Prodigal Son S01E20 Review – Like Father…

In the review, I will be revealing spoilers about the Season Finale so don’t read if you don’t know what happens. There’s your warning.

So, I wasn’t expecting that. The rest of the episode is really boring but the ending is really interesting. Basically, the whole episode is reaffirming information that we already know.

Nicholas Endicott is a bastard and he’s framed Malcolm for the murder of the hitman, Eddie who tried to kill his father but ended up blinded at the end of the last episode. I was still clinging to the hope that Malcolm maintains his innocence but then at the end, there would be a flashback of Malcolm actually committing the murder and but then manipulating the situation to make it look like Endicott framed him because of the trust that he’s built over the season. THAT would have been a great twist and would have guaranteed me turning up for Season 2.

The twist that they had wasn’t terrible and was certainly out of nowhere, but it wasn’t as satisfying or what I felt the season was leading up to.

To be honest, I’ve only seen the last episode once and all the events leading up to the ending was really confusing.

It’s something about how they need concrete proof that Nicholas Endicott is a bastard and Sophie (Eve’s Sister) had physical evidence that this was the case but only Martin knows where it is. Nicholas shows that he’s a savvy villain because at the start of the episode, he has a guard leave the door to Martin’s room open and then call him on the phone outside and then he makes it look like Martin was trying to escape.

Martin is stripped of his privileges and even his place at Claremont and is sent to a regular prison. A former surgeon who isn’t battle-hardened but also a serial killer who is sent into a prison full of hardcore criminals, it doesn’t look like he’s going to last long, especially since Endicott has already put a price on his head but Martin manages to get out of it.

I still think that Edrissa and Malcolm are made for each other. I don’t like the idea of Malcolm and Dani because I really don’t like Dani. There’s nothing likeable about her personality. Not that she has a bad personality like Ainsley, but she doesn’t have a personality. Edrissa on the other hand is so cute and she clearly fancies the pants off Malcolm. I want those two to end up together but no, Malcolm has to play the long game with Dani.

Long story short, Gil goes to Endicott’s place to get Jessica since she made this plan to get a taped confession from Endicott but Gil is stabbed by Endicott’s man-servant when he threatens to arrest him for his many crimes and ruin his life. Jessica sees this happen and escapes with Gil to take him to hospital.

Since Malcolm knows through Gil that he will be charged with Eddie’s murder, he plans to run away and for some unknown reason, decides to play Eve’s last voicemail to him and notices something that definitely wasn’t in the original recording. It was animals. Dogs and birds. That automatically leads him to conclude that Eve found her sister and she’s a veterinarian working in a clinic. Malcolm finds her and confronts her about killing Eddie and this was where my theory fell to pieces. Sophie did kill Eddie but he’s not going to turn her in.

Whilst Gil is in surgery, Malcolm joins the team and his mother but is called to his mother’s house where Endicott is there with Ainsley.

Again, long and very talky story short, Malcolm thrusts a gun in Endicott’s face because he’s pissed about Eve and Gil and is still adamant that he will put Endicott in Prison for his crimes.

This scene reminded me of the end of the fourth season of ‘Desperate Housewives’ when Katherine’s abusive husband finds her and her daughter and he tries to kill her new husband. He pretty much says that having him arrested won’t do anything because a lot of people owe him favours and he’s really influential and that leads to Katherine killing him because that’s the only way she’ll be free of him.

That’s pretty much how this episode ends except Endicott doesn’t die by Malcolm’s hands, but by Ainsley’s hands. And rather messily as well. Basically, she slits his throat and then stabs the shit out of him and afterwards, she seems very disconnected. Martin rings Malcolm as he stands in the middle of a prison riot that was started by the man who is now protecting him and Malcolm tells Martin that Ainsley has just murdered Endicott and his response which I spoke with him was, “My girl!”

I can guarantee that since this episode is called ‘Like Father…’ then Season Two, Episode 1 will be called ‘… Like Daughter’.

Whilst I was surprised by the twist of Ainsley killing Endicott, I wasn’t impressed with it. She’s shown no symptoms or signs of going in that direction and whilst she can claim that she did it to protect her family, she had that glint in her eye. I personally would have preferred for Malcolm to do the killing because that would fulfil the show’s title and show more of a character development rather than what I see his role being in Season Two (If it gets renewed) which will probably be covering up Ainsley’s crime and counselling her through her actions.

First, we need to see if Season Two gets the greenlight which is definitely a strong possibility even though not a lot is getting filmed at the moment. The show has had steady ratings and that tends to guarantee another season. Time will tell.

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