The Rusty Soapbox is a site that is dedicated to the review of the films, television and video games that I have both enjoyed, despised and made me the person I am today. Mostly, it’s a platform for my rants. The majority of the content featured on this site will consist of my take on the recent movies, TV shows or video games that have floated my way and will tell you whether or not they are worth your time. Some might ask if I have any qualifications to do such a thing and I would answer that I have not but my opinions are (sometimes) unbiased and always honest. So… enjoy.

As you’ve clicked onto the ‘Books’ page, you’ll want to know about the books I’ve written. At this point, there’s only one but there are more to follow.

Patient 187 – (2018)

When Investigative Reporter John Matthews is anonymously sent a seemingly wrapped-up case involving a young couple who appear to be the victims of a murder-suicide, John soon realises all is not as it seems.

Working together with his apprentice, Jim and old friend, Detective Inspector Mark Nielson, John’s investigation leads to some unsettling revelations. Forged witness statements, fabricated coroners’ reports but most disturbingly, a child removed from the scene of the crime and hidden away from public view.

All roads lead John to Blackstone Psychiatric Facility and a seat opposite Patient 187. This case will make him question his alliances, his friends, his own morality.