Prodigal Son S01E19 Review – The Professionals

The show has been off for a few weeks and its return brings a surprise; Eve is dead. Wow, guys. That came out of nowhere. At the end of the last episode, Eve was off to find out what happened to her sister, leaving Malcolm heartbroken and now she’s dead. That seems like something to have as a cliffhanger to have people after the three week break.

An undisclosed amount of time has passed since the end of the last episode but it seems that the continuity has ever so slightly changed. Malcolm is sat as his mother’s house and during a conversation with Ainsley, he reveals that Eve ‘broke up’ with him via voicemail and Ainsley demands to hear with all the insufferableness  that you’d come to expect from a thoroughly unlikeable character. Yes, Ainsley, your brother who is notoriously unsuccessful with women due to his difficult and painful past has had his relatively new relationship broken off in an upsetting circumstance but you’re so fucking self-entitled that you demand to hear the message that ended their relationship and she actually looks happy to listen to a message that causes her brother to suffer. Ainsley, you’re terrible.

What I was trying to get to was that the voicemail that Eve left Malcolm might as well have not happened. She doesn’t plainly say that she’s breaking up with him and what she says is basically what she told him at the end of the last episode; ‘I’m leaving to find out what happened to my sister’ and ‘don’t follow me’ but she does say that Malcolm deserves to be happy.

Eve’s death is ruled as a suicide, but Malcolm deduces that she was actually murdered which Edrissa confirms in her autopsy but Malcolm’s deduction comes from a feeling and disregards the fact that she left him a message that could be construed as a ‘goodbye’ message.

Also, if this episode takes place three weeks ago (which is the amount of time since the last episode IRL) and Malcolm clearly says that Eve reached out ‘a few weeks ago’ and plays the messages. Leaving aside why he waited a few weeks to tell his family that he is close to that his girlfriend ended their relationship, Edrissa tells Malcolm that Eve has been dead for two weeks and he proclaims that she never left the city to go and find her sister.

So, let me get this right. This woman who left on a mission to find her sister and has a history of depression and medication and has suffered through tragedy breaks up with her boyfriend in person and then leaves him a message apologising and say ‘this is something she has to do own her own’ and then washes up in the Hudson river. But obviously, Malcolm is so much smarter then everyone else and so it has to be murder. Which it is. The point is, why did she leave him that message? I thought it was clear from the way the last episode ended that she was breaking up with him and now she’s left him a voicemail to my mind from a narrative standpoint would back up the theory that Eve took her own life.

I think it would be more suspicious if Malcolm heard nothing from her and then was told that she committed suicide. That would be suspect but instead, Eve leaves Malcolm a message and he never brings up this voicemail with his colleagues.

By now, Ainsley has been ‘looking into’ Nicholas Endicott’s pharmaceutical company and tells Malcolm that it’s ‘super shady’ which is the laziest attempt at having everyone else be suspicious of Endicott.

I think I pointed out last time that this seemingly main villain who has been responsible for one of Malcolm’s main storylines has been introduced a little bit late into the series, basically two episodes before the finale and I’m still not 100% why he’s the villain. We see in a flashback that Endicott used his connections to get Martin into the Psychiatric hospital and also possibly had something to do with all the privileges that he has including having access to a television, phone and also consulting on patients. He also threatened Martin that if he told anyone about Eve’s sister (I can’t remember her name) then he would destroy his children and shag his wife. Well that’s one thing ticked off his list, but Endicott’s method of ruining Martin’s children seems to be taking Ainsley to one side and offering her better jobs than she already has if she stops investigating him. More on that later.

So Malcolm and the gang seem to be convinced that Nicholas Endicott is responsible for Eve’s death but he wouldn’t have committed the murder himself which means ‘hired help’ but unfortunately, assassin’s are almost impossible to profile so it turns out Malcolm doesn’t know everything only when the plot deems it so.

It’s alright though because Gil has connections to the assassin underworld who guides them to the person that allegedly killed Eve, but she had nothing to do with it. The big twist is that the person responsible is the new guard looking in Martin who tries to kill him and Malcolm arrives to stop him, but he can’t get in, but he needn’t be worried. Just at the moment when Malcolm shows concern that his father is being throttled to death in front of his eyes, Martin breaks free and then blinds his assailant by shoving his thumbs into the guys eye sockets in front of his horrified child.

What is really funny is that Malcolm figured out who the assassin is because they spotted someone coming in and out of Eve’s apartment building to spy on her and this person wears a hoody and headphones which a smart person might think it’s because the person wants to conceal their identity but really it’s because if someone spots his ‘cauliflower ears’ on the far away, grainy CCTV footage, then they will know that the new guard is the assassin.

The thing is, assassins are supposed to blend into the background for the element of surprise and so hiring an assassin with an obvious physical characteristic that will make him identifiable is counterproductive.


Eve was killed in a manner that would suggest suicide and the female assassin informs Malcolm that this manner of assassination is very time consuming because to make it look convincing, then they need to learn the subject’s daily routine. However, despite being under pressure to rule Eve’s death a suicide, all it took to dispute that fact was an autopsy and an analysis of her lungs which showed that she didn’t drown in the Hudson but was previously drowned elsewhere and then dumped in the river.

My point is, if the killer was going to go to the trouble of convincingly disguising Eve’s death as a suicide anyway, why bother concealing your identity? Is it because this person was made aware that Malcolm Bright would investigate it?

Anyway, Malcolm visits the guard in the hospital and we’re not shown the outcome but the final scene shows the police bursting through Malcolm’s front door and him being arrested for the guard’s murder.

Now that the final episode is imminent… it’s speculation time.

Now that Malcolm has been arrested, a big question looms. Did Malcolm do the murder? I’m in two minds about that. First, Nicholas did say that if Martin tells anyone about Eve’s sister, then he would destroy his family by ruining his kids and shagging his wife. He’s already accomplished mounting Jessica and he’s arguably started to manipulate Ainsley and now Malcolm has been arrested for the murder of someone who Nicholas probably wouldn’t want to be in custody and therefore in danger of talking. Coincidence? However, this person did kill Eve, a person that Malcolm was very fond of somehow and the show is called ‘Prodigal Son’ and Malcolm does know enough about murder, courtesy of his father to be able to cover up a crime scene.

I personally think that Malcolm or possibly the team will exonerate him from the murder but then there will be a flashback at the end of the episode to show that Malcolm did to the murder and that will act as a hook to ensure a second season.

As for Nicholas Endicott, he’s been dubbed as a ‘series regular’ but he’s only been in two episodes so far and he will almost certainly be in the finale so I can’t imagine three episodes is classed as ‘series regular’.

Either way, I’m really excited to see what happens in the season finale and then to have my Tuesday’s free.

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