somewhere and the most logical step in that the baby isn’t hers.

And I was right because the baby isn’t hers but rather belongs to her nanny, Christine.


Why would you start a ‘Mummy blog’ if you faked a pregnancy? The baby has only just been born and so the rest of the content must have been from the pregnancy that you didn’t have. Surely, someone’s going to find out. It’s mentioned later on that she started the blog to protect ‘their brand’ but her husband’s company has nothing to do with babies and she couldn’t have had the blog before had because there’s not much point in have a Mummy blog if you’re not a mother. It doesn’t matter anyway because it all basically ends up fine.

Back to Eve. The grand revelation is that it was Eve’s sister in the box and she did attach herself to Jessica to get close to the case but then she fell in love with Malcolm, bla bla.

Eve shows Malcolm a picture of her sister and he confirms that she was the girl in the box, and he hugs her as she cries.

Malcolm did say something interesting. When Eve reveals that she got involved with Jessica because of her missing sister and then leaves, Malcolm is visibly distressed. When he gets a message about the case, he tells his sister and mother, ‘I can’t solve it (meaning Eve) but I can solve this (meaning the case)’ which was quite a revealing character moment, showing that Malcolm is more comfortable solving cases presumably because it follows a very specific pattern but relationships are more difficult or him because they’re not ‘structured’. I did like that line.

This is bullshit. I don’t want those two to be together. It’s all going to end in tears because we basically know that Malcolm and Dani are meant to be and now, we have to ride this out.

And we’ll ride this out together. Stay tuned.

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